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12 Best Tourist Places in Durgapur

A true travel enthusiast knows that the art of exploration is thoroughly exploring every country, city, and town through which they pass. One of the most picturesque states in the nation, West Bengal offers so much more than just typical tourist attractions. Traveling to West Bengal includes experiencing the state's culture, cuisine, and attractions. Prepare to go deep and explore the centre of this state if you're an adventurer whose heart beats faster at the mention of travel. West Bengal's Durgapur is a modest, classic town where the present coexists with the past.

Durgapur is the ideal location for you if you want to experience Indian traditions but are overly reliant on modern conveniences. Durgapur, a charming town in the bustling state of West Bengal, satisfies your desires for beauty and spirituality while also allowing you to splash out on handicrafts or amusement park rides! and the mouth-watering food there will take your taste buds on a journey all of their own. The mouth-watering aroma of the native cuisine that fills the air will make you drool.

Discover the emerging town in India, which nevertheless exudes a classic charm. The ideal blend of contemporary comforts and timeless pleasures may be found in Durgapur. Your visit to Durgapur, which offers the finest of both worlds, will be remembered through pictures, adventures, and buckets of joy.

Durgapur is the spot for you if you're seeking a peaceful retreat demonstrating how straightforward life may be. In addition to the well-known steel facilities, Durgapur is home to several more popular tourist destinations and stunning temples. You may find all the information you require for your trip to Durgapur below. To fully appreciate Durgapur's wonder, make sure to visit the following top tourist destinations.

1. Bhabani Pathak's Tilla

Tourist Places in Durgapur

The Bhabani Pathak's Tilla is yet another location in Durgapur with historical significance. It is a tiny raised location that can be found in Durgapur's Science and Energy Park.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay first referenced this network of tunnels in his novels "Devi Chaudhurani" and "Durgesh Nandini," It has since become one of Durgapur's top tourist destinations.

Today, the location is a protected monument. It starts in the city's core and continues to the Damodar River. This area is beautifully conserved and should not be overlooked. However, avoid going into the unfamiliar territory since you risk getting lost. You must pay about Rs. 50 to enter the park to visit this location. Dacoits allegedly used to reside in the region many years ago and would watch over everyone entering or exiting the neighborhood. Tunnels connect the tilla to a shrine where people used to worship Ma Bhabani. The Ambuja Kali Bari temple is located close to City Centre in the Ambuja Housing neighborhood.

2. Durgapur Barrage

Tourist Places in Durgapur

There was a great need for water in industries when the Industrial Revolution began in Durgapur. To further industrial civilization, Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) built this barrage on the river Damodar in 1955. The barrage, one of the city's top attractions, was constructed to control the monsoon-induced flood of the Damodar River. Additionally, the barrage links Durgapur and Bankura.

This is one of Durgapur's most well-liked tourist attractions. This structure controls the flow of the river Damodar, sometimes known as the "Sorrow of Bengal." Visitors arriving at this location have a beautiful view of the building and the nearby bridge. The area offers more than simply stunning views; it can also provide an unforgettable experience. You could even spend the dusk on the sand if you have extra time. Amazingly, something designed to restrict water flow can cause a deluge inside you. The Durgapur Barrage is a stunning location that appears straight out of a movie. All onlookers are captivated by the length of the steel bed that towers majestically over the rippling waters. Over this bombardment, you may even take in the amazing sunset views. Rent a boat for a while and explore the river to get a closer look at the Durgapur Barrage. In Durgapur, this artificial achievement is a well-known tourist destination.

For a breathtaking view of the sunset, come here in the evening. The Damodar Aarti, which takes place on the riverbank of the Damodar next to the Durgapur Barrage, was just launched by the West Bengal government. It is comparable to the Ganga Aarti, which is performed in Varanasi.

3. Durgapur Steel Plant

Tourist Places in Durgapur

India saw a wave of modernization during the British colonial era, and building a sizable steel plant became imperative. The Durgapur Steel Plant was conceived and built as a result. with assistance from the UK, the steel plant was constructed in 1955.

The Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) is situated in West Bengal's district. It is one of the businesses run by the Steel Authority of India (SAIL). A lover of engineering will adore the plant's enormous complex, and you may discover a lot about the specifics of steel manufacturing there. The facility houses several large-scale operations and equipment, making it a fantastic learning environment for newcomers and information searchers. The plant is closed to the general public, so if you want to visit, you'll need to get in touch with one of the staff members.

