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7 Best Tourist Places in Katni

Katni, Madhya Pradesh's administrative center, is located on the banks of the Katni River. Also, it is one of India's biggest railway junctions. Owing to its enormous supplies of bauxite and limestone, it is known as the "City of Marvels." It is also considered a significant historical area, home to several historic structures, houses of worship, and picturesque landscapes.

This location is a popular tourist destination since it is easily accessible, has established communication methods, has lodging alternatives with favorable weather.

Tourist Places in Katni

All visitors will find Katni a delightful Madhya Pradesh tourism destination because of the town's abundance of historical landmarks and holy sites. The town's name has a fascinating past; it goes something like this: "Katni" was a prize to bold individuals who used to decapitate others.

Another similar tale from the era of the British Raj claims that Britishers used to execute individuals who rebelled against them by having their heads severed at the town of Katni. After being severed, the heads were formerly hung in the center of the streets to terrify bystanders.

Let us have a look at tourist places in Katni;

Vijayraghavgarh Fort

It is a historical location that is located around 33 km from Katni. There is a fort called Vijayraghavgarh and a temple to Lord Vijayraghav that draws tourists. One of the prettiest structures in the fort is the Rang Mahal. Along with these locations, the fort has a Sita temple, Gupt Dwar, Rang Mahal, Samadhi Sthal, and Antah Puram.

Tourist Places in Katni

The fort has experienced many renovations yet retained its former majesty. In the Vijayraghavgarh fort, a revolt against the British began. The fort of Raja Saryuprasad, the princely state of Vijayraghavgarh's Raja Prayagdas's son and a key figure in the country's freedom from British dominion, still bears witness to his exploits.

In 1857, King Prayagdas participated in the liberation movement and cut off the East India Company force's supply route between Jabalpur and Kolkata.

However, with Rewa-King's assistance, British soldiers could prevail and seize Prayagdas. He was presented in court, where he was given the death penalty. Prayagdas was executed by hanging, and Katni City built his Samadhi (shrine).

The renowned Vijayraghavgarh Fort is worth visiting for its intricate carvings and defensive architecture. Its building, which started in 1826, took several years to finish. This fort's unique selling point is how secure it is from all sides. It is bordered by rivers on two sides and is protected by a sizable mountain on the third. The designated shrine has been trashed and is a victim of ignorance.

A few of the captured troops were taken to the prison at Jabalpur. Some were hanged on the trees on each side of National Highway Number 7 in Sleemnabad as they were transported from Vijayraghavgarh to Jabalpur. On Jabalpur Road, Sleemnabad is roughly 30 km from Katni. Katni is 32 km from Vijayraghavgarh. From Katni to Vijayraghavgarh, buses run every 10 minutes throughout the day.

The distance to the train station is around 35 kilometers. Jabalpur Airport is 135 kilometers distant.


In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh's Katni district, there are the Tehsil and Gramme Panchayat of Bahoriband. Bahoriband town serves as the tehsil's administrative center.

Tourist Places in Katni

An ancient holy monument in Katni called Bahoriband is renowned for its unique statues, sculptures, and stone that murals of Lord Vishnu in his numerous forms. This location is also well-known for its twelve-foot-tall statue of Jain Teerthankar Shantinath, which has several texts engraved on its lower portion.

The north of this settlement is home to many other monuments and sculptures, including those of Lord Surya and Narayan Shaishayani. In this village, next to a reservoir, a stone with an image of each of Lord Vishnu's ten manifestations has been discovered.

Nearby lies Tigawa, a significant archaeological site that includes the kankali devi temple, a Gupta-era shrine. Within 10 km of Bahoriband Tehsil, there is no railway station.

However, Sihora Road Railway Station is close to Bahoriband by 23.2 kilometers, and Katni Railway Station is a significant railway station 43 km away. Sihora to Bahoriband and Bahoriband to Sleemnabad are the two main roads in Bahoriband town. The closest airport to Bahoriband is Jabalpur Airport, 54.1 km away.


About 3 km from Bahoriband, this well-known pilgrimage place is home to the five lingam statues of Lord Shiva, also known as Panchalingi, which is devoted to him. The temple has a striking architectural layout and some delicate wall carvings of legendary characters.

