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16 Best Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is a well-known pilgrimage location in the Indian state of Haryana. Kurukshetra is the same place where Lord Krishna guided Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata. The battle of Kurukshetra, which took place between the Kauravas and the Pandavas for the crown of Hastinapur, is known as the Battle of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna sided with the Pandavas in the battle, and faced the massive 11 Akshani army of Kauravas in front.

The blood of countless warriors covered the land of Kurukshetra, and divine weapons were utilized in this fight, which resulted in a terrible bloodbath of the land. Kurukshetra has several names, including Brahmakshetra (Land of Brahma), Brahmadevi, Uttaradevi, and Dharmakshetra (holy city). Kurukshetra is located around 170 kilometers from India's capital, Delhi.

1. Jyotisar

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Jyotisar is located on Career Road, around 12 kilometers from Kurukshetra. This location is well-known in Hindu religion since both the Mahabharata and Shri Krishna are central to Hinduism. Where Shri Krishna, after giving the knowledge of right path to Arjuna ( compiled in a book known as Gita). That banyan tree in Jyotisar is a testament that Shri Krishna taught Arjuna the righteous path while imparting him the knowledge that is contained in Gita. People come from far-flung areas to visit this location. Hence there is always a mass gathering here.

2. Brahmasarovar

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Brahma Sarovar is a stunning lake encircled on all sides by stunning temples. People regularly bathe in this lake before visiting the temples, and when they bathe in the lake, they become entirely pure. The history of Brahmasarovar is ancient; references to Brahmasarovar can also be found in the Vedas. The term Brahmasarovar appeared first in the ancient sites of Kurukshetra, and its history is linked to the Mahabharata period. It is also stated that numerous soldiers used to bathe here during the Mahabharata and that they created this lake to do so. Tourists travel from all across India to visit this lake, and Kurukshetra is a destination for people worldwide.

3. O. P. Jindal Park

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

O. P. Jindal Park and the Musical Fountain at O. P. Jindal park was constructed by Naveen Jindal, the son of O.P. Jindal, a businessman and member of Parliament. He created this park in memory of his father, Haryana's electricity minister, till his death on March 31, 2005. This park covers 14 acres, and the Musical Fountain, which was created here, is one of the largest musical fountains in North India. There is a four-foot-tall statue of O. P. Jindal's statue. Tourists of all ages may enjoy themselves at the park's numerous entertainment facilities. The park features a sports part for children, swings, a picnic area, senior citizen sit-outs, an excellent zoo, a meditation garden, a running track, and a lovely rose garden. This one-of-a-kind park has something for everyone.

4. Saraswati Tirath

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

The name of the big tank is Saraswati Tirath. It is located 26 kilometers from Kurukshetra's holy city of Pehowa. This tank is religiously significant since it was created on the banks of an old river during the Vedic period. As recorded in the Vamana Purana and Mahabharata, Kurukshetra is located south of the Saraswati river. This pilgrimage sees a large population during the days of Shradh when this site is packed with people who come to pray. This pilgrimage is regarded as significant. Every year, from March to April, a religious fair called Chautra Chaudas Mel is held on Saraswati Tirath. According to the estimates, more than 2 lakh people are present here during this time to take a plunge in the river. This fair is a key attraction for those that visit here.

5. Sthaneshwar Mahadev

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

The Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple, which holds Lord Shiva's Shiva linga, is located in Thanesar, Kurukshetra's holiest place. This temple is ancient, and it is believed that it has existed since the time of the Pandavas. The Pandavas received the gift of victory over the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war by praying at this temple. During his reign, the city of Sthaneshwar served as the capital of the kingdom of Harshavardhana. This temple is created in the regional architectural style, with decoration flowing from a dome. There is also a lake in the temple complex, which is quite pious. Legend has it that when Raj Ban was suffering from leprosy, he was recommended to take a bath in this lake to obtain medicinal benefits, and by doing so, he recovered. People from the surrounding areas flock to this temple to bathe in the waters and get rid of all their sicknesses and sufferings. Lord Parashurama, the famous Brahmin warrior, is supposed to have beaten the Kshatriyas here. The 9th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Tegh Bahadur, visited this sacred location, and Gurdwara Navi Padshahi was also built.

6. Bhadrakali Temple

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

This temple is linked to the Pandavas from the Mahabharata. This temple is located north of Thaneshwar. Legend believes the Pandava brothers performed penance in this temple before their final battle with the Kauravas. The Bhadrakali Temple is devoted to Maa Kali and shows her various forms. This temple is regarded as one of the Shakti Peeths - the location where Mother Sati's lower limb fell. Shakti Peeth, according to the Hindu religion, is where all wishes are granted. Thousands of devotees visit this temple each year, and for all of them, the pucca earthen horse constructed in the temple is a mark of devotion to the god they have confidence in and respect.

7. Bhor Saidan

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Bhor Saidan is a small village located in the Pahowa block of Kurukshetra district, 13 kilometers west of Thanesar. It is located some distance away. Bhurirawa Tank calls it home. According to tradition, it was here that Bhuriraava deceived and killed Arjuna. Bhuri was the son of Comdata, the king of Vaishali, and this village was named after him.