The steel mill has significantly boosted India's GDP and the steel sector. The steel plant's initial production capacity was 1 million tonnes of crude annually; during the later stage of modernization in the 1990s, this capacity climbed to 1.6 million. The Durgapur Steel Plant's goal during the 1990s wasn't just to produce crude; it also included improving productivity and quality, conserving energy, lowering production costs, and minimizing environmental pollution. These goals were accomplished by the time the 21st century arrived. It isn't easy to find public transportation to the steel industry. As a result, you must drive yourself or take a taxi. It is situated on the outskirts of Durgapur, 158 kilometres from Kolkata.

4. Deul Park

Tourist Places in Durgapur

Ajay, in the Durgapur suburbs, locates a delightful tiny hamlet-like community called Deul Park. The brook, a tributary of the Ganges, is well-fed and comparable in beauty to its mother stream. The village-turned-resort Deul Park is perched discretely along its edge. The Eco Resort has transformed the area, which was formerly a lightly forested woodland area rich in Ichai Ghosh legends and legacies, into a well-liked tourist destination. Now, visitors may come here without worrying about lodging, food, or security and peacefully take in the tranquillity of the location.

Deul has a diverse natural environment in addition to a rich historical past. Despite not being as well known, the stories from these Bengali regions are just as fascinating. Instead of locking yourself in your hotel room, go outside, take in the magnificent riverside atmosphere, and talk with some locals to find out about common folklore and other indigenous cultures. Deul Park is no different from the others in that these locales' simplicity, quaintness, and rusticity constantly contribute to their beauty. There are no seasonal variations because Ajay is a perennial river. As a result, you can go at any time of the year. However, avoid the monsoon since if it pours, you don't want to be on the riverbanks.

Especially since the Deul Park Eco Resort opened, Deul has been transformed into a popular tourist destination. Visitors are permitted to stay overnight here. For those interested, it also provides a clean picnic area, allowing them to avoid going outside, where there are few public amenities and pollution is a problem. Inexpensive cottages and rooms with AC and Non-AC are available at Deul Park Resort.

Deul Park is situated in a fairly remote location. The main road here serves as a route for express and state buses. Other than that, there aren't any automobiles in the actual region. Choddo Mile, 9 km away, is the closest place by that name. You must take an express bus going for Durgapur out of Kolkata and get off at the Darjeeling Stop in Panagarh, where you may catch a bus to Choddo Mile. Since the park is so far from any public transportation, plan for your transportation to and from there.

Things to Do at Deul Park:

  • The Forest of Garh is what makes Deul famous. It is a stunning example of ancient Bengali architecture and merits a visit solely for its age and serene setting. In essence, once you turn off the main road and head towards the village roads, it is a woody area. In the Forest of Garh, where Lausen fought him, a temple was built in his honor. Oddly, it lacks a monument, but it still stands today despite being somewhat decayed. It is thought to be between 600 and 700 years old.
  • The Deul Park Eco Resort is the best location for relaxation. If you're traveling with kids, let them ride the exciting rides at the resort while you unwind on the lawns by the bank of the Ajay for the afternoon. The grass garden's tranquility and lovely seasonal blooms create the ideal atmosphere for you to enjoy a wonderful vacation. The Bengali folk song Baul is occasionally also sung by folk performers.

5. Garh Jungle

Tourist Places in Durgapur

Even if you are not an admirer of nature, you will regret not visiting Garh Jungle. It is also referred to as Raja Surath's Dharma Garh. Hindu mythology is important to the Garh Jungle, especially Shakta. It is situated in the Durgapur constituency of the Paschim Bardhaman region in West Bengal's Kanksa CD block, close to Durgapur.

It is the same location where Raja Surath, under the direction of Mahamuni Medhas, held Durga Puja. The location is considered among the nation's oldest, and Durga Pooja is still celebrated in the jungle temple. Sri Chandi claims King Surath entered Boisya samadhi at the Ashram of Medhas. Here, Medhas Muni established his Ashram. In Garh Jungle, this Ashram was built. Here, Medhas taught the Devi Mahatmya to King Surath and Boisya Samadhi. In the spring, Surath organized a Durga puja here. This Durga Puja, held in Garh Jungle, was the first Durga Puja ever, per Shri Shri Chandiand Markandeya Purana.

Surath built Tridebi's temple in this wild region, also known as the Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, and Mahalakshmi Temples. There was also a temple nearby for Mahakal Bhairabis and the Ashram of Medhas Muni. Only two of the 16 temples-Shyamarupa Mandir and Shib Mandir-remain today.

