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14 Best Tourist Places in Almora

Almora is situated against the backdrop of Uttarakhand's snow-capped Himalayan mountains. Almora is a vast town, and it is a stunning hill station. Almora is renowned for its outstanding fauna, exquisite cuisine, and distinctive handicrafts. Almora was formerly known as "Rajpur" in the early Chand rule, which is mentioned across several old copper plates. Famous tourist spots in Almora are described below.

1. Zero point

Tourist Places in Almora

The tallest point in Binsar is the Zero Point. This is located at the height of 2412 above msl. Zero Point provides a stunning and unforgettable view of the sky. This site looks equally stunning at both sunrise and sunset. The Kedarnath Peak, Shivling, and Nanda Devi all can be seen from Zero Point. A 360-degree view of the Himalayas can be seen from a zero point. Additionally, it's a fantastic place to see birds.

2. Jageshwar:

Tourist Places in Almora

Jageshwar is a small village in Uttarakhand, and it is a beautifully carved-out town with temples. One hundred twenty-four temples are located in Jageshwar. In Jageshwar, the largest shrine is the Jageshwar Mahadev shrine. The Jageshwar Mahadev shrine is located in The Jataganga valley. These temples were primarily constructed in the ninth century and are well preserved.

3. Kasar Devi

Tourist Places in Almora

Kasar Devi is a peaceful spot in Almora. Deodar and Pine trees are found in nearby areas, and the region provides a panoramic view of the Himalayas and a beautiful view of Hawabagh valley. The village takes its name from its patron goddess Kasar Devi. The Kasar Devi temple was built in the second century CE. Swami Vivekananda went to this place, and he meditated here. This was the first time when people learned more about Kasar Devi as a travel destination.

4. Chitai Temple

Tourist Places in Almora

Chitai temple is located 9 km from Almora. The Chitai temple is sometimes referred to as the Golu Devata Chitai shrines. This temple is devoted to Gollu Devta. Another name for the shrine is "temple with a million bells." According to the recognizance, devotees who wish to find relief from their issues while maintaining their honesty write a note to god and place the paper on the temple grounds.

5. Dunagiri

Tourist Places in Almora

Dunagiri is a small hill village renowned for offering peace to travellers. Dunagiri is tucked away in Uttarakhand's magnificent Kumaoni Himalayas. It is a haven of tranquillity, beauty, and spirituality, and it is 43 kilometres from Ranikhet. This village has frequently been mentioned in Indian mythological history. Today, Dunagiri is developing into a brand-new destination for travellers who have yet to experience this beauty. Many well-known Rishimunis are claimed to have made this location their home for obtaining divine wisdom and spreading it throughout the world.

The three most significant religious sites in Dunagiri are the Sukh Devi shrine, Dwarahat Ancient shrine and Dunagiri Devi shrine. Visitors must try some delicious Garhwali and Kumaoni dishes like aloo ke gutke, chainsoo, and kaapa. Also, taste the organic milk that is offered in the nearby communities. This charming little town is lovely and pristine throughout the year, but the winters give it an extra touch of enchantment because of snowfalls.

6. Jalna

Tourist Places in Almora

Jalna is a tranquil village apart from the busy tourist areas, and this is a good location for hiking and exploring the wilderness. This picturesque village is just a few km from Almora, with a pleasant environment for relaxation. The peaceful village is a great location for hiking and exploring the nearby forest. Visitors must try some delicious Garhwali and Kumaoni dishes like aloo ke gutke, chainsoo, and kaapa. Excellent locations to visit while in Jalna are Simtola, Martola and Bright End Corner.

7. Binsar

Tourist Places in Almora

This spot is 33 kilometres from Almora. This little town in Uttarakhand is well-known for its spectacular views of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks. The Binsar is surrounded by forests of oak, pine, rhododendron, and deodar trees. Beautiful green meadows, temples, and the well-known Binsar animal sanctuary are also located in Binsar. Binsar is a trekker's heaven, and Binsar's zero point offers a 360-degree vista of the Himalayan ranges. The Kedarnath peak, Shivling, and Nanda Devi all can be seen from Zero Point. The climate in Binsar is lovely all year round. In addition to the Binsar wildlife reserve, visitors can also visit the Kasar Devi and Bineshwar Mahadev temples.

8. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Almora

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for adventurers and environment enthusiasts. This spot is 30 kilometres from Almora. This Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1989 to preserve the Himalayan broad-leaved oak trees. It is now home to more than 200 bird species and approximately half as many other plants and animals. Within the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, there is a government rest house and various private houses where you can spend the night.

Tips for visitors:

  1. If you're hiking, bring water and some snacks.
  2. Since it is a forest region, the officers are not at the entrance at night.
  3. Even in the summer, keep some warmer, long-sleeved clothing with you.

Entrance fees:

  1. Indian visitors: 150 Rupees
  2. Indian Students: 75 Rupees
  3. Foreign visitors: 650 Rupees
  4. Small Car: 250 Rupees
  5. Medium Vehicle: 500 Rupees
  6. Large Vehicle: 800 Rupees

9. Katarmal Sun Temple

Tourist Places in Almora

This shrine is regarded as India's second-most gorgeous Surya shrine. This shrine is 19 kilometres from Almora. In the morning, when it receives the first rays of the sun, this temple illuminates. It is situated amidst the Kumaon hills. This location is undoubtedly beautiful to capture. This temple's complex was constructed in the ninth century during the reign of king Katarmalla. This 800-year-old temple features 45 minor shrines and one main shrine. Other smaller shrines contain idols of Shiva, his wife Parvati, Lakshmana, and Narayana.

Tips for visitors:

  1. You should bring a lot of food and water with you when travelling to and from Katarmal Sun shrine because it is located far from towns.
  2. While visiting the temple, dress properly.
  3. If possible, wear athletic shoes since you have to climb the hilltop.

10. Shopping in Almora

Tourist Places in Almora

There are numerous marketplaces in Almora. The Lala Bazar is a well-known market in Almora. The Lala Bazar is a 200-year-old market that was frequently visited by kings. Jewellery, ethnic wear, Angora fabric, shawls, wool clothing, and other goods are among the finest things to buy here. The Chowk Bazar is well known for its ornamental items, metal kitchenware, pashmina shawls, copper items etc. For the best woollens, including sweaters, scarves, mufflers, and other items, go to Garud Woollen Shop. Pasang bag store is renowned for designer labels and traditional bags. Raghunath city complex is a top shopping centre in Almora. Karkhana Bazar is well-known for copperware and regional handicrafts.

11. Deer Park

Tourist Places in Almora

The Deer Park is 3 kilometres away from Almora. For those who enjoy nature and wildlife, Deer Park is a great location. This is one of the best locations for relaxation and strolls. Mrig Vihar Zoo Park is another name for this park. Huge herds of deer, ferocious Himalayan bears, and untamed leopards are preserved in this park, which is spotted strolling around in the park.

12. Dwarahat

Tourist Places in Almora

Dwarahat is a historic town with magnificent temples and lovely scenery. Dwarahat is a location with a unique heritage and significant religious significance. Dwarahat has 55 old temples constructed in the middle ages by the Katyuri Kings. Dwarahat is a prime example of the region's impressive architectural history. Dwarahat offers beautiful views of the tall Himalayan peaks, including Kailash Mansoravar, Dunagiri, and others. Dwarahat is a spot where one may relax and rejuvenate themselves without being surrounded by visitors rush.

Avoid visiting here in the monsoon season since roads can become blocked because landslides are more common during this season. The town has a lovely appearance all year round, especially in the winter when it snows.

Activities for visitors:

  1. Here, you can go on short hikes and explore nearby villages.
  2. Dwarahat is a historic town where you may learn about the region's illustrious past as a prosperous kingdom.
  3. Visitors must try some delicious Garhwali and Kumaoni dishes like aloo ke gutke, chainsoo, and kaapa.

13. Martola

Tourist Places in Almora

One of the gorgeous places to visit near Almora city is Martola. The area is famous for its surrounding lush greenery and breathtaking hilltop views. Although there are many attractions to see in Almora, no traveller should skip Martola. This location is more than ideal due to the enticing view of the town and captivating Himalayan backdrop, which has established a reputation for Almora's tourist destinations. It is also believed that because of the scenic scenery of the site, many visitors who come here want to settle down permanently.

14. Bright End Corner

Tourist Places in Almora

Bright End Corner is another fascinating natural area that draws people to this city. This location is surrounded by a number of meditation centres. Bright End Corner is one of the top tourist destinations in Almora because it offers the most beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise.

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