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Tourist Places in Theni

The district of Theni Tamil Nadu was recently established. Tourists may enjoy their vacation in the district located in the foothills of the Western Ghats. This new district has numerous locations that may be explored on day trips, including Periyakulam, Uthamapalyam, and Andipatti. Many of these locations are well-known for their handicraft and artistic industries. The towels, sweet mangoes, beautiful silk saris, fragrant cardamoms, hot peppers, fresh coffee beans, and beneficial green tea are well-known. Don't forget to shop in the local stores while visiting Theni.

1. Mavuthu

Tourist Places in Theni

The distance between Mavuthu and Theni is 35 kilometers. It is located 20 kilometers away from Anipatti. The Velappar Temple, which was established at this location and is located on the Varushanad Hills, is well-known. Vinayaka is worshipped at this temple. Another temple in the area is devoted to Saptakansika, built by Kandamanjur. In the place where this temple is situated, there is a waterfall. It is thought that bathing here may treat different skin conditions. Maavuthu is a Tamil term that means "Spring of Mango Grove." The mango trees in this area receive a lot of water due to the frequent heavy rains. This area has a lovely scenic view full of natural vegetation around.

2. Kuchanur

Tourist Places in Theni

The Shani temple at Kuchanur is a renowned temple. It is said that Lord Shani dwells in this area. Thus, the city was given the name Kuchanur, which is also the name of Lord Shani. According to legends, Lord Shani is thought to reside at this ancient temple. Along with this temple, there is also a temple for Lord Hanuman, and this one also houses the Panchmukhi Ganesh statue. This temple is located on a river bank. Kuchanur is located 20 kilometers from Theni. From all around the nation, almost a thousand people visit this location. Devotees gather here to worship Lord Shani every year.

3. Tirtha Thotti

Tourist Places in Theni

Teertha Thotti is 19 kilometers away from Theni. It is located 2 kilometers away from Periyakulam. It is located between the route of Madurai and Kochi. The location is a famous pilgrimage site as there is a temple dedicated to Lord Subramaniam, and it was established here nearly a thousand years ago. Teertha Thotti means scared water tub. There are Neem trees all around this natural water tank. This tank serves as a natural spring.

4. Suruli Waterfall

Tourist Places in Theni

The Suruli Waterfalls date back to the 18th century. It is almost 56 kilometers from the city of Theni. It is a beautiful two-stage cascading waterfall. The waterfall drop from the height of 150 feet to the pool and flows further to a short distance, and plummets again. Meghamalai is the source of origin of the Suruli waterfall. This location served as the inspiration for the Silappathikaran poem by Tamil poet Lango Adigal. Near this waterfall, some shrubs are therapeutic. The Suruli Velappar Temple is situated near the waterfall. The Tamil Nadu Tourism Department organizes a unique celebration here each summer. Visitors flock here during the monsoon season from all around the nation.

5. Sothuparai Dam

Tourist Places in Theni

On the Varaganadhi River's Kodaikanal Hill, the Sothupparai Dam is constructed. It is situated 12 kilometers from Periyakulam. It's a great location for a picnic with family and friends. On both sides of the highway, there is a mango tree that is standing there in a line beautifully. The general public can see the dam from a floor bridge that has been built near the dam, and there is also a lovely garden here. This provides drinking water to Periyakulam residents and also receives water for farming activities. It is Tamil Nadu's second highest dam.

6. Kailasanathar Temple Cave

Tourist Places in Theni

The Suruli waterfall is close to the cave where the Kailasanathar temple stands. This temple cave is located eight hundred meters above sea level. According to the Silappapathikaram of Tamil literature, there was a time when different festivals were celebrated at this temple. A natural spring near the temple is also thought to have therapeutic qualities. A dargah bearing the name of the Muslim saint Abubakar Mastan from the 17th century is located next to the temple cave.

7. Kumbakkarai Waterfall

Tourist Places in Theni

On the Kodaikanal Hills in the Western Ghats, there is a waterfall called Kumbakkarai Falls. It is located 9 kilometers away from Periyakulam and 24 kilometers away from Theni. Is. This waterfall originates from Kodaikanal Hills. There is a variety of birds that migrate here. This waterfall consists of two stages. The water falls from the height of 400 meters and collects in rock recesses that is quite big in size and are named after wild animals. The Lord Murugan idol is located next to this waterfall. You may visit this waterfall at any time of the year. Though during the monsoon, this waterfall appears to be quite lovely and will make you happy

8. Devadanapatti Kamakshi Amman Temple

Tourist Places in Theni

Temple of Devadanapatti Kamakshi Amman is situated 27 kilometers from Theni. This temple is located in a little village near the Manjal river. A large puja is held here during Mahashivratri, and visitors come from around the area. The major gates of this temple are always locked.