8. Panorama and Science Center

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

The Panorama and Science Center is the major attraction for tourists in Kurukshetra, and it is also highly good for youngsters who are studying. You may see several sorts of science-related items and knowledge at this location. That is why scientists and students come here so frequently. This location, near Kurukshetra's train station, has a radius of 2 kilometers. There are also some particular places for youngsters that are open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Do not miss this location if you visit Kurukshetra with your children because this location will be quite attractive to your children.

9. King Harshavardhana's Mound

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

The mound of King Harshavardhana may also be seen at Kurukshetra. During the seventh century, King Harshavardhana ruled India, and this Harshavardhana mound was built. This mound is almost one kilometer long, and when numerous people explored there, several items linked to King Harshavardhana's reign were discovered. King Harshvardhan made an essential contribution to our country's history. That is why travelers who visit Kurukshetra must go to King Harshavardhana's mound.

10. Sheikh Chilli's Tomb

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

The mausoleum of Sheikh Chilli is a popular tourist destination in Kurukshetra. Tourists that come to Kurukshetra must visit the grave of Sheikh Chilli. Sheikh Chilli's tomb is not the average tomb; it has such beautiful carvings that travelers come to see it. Sheikh Chilli's tomb is an antique tomb that was subsequently renovated.

11. Krishna Museum

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Krishna Museum, founded in 1987, contains diverse items of Lord Krishna and Krishna's incarnations from the 1st to the 11th centuries AD. The museum has six galleries and displays statues in the shapes described in the Bhagavata Purana and the Mahabharata. Exquisite woodcarvings, wooden panels, bronze casting, ivory works, palm-leaf etchings, stone sculptures, archaeological items, and miniature paintings are displayed in the galleries. There are also a paper-mache and clay tableaux based on the Bhagavata and Mahabharata.

12. Sannihit Sarovar

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Sannihit Sarovar, which may reach 550 feet in width and 1500 feet in height, is the meeting point of seven tributaries of the Saraswati River and the home of Lord Vishnu. Bathing on the day of Amavasya or the day of an eclipse is said to bring the fortune of an Ashwamedha yajna. Dhruv Narayan, Sri Hanuman, Lord Vishnu, Dhruv Bhagat, Laxmi Narayan, and Goddess Durga have temples on the Sarovar grounds.

13. Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

The Lakshmi Narayan temple was established during the rule of the Chola Dynasty in the 18th century and is dedicated to Lord Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi. The temple has significant religious importance. It is thought that if devotees visit this temple and perform seven circumambulations around the shrine, they will not need to participate in the Char Dham pilgrimage.

14. Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

In the memory of Kalpana Chawla, the Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium was established. It is based on astronomy, studied in Indian society from prehistoric times. The planetarium contains intriguing exhibits and short videos that assist visitors in gaining information and increasing their interest in the subject.

15. Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra tourist attractions Chilla Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Kurukshetra University and has an area of 28.92 hectares. Sonthi Reserve Forest is another name for this sanctuary. The Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary is home to around 57 bird species, including migratory and local birds. This lovely location was designated as a bird sanctuary in 1986.

16. Noor Mahal

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Noor Mahal, a 5-star luxury hotel, is in Karnal, a 40-minute drive from Kurukshetra; this place is the height of royalty. The heritage-style hotel has a regal sense about it. The Noor Mahal This lovely structure, set among trees, is an excellent combination of Western and Islamic elements. Its allure and peacefulness draw you in from afar. A curtain of vegetation surrounds the palace. As soon as you see this bright red and white building, you will be immersed in its beauty, sitting on the lawn in the shape of a gherao in front of it. One of those numerous palaces is this one, which is around a century and a half old.

How to Reach Kurukshetra

To get to Kurukshetra, tourists can take aircraft, trains, or buses.

  • By Flight: If you want to get to Kurukshetra by air, Chandigarh and Delhi's closest airports. Which are roughly 86 and 175 kilometers apart. You may reach Kurukshetra via bus or cab from the airport.
  • By Train: If you've decided to go to Kurukshetra by train, you should know that the Kurukshetra railway station is well connected to the rest of the country's major railway stations.
  • By Bus: Kurukshetra has excellent road access to major cities like Chandigarh, Patiala, Amritsar, Delhi, and Panipat. As a result, buses or cabs are an excellent way to go to Kurukshetra.

Local Food of Kurukshetra

Tourist Places in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is famous for its elaborate Haryanvi cuisine. Bajra, wheat, and corn roti are popular foods in this region. Other delicacies include Singri ki Sabzi, Mixed Dal, Cholia, Kadhi Pakora, and traditional North Indian fare. Delicious Kheer, Malpua, Churma, Aloo Roti, Dal Makhani, Paneer Amritsari, Kulcha, Channa-Bhatura, Rajma, and many more dishes are also popular in Kurukshetra.

Best Time to Visit Kurukshetra

September to March is said to be the best time for visiting Kurukshetra. Tourists have better experience visiting Kurukshetra and its tourist attractions as the weather is mild and pleasant during this season.

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