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13 Best Tourist Places in Adilabad

Adilabad in Telangana is the ideal vacation destination if you enjoy the outdoors and want to spend your time away from the city in a natural setting. Your soul, seeking a meeting with nature, is sure to be captivated by the tranquillity of the location, which is full of breathtaking scenery. Adilabad is a well-known tourist destination with beautiful scenery 100 kilometres from Hyderabad. You may appreciate nature, and Adilabad has the best locations to offer, including many trekking areas, if you wish to explore and take advantage of the challenges of nature. Make your trip to Adilabad unique based on how you enjoy the outdoors, and make sure to see the top 9 attractions while there.

1. Kuntala Falls

Tourist Places In Adilabad

In the centre of the Sahyadri mountain range close to Neredikonda hamlet in the Adilabad District, Kuntala Waterfalls is located at a distance of 12 km from Neredikonda, 43 km from Nirmal, 58 km from Adilabad, and 260 km from Hyderabad. With a height of 200 feet, Kuntala Falls is the highest waterfall in Telangana and one of the most well-liked weekend getaways from Hyderabad.

Kuntala Falls, created by the Kadam River, descends through two steps from a rocky platform. It is a well-known day trip and a great weekend retreat from Hyderabad. There is a motorable road until the waterfall's entry point, where 400 stairs must be descended on foot to reach the falls' base. From the access point, it takes around 10-15 minutes to walk (one way) to the falls. This is another well-liked site to see while on an Adilabad trip.

According to the widely held local myth, Kuntala Waterfall was named for Shakuntala, King Dushyanth's adored wife, after the two fell in love and were entranced by the natural beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, according to the villagers, Shakuntala used to bathe in the waterfall. The ideal times to visit Kuntala Falls are during the monsoon and immediately after. When the water flow is high, with sharp rocks and bends, it is risky to enter the water at the bottom. The Kadam Reservoir's water release influences these falls' flow. Kuntala Waterfalls is a bit risky due to the unpredictable nature of the water release, especially during the wet season.

After January, there isn't much water to be found, so avoid going between January and July. Up until the settlement of Neredikonda, where private vehicles may be rented, public transportation is available. The drive from Neredikonda to Kuntala is a beautiful experience because the route is lined with dense flora. It's a great idea to spend a few hours at Kuntala Falls. The waterfall is in a tranquil area with stunning views of the dense forest. There aren't many stores nearby the falls that provide necessities like water. The base stations are Nirmal and Adilabad.

2. Pochera Falls

Tourist Places In Adilabad

Pochera Falls is a lovely waterfall on the Kadam River, located 40 kilometre from Nirmal, 50 kilometre from Adilabad, 257 kilometre from Hyderabad, and 22 kilometre from Kuntala Falls. The falls are between Nirmal and Adilabad, 10 kilometres from the town of Neredikonda. Pochera Falls is a well-known tourist destination in Telangana and one of the top attractions close to Adilabad.

From a height of around 40 feet in two stages, the water flows along a stony bed over several steps before finally descending into a large pool. Visitors can swim safely in a little creek to the left of the main falls. The tourism department keeps up the park and the area around the falls nicely. There is a motorable road to the falls. The best times to visit Kuntala Falls are during and after the monsoon season. During the height of the monsoon, getting to the bottom of the falls is not advised.

The waterfall is located in a stunning area with stunning scenery. Along with Kuntala Falls, the surroundings are well-maintained and provide a pleasant picnic location. After January, there isn't much water to be found, so avoid going between January and July. Near the waterfall, there are no stores. It is advised to bring food and drink from Nirmal or the Boat crossroads. Public transportation is available until Boat Cross Roads, where private vehicles may be rented.

3. Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Adilabad

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, located in historic Adilabad, is renowned for the wide variety of flora and fauna it contains. The Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is all about the smell of the wild, of untamed, deserted areas where animals live in peace. The Cheetah population in the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary Tiger Reserve is both diverse and abundant.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary was created in 1965 and designated as a protected area. The sanctuary served as the Nizams' hunting grounds before it was designated as a reserve. The refuge later received recognition as a Tiger Reserve to safeguard the Tiger population. River Kadam, a tributary of the Godavari, also has its catchment area in the Kawal Wildlife Reserve.

It was fairly common to go hunting in the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary area. It was a designated hunting area that promoted controlled hunting up until 1965. The area hasn't declared a sanctuary until much later, under the Wildlife (Protection) Act. In 1972, this incident took place. In August 1999, the last notice was sent. Six ranges were created: Kadam, Pembi, Jannaram, Indanpally, Tadlapet, and Birsaipet. A tiger reserve was established at the sanctuary in 2012.

