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Tourist Places in Dawki

A hidden jewel in India's northeast is the lovely town of Dawki, which is situated in Meghalaya. Dawki is a must-visit location for nature lovers and adventure seekers due to its famed crystal-clear lakes and spectacular natural beauty.

Dawki's primary draw is the Umngot River, whose clear waters make it possible to view the stones and fish in the riverbed like floating in the air. The Dawki Bridge crosses the Umngot River, also called the Dawki-Tamabil Bridge, a significant spot for crossing the border between Bangladesh and India.

With its captivating views of the river below, the bridge is a well-liked location for photography and reflection. There are several chances for outdoor recreation in Dawki. A favorite activity for tourists is boating on the Umngot River, where they may float on its clear waters and take in the verdant surroundings. Camping along the riverbanks and hiking in the adjacent hills provides a chance to experience the area's natural beauty fully.

Another attraction is the adjacent town of Shnongpdeng, renowned for its tranquility and riverbank activities. The winter and early spring seasons are ideal for visiting Dawki because of the lovely weather and crystal-clear river waters. For those seeking serenity in nature's embrace, Dawki delivers a wonderful vacation with its unmatched natural beauty and distinctive activities.

Here is the list of top tourist places:

1. Dawki Umangot River

Umngot, a tiny river in Meghalaya's East Jaintia Hills, passes through Dawki. It is also called the Dawki River and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dawki and Meghalaya.

The Umngot River, the cleanest river flowing through India, is located close to the border with Bangladesh. Between Ri Pnar of the Jaintia Hills and Hima Khyrim of the Khasi Hills is the Umngot River, over which a single-span suspension bridge swings.

Tourist Places in Dawki

The bridge, constructed by the British in 1932 and can only hold one car at once, is a gateway to Bangladesh, which lies nearby. Indian and Bangladeshi fishermen use the Umngot River as a top fishing destination. The river has a silvery luster and not only passes through lovely surroundings. Furthermore, sailing on pure water is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The trip begins at the border and proceeds up the river to a little island-like area with stones everywhere. The marine life in the sea is very visible while boating. The town draws many tourists, especially during March and April when the annual boat race on the Umngot River is held there.

2. Jaflong Zero Point

Jaflong Zero Point is adjacent to the Dawki River along the Indo-Bangladesh border. The border crossing is also known by the name Dawki Tamabil.

Since this is a border region, you could see many security personnel moving around for everyone's protection, but they typically don't bother the tourists. At this location, the Umngot River enters Bangladesh from India.

Tourist Places in Dawki

There are numerous locations to view in Dawki, and this Zero Point has another amazing specialty?you can observe the diversity of stone collections carried away by the river in this region. More to its appeal are the subtropical highlands and the lovely Mari River. You may go from Shillong to Dawki via a variety of modes of transportation.

3. Shnongpdeng

Due to the wide range of neighboring activities, adventurers visit Shnongpdeng. One of the region's main draws and the origin of the local water sports is the Umngot River, which divides India and Bangladesh. Listen to how the water serenely flows into Bangladesh as you float above the pure river. Make plans for an overnight adventure with your friends and allow the beauty of the natural world to infuse you as you unwind at your riverfront campsite.

Tourist Places in Dawki

Your body will feel refreshed by the local climate, and your mind will be at ease by the Umngot River's chilly water. In Shnongpdeng, a bridge has been constructed across the river. It is crucial to remember that the bridge can only hold 7-8 people at once, making it incredibly dangerous and daring.

The variety of adventure activities available here, including boating, swimming, zip line, camping, fishing, and scuba diving, is so overwhelming that you might easily spend days participating in one of them.

4. Mawlynnong Village

Although Mawlynnong has a reputation for being one of the cleanest villages in Asia, the more accurate nickname is God's Own Garden.

On the border of Meghalaya's southern highlands, the fruit orchards, the gushing streams, the lush surrounds, the swinging palms, and the well-preserved Khasi traditions give a picture-perfect backdrop. This area is home to the Nohwet Living Root Bridge, arguably Meghalaya's most recognizable landmark.

Tourist Places in Dawki

Generation after generation of winding the Ficus elastica tree's roots around a support structure was required to construct the bridge. These live root bridges, a feature of Khasi traditional architecture, were crucial for connecting the communities in the highlands and steep valleys and allowing them to go to the plains for commerce.

These intriguing bridges are constructed symbiosis with nature and become more durable with age.

After viewing the bridge, you may swim in the rushing, chilly river water.

