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Tourist Places in Chintpurni


In the Himachal Pradesh region of Una, there is a prominent Hindu shrine called Chintpurni. It is one of the Sola Singhi Range's most notable pinnacles. The local deity, Chintpurni Devi, relieves the tension and anxiety couples experience. The Goddess is depicted in this sanctuary in a circular stone Pindi frame without her head.

Tourist Places in Chintpurni

For a long time, many devotees have flocked to Shaktipeeth to offer worship to Mata Shri Chhinnamastika Devi's lotus feet. Beyond that, the environment there is fantastic. Several gorgeous areas give a lot of nice viewpoints, so tourists may enjoy sightseeing and other indoor and outdoor activities while meandering around and around the temple.

Chintpurni Attractions

Chintpurni Attractions are given below

1. Maharana Pratap Sagar

Tourist Places in Chintpurni

In 1975, the highest earth-fill dam in India was constructed on the Beas River in the wetland zone of the Siwalik Hills in the Kangra area of the state of Himachal Pradesh, creating Maharana Pratap Sagar, also known as Pong Reservoir or Pong Dam Lake. The lake, given its name in honor of Maharana Pratap (1540-1597), is one of the 26 wetland areas across the globe that the Ramsar Convention has designated as being in India.

The wetlands area is 15,662 hectares, while the reservoir occupies a zone of 24,529 hectares. The two most important reservoirs for fishing in Himachal Pradesh's lower Himalayas are Pong Reservoir and Gobindsagar Reservoir. The primary fish sources in the Himalayan states are these stores.

2. Thaneek Pura

Tourist Places in Chintpurni

Thaneek Pura is located in Chintpurni, in the district of Una, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated next to the Chintpurni Shakti Peeth Temple, which serves as a Hindu and a Sikh pilgrimage destination. The area is bounded north by the western Himalayas and east by the smaller Shiwalik (or Shivalik) extension that borders the Punjab province.

The Chintpurni Shakti Peeth Shrine and Thaneek Pura are around 3 kilometers apart. In addition to its majestic beauty, Thaneek Pura is well known for its temples, including the Guga Zahar Veer Temple, the Radha-Krishna Temple, and the Mahiya Sidh Temple. It's a great location for a nature stroll. There is also one government primary school in Thneekpura.

People may also see a historic and unique deep well here that descends around 60 stairs, as well as basic prosperity further down. Thaneek Pura is also well-known for a fair that coincides with the celebrations of Guga Navami and begins each year on the day after Krishna Janmashtmi. An outstanding Yajna and Bhandaara is also planned, one of the largest of its kind. All the famous wrestlers from Himachal, Punjab, and other neighboring states attend the festival, which is famous for wrestling competitions and continues for three days.

3. The Chintpurni Temple

Tourist Places in Chintpurni

Hindus respect the Chintpurni Temple as a sacred site. Chintpurni Devi Mandir, a well-known Himachal Pradesh sanctuary, is located in Chintpurni in the Una region. The temple is accessible from all areas of Himachal. However, there are transportation administrations at regular intervals from Jwala Devi, Kangra, and Chandigarh.

According to popular belief, Chintpurni Devi is the Goddess who relieves her devotees' anxieties. "Chhinnamastika" means "without the head" and is advised. Shri Chhinnamastika Devi, also known as Chintpurni Devi, is the subject of Chintpurni Temple. Like other Hindu temples, this one, too, has a foundational story.

The Goddess is shown in this illustration as a pindi phallic form without her head. Couples visit the temple in the current situation with the unwavering belief that the Goddess would grant their requests and a favor. No one is supposed to leave the temple of Goddess Chintpurni/Chhinnamastika empty-handed.

4. Vajreshwari Devi Temple

Tourist Places in Chintpurni

Hindu temple Shree Vajreshwari Devi Mandir, dedicated to the Goddess Vajreshi, is located in the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh. According to mythology, Goddess Sati gave herself up in her father's yagya as a sign of reverence for Lord Shiva. Shiva began doing Tandav while carrying her body on his shoulders.

With the help of his Chakra, Lord Vishnu divided the group of Sati into 51 pieces to stop him from destroying the world. It is a Shakti Peeth because here is the location where Sati's left breast fell. The entry gate is made of Nagarkhana and resembles the entrance of the Bassein fort. The sanctuary is encircled by a stone wall that resembles a fort.

5. Sheetla Devi Temple

Tourist Places in Chintpurni

The place is situated in the Una region of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated next to Bharwain's Chintpurni Devi Temple. Many couples visit this holy site to solicit God's blessings and the assistance of Goddess Sheetla Devi to prosper and succeed in daily life.

Perched at the top of the slope, this sanctuary is one of the eighth Devi sanctuaries. The locals in this area are kind, welcoming, and helpful. It is a significant temple in the city. Visitors from all over the world visit this location with their family and friends.

Best Months to Visit

April and October are the best months to visit Chintpurni.

How to Get to Chintpurni

Tourist Places in Chintpurni

A significant worship place is in the Himachal Pradesh state of Chintpurni. It is one of India's Shakti Peethas. A significant place of worship, Chintpurni is located in the Himachal Pradesh state and is dedicated to Chinnamastika Devi or Chinnamasta Devi. It is one of India's Shakti Peethas.

The temple, dedicated to Chinnamastika Devi or Chinnamasta Devi, is located in Himachal Pradesh's Una District, some 50 km from Kangra. There are stories surrounding the Chintpurni Temple. Here is how to get to the Chintpurni sacred location if you intend to do so.

  1. Via Air
    The Gaggal airport in Kangra, 65 kilometers from Chintpurni, is the closest. The airport at Chandigarh, which is 175 km from Chintpurni, has superior connectivity. It has great connectivity with Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. To go to the desired location from the airport, use a cab.
  2. Via Rail
    Amb Andaura, located around 20 kilometers from the Chintpurni shrine, is the closest railway station. Una, 55 miles from Chintpurni, has another nearby railroad station. At the station, taxis and buses are available.
  3. Via Road
    Chintpurni is connected to all of Himachal Pradesh's main cities and those in the neighboring states by state-owned buses. Regular bus services are offered between Chintpurni and Dharamsala, Palampur, Pathankot, and Jammu. Bharwain, located 7 km distant, has the closest bus stop. At Bharwain, AC Deluxe buses depart for New Delhi, Chandigarh, Dharamsala, or Baijnath.


Chintpurni is a Hindu pilgrimage site in the state of Himachal Pradesh, dedicated to Chinnamastika Devi. The site has several attractions, including Maharana Pratap Sagar, Thaneek Pura, Chintpurni Temple, Vajreshwari Devi Temple, and Sheetla Devi Temple. The shrine can be reached by air, rail, and road, with regular bus services connecting it to major cities in the region

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