In the colder months, the animals frequently venture into open spaces. Due to this, November through May is the ideal time to visit Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary. It makes it much simpler to see the creatures. In November, it is between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius, while in May, it is between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius. During these months, there is little to no rain in this area.

4. Jainath Temple

Tourist Places In Adilabad

Jainath Temple, built in the Jain style of architecture, is situated in Jainath Village, 21 kilometres from Adilabad. The temple is well-known for its Prakrit stone with 20 slokas engraved on it, which suggests that it was constructed during the reign of a Pallava chief.

Jainath Temple, or Sri Narayan Swamy Temple, is a historic temple constructed by Pallava kings. The community is known as Jainath because of the temple's famed Jain-style construction. Wonderful works of art may be seen on the temple's exterior walls and the vimana that covers the sanctum. Inside the temple, many pillars have been intricately sculptured.

One of the earliest places of worship in Adilabad is the Jainath Temple, a significant Pallava dynasty (4th to 9th century CE) architectural landmark in the Telugu region. This is a compact building situated on a 2-foot-high platform. The building serves as a temple for Lord Lakshmi Narayana. The deity statue inside the sanctum sanctorum is constructed of black stone and stands 6 feet tall.

The temple includes many stone inscriptions that include slokas and reflect the shrine's history. Famous Pallava structures include their rock-cut temples (Mahabalipuram and Kanchi temples).

Numerous devotees attend the Laxmi Narayana Swamy Bramhotsavam, which is held in (October/November). Also, Numerous worshippers visit the temple, particularly between Karthika Sudda Ashtami and Bahula Saptami. Another significant shrine is the Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swami Temple, close by. On the full moon day after Dussehra, the sun would touch Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swamy's feet, a distinctive feature of the temple.

5. Basara

Tourist Places In Adilabad

Basara is a well-known pilgrimage place situated in the Adilabad district of Telangana, 35 kilometres from Nizamabad, 158 miles from Adilabad, and 212 km from Hyderabad. This is also among Telangana's top tourist destinations. One of the main sites you absolutely must visit when in Adilabad is Basara. On the banks of the Godavari River is Basar or Basara, because of the well-known Saraswathi temple, it is a well-liked tourist and pilgrimage destination. The Hindu goddess of knowledge and learning, Saraswati, has a special temple in Basara. Children are brought here to participate in the Akshara Abyasam learning ceremony. One of the two earliest temples dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi in India, the other one being in Kashmir, is thought to be here.

After the Kurukshetra War, Maharishi Vyas, his followers, and the sage Viswamitra allegedly decided to settle in a calm environment. He visited the Dandaka Forest in search of a tranquil location to live and, impressed by the area's tranquillity, decided to stay there. Due to the presence of the Marathi language in the area and the fact that Maharishi Vyasa spent a lot of time in prayer, the location was originally called Vasara and then changed to Basara.

This historic temple at Basar was reputedly built by the Karnataka ruler Bijialudu. It is also regarded as one of the three temples built by the Rashtrakutas close to the sacred confluence of the Manjira and Godavari Rivers. The Godavari River, Lord Shiva Temple at River Godavari Bank, Sri Mahankali Temple, Sri Dattatreya Temple, Sri Vyasa Maharshi Guha, and Sri Vedavathi Shila (Sri Vedavathi Stone) are the other attractions in Basara.

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge and Technology, which offers engineering studies, is also located in the town. It began operations in the year 2008. An integrated six-year engineering course is being provided. October to March is the ideal season to travel to Basara. Numerous private lodges and temple guest homes offer accommodations.

6. Gayatri Waterfalls

Tourist Places In Adilabad

In the Telangana district of Adilabad, a stunning waterfall called Gayatri Falls cascades over the river Kadem. The waterfalls often called Gadidha Gundam or Mukti Gundam, are tucked away in the Tarnam Khurd Village's dense forest. The locals often refer to the Gayatri waterfall as Gadidha Gundam or Mukti Gundam. It is situated next to Tarnam Khurd Village in a very remote area of a dense forest. A wonderful sight is created by this stunning waterfall, which cascades down into the valley from a height of 100 feet. Visitors can access the pool at the base of the falls and go swimming there. While swimming in the water, you need to take caution because the rocks are very slippery.