Tourist Places in Katni

Three tanks are stacked, one on top of the other atop the Camore Mountain; the bottom tank is called Sita Kund, the next is Lakshman Kund, and the top tank is called Ram Kund.

Pali texts relating to Buddhism and monarch Ashoka are engraved on a sizable stone. As Roopnath is claimed to be where the three of them lived during their exile, these kunds are considered sacred by Lord Rama, his brother Lakshman, and his wife, Sita. Near Roopnath, the Sindhursi village is a well-liked tourist and historical attraction.

Roopnathdham is significant from an archaeological and religious perspective: The historical location Roopnathdham in the Bahoriband tehsil of the district contains all of these features, as well as water filled in natural ponds, Lord Bholenath seated in the cave, distinctive natural shadow all around, and Emperor Ashoka's inscription in the middle of all this.

This location is the people's religious and archaeological center with peculiar secrets. The three ponds erected one atop the hill's stones, the cave tucked between the enormous stones, and the Ashoka inscriptions have all been the subject of several discussions.

According to legend, until 232 BCE, Emperor Ashoka Maurya (Emperor Ashoka) of the mighty Indian Maurya dynasty resided at Roopnath near Bahoriband, a tiny village in the area.

His time in Roopnath Dham and the construction projects he oversaw are mentioned in several helpful inscriptions that still exist today. Panchalingi Shiva, also known as Roopnath, is an idol in Roopnath Dham. It is located near the Kymore Hills' southernmost point.

Lakshman Kund is in the center, Lord Rama's Kund is at the top, and Sita Kund is at the foot of the hill. The Roopnath Dham priests assert that Lord Bholenath traveled from this area to Jageshwardham Bandakpur. People travel to Roopnathdham from many districts.

Jagriti Park

A natural haven called Jagriti Park may be found in the middle of the town's historical and religious significance. A picnic in Katni is the perfect way to spend the day in an urban park with loved ones.

Tourist Places in Katni

Along with lush vegetation and beautiful pavements, the area around the park is home to a science park and a duck train, both of which are significant landmarks. Oxygen Tank is the name of the park in Madhavnagar that Katni Paryavaran Sadharan Samiti runs.

The city's physician, the late Shri Sanjay Nigam, laid the cornerstone for Jagriti Park, which spans 60 acres. The park was founded in 2009 and boasts 60 acres of vegetation and various recreational and educational resources.

Specific attractions include:

  • Kid-friendly swings.
  • Trains.
  • A yoga studio.
  • A selfie station.
  • A scientific park was built to help kids learn more.

On Independence Day, a 100-foot-tall tricolor was erected in the park's center.

Pushpavati Nagri Bilhari

Only 15 miles separate the Pushpavati Nagri Bilhari temple complex from the Katni district administrative center. The history of 945 AD is preserved in this location, and the archaeological heritage carvings also provide historical information.

Tourist Places in Katni

The daily gold donor Danveer King Karna holds a particular position in our community. Besides the fort and the stone crafts of Kama Kandla, the Lakshman Sagar Pond is quite attractive.

In addition to the enormous old temples in Bilhari, it is worthwhile to see the fort's ruins, the hangman's gallows, Rani Ki Singar Chauri, the baoli, and other locations.

According to a legend, King Karna bathed before daybreak before heading to the Chandi Devi temple and leaping into the hot oil in the pan. The goddess sprinkled honey on them to make them come to life and give them wealth. The monarch used to give money to people in need in the morning from the gold he had gotten from the goddess.

In addition to this, other points of interest include the 10th-century records of the Kalchuri dynasty in Bilhari, the history of the Kalchuri ruler Yuvraj II, details about the origin and early rulers of the Kalchuri dynasty, the love story of Madhavanal and Kamakandala, the Tarn Taran temple, the ancient fortress of the Kalchuri ruler, the Tapasi Math, the Archaeology Museum, 85 temples, 13 step wells, Gaya Kund, Laxman Sagar Talab, ancient temples of nine goddesses, Kaal Bhairav Temple, Kama Kandla, and others are places of interest.