5. Borhill Falls

Tourist Places in Dawki

In the Indian state of Meghalaya's West Jaintia Hills, there is a stunning waterfall called Borhill Falls. The waterfall is a well-liked site for outdoor enthusiasts since the Shillong plateau's rich vegetation surrounds it.

On the Borhill River, which meanders through Meghalaya's scenic highlands, are the Borhill Falls. The waterfall is 100 feet tall and encircled by thick trees, making it the ideal location for trekkers and hikers. At the waterfall's base is a natural pool where guests may cool down.

6. Jingmaham Living Root Bridge

A natural root bridge called the Living Root Bridge is located in Meghalaya's Riwai hamlet, close to Mawlynnong. It is one of Meghalaya's natural beauties and one of the top attractions in Mawlynnong.

This single-decker bridge in Riwai, also known as the Jingmaham Living Root Bridge, was constructed over a creek 300 years ago by tying the aerial roots of Rubber trees to a betel tree trunk. It takes roughly 10-15 years to complete the bridge as the roots spread out and entwine the trunk, extending the bridge to the intended location.

Tourist Places in Dawki

Over time, the roots become thicker, and the bridge is further fortified by stones, logs, leaves, bamboo, and other materials that have served the same purpose for centuries.

One must walk around 300 meters from the parking area to the bridge. Visitors will, however, be so taken aback by the sights that they will forget everything about the hardships they endured on the ascent. To improve the region, the Riwai locals charge visitors a small fee. Hiring a cab or jeep from Shillong is the easiest way to visit this location.

7. Krang Suri Falls

The mountains, also visible from a distance, are where the Krang Suri waterfall is renowned for being situated.

Tourists must navigate a treacherous, extremely narrow trail beside the mountains' edge to reach the waterfall. You can now see how steep and tall the mountains are, which makes the journey to the Krang Suri waterfall much more exciting. Since the trail leading to Krang Suri can be a little difficult and may only be someone's cup of tea, it is common for people to visit it, unlike most other waterfalls.

Tourist Places in Dawki

The fact that this location is off the usual path is an additional benefit. You will lose yourself in the tranquility of this spot, heightened by the sound of flowing water, once you arrive after slogging through the deep forest and treacherous stone steps.

The plunge pool's color will have you struggling for air. It is the most beautiful deep copper sulfate blue hue, making the landscape wonderland-like.

The trail leading to the falls was carved out of locally-found, naturally colored stones and laid out symmetrically to improve its aesthetic appeal. You will miss an unfathomably fantastic experience if you soak in the waterfall. So let go of all inhibitions and leap! However, put on a life jacket first.

8. The Church of the Epiphany

The village's "Church of the Epiphany" is a century-old church surrounded by orange and palm trees. The Church is a black and white building with an old-world elegance, accessible by narrow stone walkways lined with vegetation growing orange flowers.

There are no residences that stand higher than the church spire. Welsh Christian missionaries are said to have arrived in Mawlynnong from Bangladesh in the nineteenth century, and ever since, the community has maintained a strong Christian culture.

Tourist Places in Dawki

According to the Meghalayan government website, the village's original name was "Ri Kharpangkhat," Rev. G. A. Jones' Christian mission named it "Mawlynnong." The name Mawlynnong, which translates to "a Cluster of Stones," comes from the fact that several boulders with craters surround the settlement.

Surprisingly, the people associate Christianity with the culture of cleanliness. They claim that missionaries were the ones who transformed their life and showed them how to approach God via cleanliness.

9. Bydraw Falls

One of the little-known tourist attractions near Meghalaya is the Byrdaw Falls. Among the other falls in the Khasi Jaintia Hills, the falls are exquisitely distinctive.

Despite the need for more information, Byrdaw Falls is a popular tourist destination due to its attractive appearance, respectable behavior, and, most significantly, its uniqueness. Notably, some locals who live close to the falls depend on them for their livelihood.

Tourist Places in Dawki

But in reality, few visitors visit this region because it's less well-known, has weak advertising connectivity, receives little government encouragement, etc. The waterfalls resemble a cave-like structure where waterfalls pour and have highly unique properties.

People can safely descend the falls by walking from the cliff's edge. The falls are an exceptional and unrivaled feature due to the geographical setting, the clean air, the breeze, and the distinctive quality.

It draws both local people and residents from distant regions. It compels first-time visitors to return to see its beauty.