The location, well-known for its breathtaking panoramas and scenic views, is best visited during the monsoon season and provides somewhat difficult trekking options. The moderately difficult trek to the waterfalls may not be appropriate for children. Other than during the monsoon, you might not find much water. Since no stores are nearby, one should bring food and drink before hiking to the falls.

The Pochera and Kuntala Falls, which are nearby, are frequently visited together with the lesser-known Gayatri waterfalls. Nearly 270 kilometres separate Hyderabad from the Gayatri waterfalls. Local buses run from Hyderabad to the Adilabad neighborhood. From Adilabad, you can travel directly to Tarman Khurd or first to Nirmal town before continuing to Tarman. For covering the distance, cabs, taxi services, and local buses are widely accessible. Only up to the settlement of Tarnam Khurd can you travel by car. To get to the waterfalls from here, you must hike about 5 km.

7. Kadam Dam

Tourist Places In Adilabad

Kadam Dam is situated at Kaddam Peddur in the Adilabad District of Telangana, 2 km from Kadam & Peddur Bus Stand, 51 km from Nirmal, 110 km from Adilabad, and 267 km from Hyderabad.

The Kadam Dam is also known as the Kadam Narayana Reddy Dam, after a well-liked local politician. It is a sizable reservoir built over the Kadam River, a Godavari tributary. The reservoir was built starting in 1949 and was finished in 1964. The Godavari River and River Kadam are joined at the dam's location.

About 25000 hectares in the Adilabad District would be irrigated due to this dam's primary function. However, at this time, the dam can irrigate 68000 hectares of land. The Godavari North Canal Project is the name given to the dam. It features two main canals for distributing water; the Left Canal is 76.8 km long, and the Right Canal is around 8 km long. The Project and the Sriram Sagar Project have been combined.

There is a boating opportunity in the reservoir. Considering that the dam is surrounded by lovely scenery, it is the perfect vacation spot for those who love the outdoors. Near the reservoir, there is a lovely park that is worth seeing. Tourists wonder as they watch the floodgates spout water during the rainy season. The greatest time to visit this location is during and after the monsoon. The Nirmal - Mancherial Road is relatively close to and provides easy access to the dam. The road is in fair shape.

8. Kanakai Waterfalls

Tourist Places In Adilabad

Kanakai waterfalls, a lovely cascade on the Kadem river in Telangana's Adilabad District, are located at a distance of 2 km from Girnur Village, 35 km from Kuntala waterfalls, 54 km from Nirmal, 51 km from Adilabad, 282 miles from Hyderabad. This is a fantastic area for trekking as well.

Kanakai waterfalls, Bandrev waterfalls, and Cheekati Gundam are all accessible because they are all situated along the same length of the land. The Girnur village in Bazarhatnoor Mandal is close to the Kanakai waterfall, also known as the Kanakadurga waterfall. Near the waterfall, there is also a shrine dedicated to Kanaka Durga. During holidays, many pilgrims from neighboring villages visit the temple. A 30-foot-high waterfall is pouring downward. At the base of the fall, there is a sizable pool. For visitors, swimming at the falls is a wonderful experience. You may enjoy a spectacular view of the falls and the nearby areas by climbing to the top of the falls.

At Kanakai, there are three known falls. The first is a little one, where water pours down into a large pool from a height of about 30 feet and a width of about 100 feet, creating a small but wide waterfall with an average height of 10 feet. The second is the main fall (Bandrev waterfall), which lies about 1 km from the first. The Kadem river merges with a stream at this location. A few hundred meters from the second one is the third one, which goes by Cheekati Gundam. The original one's deep woodland and gloomy environs are also present here. Sharp granite formations and dense vegetation cover the entire area.

On NH 7, which leads to Adilabad and Ichoda, Hyderabad is 273 kilometres away. You must turn left out of Ichoda and travel via Adegaon Khurd, Pipri, and Girnur on your way to Bazarhatnoor. A notice board indicating a mud road on the left that leads to the temple and waterfalls is seen after traveling 1 km from Girnur village. In the peak monsoon season, vehicles cannot get further than one kilometre from here, and the first waterfall is another half km away. Hiring a native from Girnur village as a guide is advised.

Transport enough water (shops available at Girnur). While descending, you must be careful because the rocks next to the waterfalls are slick. Other than during the monsoon, you might not find much water. To visit all three waterfalls, stop for a while, and then return to the road point takes around three to four hours.

9. Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Adilabad

The Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is yet another sanctuary in Adilabad that is breathtaking in its natural beauty. The 36.29 sq. km. sanctuary, established in 1987, contains a variety of trees and flora. Sivaram Sanctuary occupies an area of about 36.29 square kilometres and stretches along the Godavari River. The sanctuary is entirely covered in trees, most of which are deciduous. The area is exciting and enjoyable, with many sights to view. The main characteristics of Sivaram Sanctuary are listed below.