9. Meghamalai Hill

Tourist Places in Theni

Meghamalai Hill is about 70 kilometers from Theni. It is located in the Western Ghats, and it is 500 feet above sea level. It is also known as the High Way Mountain. This place is rich in wildlife and different plants, and you can enjoy the greenery all around this location. Here, you will find more than 100 different bird species. It is quite a remarkable place for bird lovers. The Tamil Nadu government has set up a bird sanctuary because of the variety of species that reside and migrate here. On the Meghamalai hill, a wide range of wildlife creatures such as Leopard Tiger, Wild Wore, Nilgiri Tahr, Porcupine, Flying Squirrel, Spotted Deer, and other animals can be seen here. There is also a beautiful tea garden that is located in this area that people can enjoy while their visit to this hilly area.

Additionally, there is also a cardamom garden. The majority of this area, however, is surrounded by thick forests. There are also several black pepper and cinnamon orchards in this area. The location offers a stunning view of the surroundings.

10. Vaigai Dam

Tourist Places in Theni

On the Mullai River near the village of Andipatti, the Vaigai Dam has been constructed. This dam is about twenty-five kilometers from Theni. If you are traveling with your family, you can enjoy a picnic in this area. This dam was inaugurated on 21 January 1959. There is a children's Park near the dam, known as Chhota Vrindavan. This dam is 71 feet wide and 111 feet long. This dam provides drinking water to the whole city.

11. Shanmuganathi Dam

Tourist Places in Theni

On the Meghamali Hills, there is a beautiful location called Shanmuganathi Dam. In the Theni, this dam is built across the Shanmugaha River. Appipatti, Vellaimmapuram, Pushkaraikoudan Patti, Udaipatti, Seppalakottai, and Sukkanagal Patti are a few of the locations near the damn in Theni. Shanmugaha Temple is the temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is worshipped.

12. Balasubramaniam Temple

Tourist Places in Theni

A well-known temple Balasubramaniam Temple is situated near Periyakulam in the Theni district, Tamil Nadu. Rajendra Chola of the Chola dynasty constructed this temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is believed that the idol worshipped in this temple was found beneath the ground. In Tamil Nadu, Balasubramaniam Temple receives the most visitors.

13. Chinna Suruli Waterfall

Tourist Places in Theni

The Meghamali Hills are the source of the Chinna Suruli Falls, often called Cloudland Falls. It is located fifty-four kilometers from Theni. It is located close to Kombathozhu village. You can enjoy a lovely vista of the waterfall and the expanse of silvery, shining clouds. You can enjoy the stunning view of Theni from this waterfall, which makes it a must-visit place for those who love photography.

14. Gowmariamman Temple

Tourist Places in Theni

The ruler of the Pandya dynasty, Veerapandia Kattabomman, constructed the Gowmariamman temple in the fourteenth century. Local legend has it that King Veerapandya saw Kanneshwaramudiyar and Goddess Gowmariamman in a dream before ordering the construction of this temple. Gaumari is the temple's main god. According to the belief, all the desires of the devotees are said to be granted by this goddess. In April and May, this temple has its biggest celebration. The distance of this temple from Theni is 8 kilometers. This temple is built on the Mullai River's banks.

15. Bodi Mettu

Tourist Places in Theni

Theni is home to Bodi Mettu, the most picturesque hill station in Tamil Nadu. This hill station is located at an elevation of 4500 feet above sea level in the Western Ghats. It is a wonderful tourist location. Numerous visitors come here to enjoy their holiday each year. Bodi Mettu has a wide variety of plants and animals. It is also a wonderful love for bird lovers as they can spot several bird species here. The distance between Theni and Bodi Mettu is 43 kilometers.

How to Reach Theni

  • By Flight: Madurai airport is the closest airport to Theni. The distance between Theni and Madurai Airport is 89 kilometers. If you want to get to Theni, you may take a flight to Madurai. From the airport, taxis and cabs are easily accessible to Theni.
  • By Train: There is a train station at Theni, a well-known location in Tamil Nadu. You can both train for Theni from Madurai and all the major cities of the state.
  • By Bus: The Tamil Nadu government operates several public buses to Theni. Many of the state's main cities are accessible from this location. Theni is also serviced by luxury and private buses.

Local Food in Theni

Tourist Places in Theni

In Tamil Nadu, Theni is one of the most well-known districts for its delectable cuisine. Halwa, Biryani, Idly, Fish Curry, Jigarthanda, Kari Dosa, Chettinadu, Border Parotta, Panchamrutham, Palkova, Varkey, Kongunadu, Vada Curry, Coconut Bunsthalapakatti Biriyani, and many more dishes are popular here.

Best Time to Visit in Theni

Winter is the ideal time to visit Theni since the weather is favorable, beautiful, and conducive to tourism. However, summer continues to be hot, and the monsoon receives a lot of rain, making the two seasons unsuitable for travel.

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