10. Mawshun Cave

The Cave is located around 680 meters east of the gathering at Lelad but 100 meters below. It is a dendritic ace stream that gives in, drains the area east of Lelad, and serves as an authority for a few channels.

Former minister and Pynursla constituency MLA Prestone Tynsong officially opened the Cave with tourist officials, the Cave's creators, a few visitors from Mumbai and Guwahati, and locals.

Tourist Places in Dawki

Before entering the Cave, he ceremonially inaugurated himself by rubbing a lime on a wood. The freshly discovered Cave is 100 meters long from access to exit. Visitors may enjoy the short Cave's natural beauty by walking through areas where water flows and forms little ponds populated by fish and other aquatic life.

Visitors must go three minutes on a rocky trail to get there, though, since it has yet to be completely built.

11. Bophill Falls

Bop Hill Falls is the name of a large waterfall located nearby. In Bangladesh's Sylhet Borders, overflows and frames a river. It is a sight for sore eyes as we glimpse the location where a waterfall frames a region's canal with national pastures.

Water beads are framed by the smooth, white water pouring down. One of the most stunning waterfalls in the Jaintia Hills region is Bophill Falls.

A flowing river rushes downward in the most artistic way imaginable. If you pay great attention, you will realize that the most graceful thing you will ever see is water falling.

The clarity of the rain enhances the vista, but the post-monsoon impact is just as striking. You will feel renewed on a new level by the cool fall air. A setting like this would make you want fresh air if you live in a metropolis.

Tourist Places in Dawki

You don't get the pleasure of inhaling fresh air every day. This recently discovered jewel is perfect for all photography enthusiasts and nature lovers, for whom it is gold from the treasure chest. However, the natural vista you are treated to at this point must be better depicted in the photograph. To make the entire Bophill Falls more gorgeous than it truly is, no amount of editing is necessary.

The saying "Beauty frequently resides in the eyes of the beholder" is common, yet you will fall in love immediately when you visit this place.

This location's breathtaking panoramic view of the Khasi Hills on one side and the Bangladeshi lowlands on the other is another amazing feature. August through October is the ideal time of year to travel to this place. In Meghalaya, the monsoon is the most picturesque time of year.

The Bophill Falls' unadulterated beauty captivates everyone who sees it. Bringing an umbrella or raincoat is crucial to protect oneself from the rain. Additionally, you must wear sturdy footwear because the roads can be quite slick.

12. India-Bangladesh International Border

The inauguration of the India-Bangladesh Friendship Gate took place in February 2018. With a ceremony resembling the one at the Wagah Border, it is now accessible to the public.

A stunning and significant building called the India-Bangladesh Connection Gate was created to honor the connection between the two nations. The gate is a stunning sight decorated with emblems from both nations.

Tourist Places in Dawki

The Integrated Check Post, an important location enabling border crossing and bilateral trade between the two nations, is adjacent to the gate. Numerous visitors have visited the border ever since it was inaugurated to experience what it's like to live so close to it.

Whatever it is, you cannot resist the wonderful sensation you get when you are at the country's border and are staring at the guards patrolling it. It's nothing like the Wagah Border. You see, that type of exhilaration is different.

13. Rymben Falls

In Meghalaya's East Khasi Hills area, Rymben Falls is a magnificent waterfall that lies close to the settlement of Lapalang. It is one of Meghalaya's stunning waterfalls and one of the greatest locations to enjoy Mawlynnong tourism.

It is formed over the Rymben River and is named Wah Rymben Falls. Due to its location in the thick forests of the East Khasi Hills, it could be better known among travelers.

Tourist Places in Dawki

The area around the waterfalls is serene. It is possible to spend some time in nature. Monsoon season is when the falls are at their finest, but exercise caution while wading into the water. To get to the falls from Lapalang hamlet, one must travel for around 30 minutes through the thick trees.

Taxis are available to take you from Dawki or Shillong to Lapalang.


In summary, Dawki is a compelling jewel among the myriad tourist locations. Travelers are transported into an enchanted world by its crystal-clear lakes, verdant surroundings, and Meghalaya's colorful culture.

Dawki combines natural beauty and cultural depth, from the mesmerizing Umngot River to neighboring towns' fascinating living root bridges. Dawki accommodates a variety of tastes, whether one prefers solitude by the river or adventure in the surrounding landscape.

Visitors who travel into this secret paradise find the natural beauty and the friendly locals. Without a doubt, Dawki continues to be a must-visit location for anybody looking to immerse themselves in nature's wonders while creating priceless memories.

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