The sanctuary has a wide diversity of plants and animals and is located on the banks of the Godavari River. Tigers, panthers, wild boar, sloth bears, pythons, and not to mention crocodiles in the river are just a few of the wildlife that may be found here. Sivaram Sanctuary offers a wide variety of vegetation that is hard to obtain elsewhere and is abundant in natural cover. Timan, teak, bamboo, terminalias, gumpena, prickly shrubs, and many other plants make up the main flora. The sanctuary is 50 kilometres from Mancherial, and Manthani is also a convenient bus stop (10km from the sanctuary). Additionally, the closest station is 50 kilometres from Sivaram Sanctuary at Mancherial.

10. Mahatma Gandhi Park

Tourist Places In Adilabad

A place where one can unwind and meditate is Mahatma Gandhi Park. This location, bordered by lush green vegetation and trees, is ideal for taking a break from a strenuous schedule. In the park's Mahatma Gandhi Park, a statue of Mahatma Gandhiji has been erected. Added to this lovely Gandhi Park is a separate area for children. It is a highly well-liked location where locals and visitors come in large numbers to take in the peace. It is a wonderful location for leisurely walks and exercise. Your day is made by this well-maintained park's welcoming atmosphere.

Mahatma Gandhi Park receives a lot of tourists every day. There is no particular time of year to visit this public park. As a result, anyone can visit there any time of the year. Although there is no entrance fee, the park's gate closes to all visitors at exactly 8:30 p.m. The city of Adilabad's centre is where you'll find Mahatma Gandhi Park. It has a large network of roads that connect to the other areas of the city because of its location. Additionally, there are many options for local transportation to get to this park, including buses and cars.

11. Kadile Papahareshwar Temple

Tourist Places In Adilabad

The Kadile Papahareshwar Temple is one of the most well-known temples in the region and is dedicated to Lord Papahareshwar Swami, one of the avatars of Lord Shiva. According to the history surrounding this temple, Lord Parashurama, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, conducted penance here. The temple is renowned for the Shiva lingam, which is also erected on its property.

12. Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Adilabad

The Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Adilabad, is a magnificent protected region of the Deccan Plateau that spans a sizable area of 136 sq. km.

The Pranahita River runs through the area, providing a great water source for wildlife and enhancing its beauty. Numerous fossils discovered here have a home in the sanctuary. There are other additional attractions in addition to this. The sanctuary is bordered by lush forest. The area is also abundant in plant and fauna, such as sloth bears, langurs, forest cats, tigers, hyenas, and leopards.

13. Sahasrakund Waterfalls

Tourist Places In Adilabad

Sahasrakund Waterfall is a lovely waterfall in the Nanded district of Maharashtra, at a distance of 4.5 km from the village of Islahpur, 60 km from Nirmal, 100 km from Nanded, 116 km from Adilabad, and 282 km from Hyderabad. In Murli village, on the Penganga River, a tributary of the Godavari River, there lies a breathtaking waterfall called Sahasrakund Waterfall. The monsoon is the finest time of year to view the waterfalls; however, they are open all year. Fifty feet of water descend from above to create magnificent waterfalls. The arrangement of the rocks around the falls is very intriguing since the black rock looks like metal. Entering the lake during the monsoon is not advisable since the water force is so strong.

Two temples are on either side of the river, close to the falls. To get decent views of the waterfalls, a lengthy slope was built. Nearby, there is a watch tower that offers magnificent waterfall views. The monsoon season is the best time to visit the waterfall (August to October). Many people come to the waterfall during the height of the rain because of its stunning vistas. Tourists must use extreme caution while stepping into the water due to the rocks' jagged edges and slick surfaces. The waterfall may be seen beautifully from the opposite bank of the river. A little further from the falls, a bridge crosses the river (one km). The road to the bridge can occasionally become impassable to four-wheelers, although it can still be walked down (20 mins one way). Due to the strong current and rough rocks, swimming is not recommended.

The waterfall is accessible from Nirmal through Dhani, Swarna, and Islahpur. Average in quality, the road from Nirmal can deteriorate in times of intense rain. Limited public transit is available from Nirmal to this location (one bus that runs four times a day). Additionally, there is a train station (Sahasrakund Railway Station), which is 5 kilometres from the waterfall and 0.5 km from Islahpur. Adilabad, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Nanded, and this station are all connected.

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