Forest of Shahdar

When discussing the magnificent and lush forest in Katni district, Shahdar forest comes first. The deep woods of Satpura have always been highlighted. If you love the outdoors, you may explore Shahdar's lovely woods.

Along with Katni, the Shahdar forest, which straddles Umaria and Jabalpur district borders, is abundant in natural beauty.

Tourist Places in Katni

Additionally, in addition to the serene setting, you will witness a variety of fauna here. It also has nilgai, peacocks, leopards, reindeer, and chital. Tigers are moving across the Shahdar woodlands due to the Umaria district's boundary. There is a resort facility for visitors in the Shahdar Forest.

In the jungles of Jajnagra, Madhya Pradesh, there is a resort called Shahdar Jungle Resort that respects nature. The ideal offbeat vacation spot for you, your family, and your friends. Along with excursions to the Bandhavgarh National Park, you may take advantage of nature's tranquility and fresh air. The five rooms of Shahdar Jungle Resort include a unique and tranquil treehouse.

You can make a reservation before coming by calling or using our booking website.

Kamakandala Fort

The ancient structure of Kamakandla is a magnificent remnant of Maharaja Yuvarajadeva I of the Kalachuris of Tripuri (also known as the Kalachuris of Chedi)'s brilliant reign that has primarily stayed in obscurity due to its deteriorated state.

Tourist Places in Katni

Despite being known as Kamakandla Fort, it lacks the usual fort architectural design. According to a significant inscription discovered on a rock that is presently held at The Nagpur Central Museum, this fort-like construction was constructed in the early and middle of the 10th century.

Additionally, it describes the building of the Nohleshwar Shiv Mandir and Lakshmanaraja II's successful campaign. At the fort's gate stands a magnificent statue of Lord Hanuman, and to the right is an antique stepwell that has never run out of water. Three of the structures on the property are in ruins, yet they have retained their high walls and observation galleries. The Shiva Temple inside this complex is a superb illustration of the Kalachuris' architectural prowess.

It is an extraordinarily tall structure with intriguing exterior façade details. Unfortunately, the garbha griha is now all left of the pillared mandapa. Even the Shiva Linga has been destroyed or gone, leaving just the Shakti Peetam (Yoni) as a trace of what once was. The complex of the temple and fort features some of its most stunning pillar and ceiling carvings and sculptures.

Many old texts have been retained in the fort for protection, and a significant section of the fort is currently undergoing refurbishment. This enormous building is decorated across its whole length. In the courtyard lies an antique crusher that may have been used for oil. Locals claim that this location was formerly known as "Tapasi Math."

However, there is little proof that it was a center for study and wisdom during that time. The historic grandeur and beauty of the Kalachuris are evident in this building. This monument is one that the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has safeguarded.


In conclusion, those seeking a genuine and enlightening experience should seek out Katni, a hidden gem. It guarantees a memorable experience that will leave guests with treasured memories for a lifetime because of its numerous attractions, fascinating history, and kind welcome. The city's dynamic culture, shown by its festivals and traditional arts, provides a window into Madhya Pradesh's illustrious past.

The majestic beauty of Vijayraghavgarh Fort, the historical wonders of Kamakandala Fort, and the tranquil serenity of the Forest of Shahdar all add to the region's attractiveness. Additionally, the inhabitants of Katni are essential in making the trip exceptional. Travelers feel more connected to the location because of the locals' friendliness, openness, and eagerness to share their customs and tales.

Katni provides a much-needed retreat into a setting where time slows down and the beauty of nature takes the front stage as the world gets more and more technologically advanced and fast-paced. The city's environment fosters awareness, renewal, and a deep appreciation for the glories of nature. So, whether you enjoy history and the outdoors or are just curious and looking for experiences off the main route, Katni calls you.

Accept its tranquillity, acquaint yourself with its culture, and let Katni work its spiritual magic. You will discover a destination in Katni and have a chance to embark on a life-changing trip that will inspire and enlighten you. So, prepare your belongings, set your compass, and allow Katni's charm to lead you on an incredible journey. Travel safely!

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