6. Ram Mandir

Tourist Places in Durgapur

The wonderful array of temples in Durgapur is just one of the many things for which it is renowned. The Ram Mandir stands out as the most well-known and revered in Durgapur. The stunning stone temple, dedicated to Lord Rama, is adorned with elaborate carvings, vibrant deities, and ringing bells. Another appealing feature of the temple is the sculptures on the stone walls. Many followers turn to the reverence of temples for spiritual comfort and well-being. When you come to Durgapur, ask for your blessings here.

The numerous temples found in Durgapur are its claim to fame. The Ram Mandir in the Bidhan Nagar Area is the most significant. The Lord Ram temple is located in the heart of a sizable garden. It is regarded as the most magnificent temple in Durgapur and has stone walls with intricate carvings.

7. Troika Park

Tourist Places in Durgapur

When you travel with your children, it can be difficult to find new temptations for them. Durgapur's Troika Park comes to your aid. The park is a fantastic adventure park that is especially attractive to children's insatiable curiosity. At Troika Park, get ready to let your inner child out. The park, which has a lovely lake on its grounds, has a wide range of activities for your children, such as a toy train ride, water sports, and even boat cruises with adults. Take part in your kids' fun and feel a joyful, uplifting joy.

8. Kumaramangalam Park

Tourist Places in Durgapur

Kumaramangalam Park, one of Durgapur's most well-known and acclaimed parks, is a lovely place for adults and children to relax. The park is embellished with tall trees, lush lawns, and stunning views of vibrant flowers, which give the space a dynamic ambiance. There are musical fountains in the park that cause the water to spout and dance to melodic beats. It even has a sizable pond where boating equipment can be rented. You may spend the whole day immersed in nature and fun at this park while creating priceless memories with your family.

9. Benachity

Tourist Places in Durgapur

Benachity is a lively market with various indigenous adornments that will make you think of the regional artists that thrive in small Indian towns. You will surely find a store selling what you want, from full-sale items to lovely handicrafts. Truckloads of goods are available for you to take back home as souvenirs at this three-kilometre-long market. Although the market's reach and scope are gradually growing, it nonetheless retains the modesty of Durgapur inside its confines. Do visit Durgapur's bustling bazaar without fail.

10. Rarheswar Shiv Mandir

Tourist Places in Durgapur

One of Durgapur's old Shiv Mandir and a landmark of historic importance is the Rarheswar Shiv Temple. It is also a well-known religious location in Durgapur. The temple is about a millennium old. The temple's Shiv Linga is known as the "Rarheswar Shiv Linga" because it was built by Maharaja Ballal Sen of the Rarh dynasty in 1200 A.D., a time when the region was known as Rarh Desh. A massive Shiva lingam is housed in the Sanctum Sanctorium of the Rarheswar Shiv temple, which was constructed in the Nagara style using laterites and sandstones.

11. Shiv Shakti Dham

Tourist Places in Durgapur

A recently opened Hindu temple called Shiv Shakti Dham is situated in Durgapur, West Bengal's Gopalmath neighborhood. Other names for it include the Gopalmath Shiv Mandir.

This temple is regarded as one of Durgapur's biggest temples. After being inside the temple, there is a sizable area with marble flooring where you can sit. It is stated that the holy water from the Ganga flows into a little artificial pond next to the temple. This temple is open every day of the week. The hours are 8 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM.

12. City Centre

Tourist Places in Durgapur

The bustling city centre of Durgapur is located in the East Indian state of West Bengal. It is India's second planned city after Chandigarh. The cosmopolitan arcade in the town's centre, which houses several malls, retail centres, theatres, and eateries, attracts locals and visitors to Durgapur. You should visit this busy area of the city if you need to buy anything, whether it's clothing, appliances, household goods, or other items. City Centre is a popular destination for urban kids seeking entertainment and enjoyment. It is imperative that you visit this location if you are in Durgapur.

India's most industrialized city is Durgapur, also referred to as the Steel City of India. Here, one may observe a fusion of contemporary and traditional India. Upscale neighborhoods are nearby, and it is currently developing as a metro. Numerous high-end and low-cost hotels are available for those who want to spend a few days in the city's centre. Getting a peek at the City Centre is a must for everyone, even if tourists may also visit other sites like the Troika Park, Deer Park, Srijony-Art Gallery, and Science & Energy Park, which are located in the city of Durgapur. The greatest time to visit City Centre is in the evenings when the area is humming with activity.

In Durgapur, the city centre is quite well connected by road. To get here, one can take public transportation from any location in the city. Every city area has access to buses operated by the West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation (WBSTC) and the South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC). Despite the city's excellent transportation, buses only run sometimes. Additionally, visitors can use taxis or auto-rickshaws to get around the city. But taxis and auto-rickshaws might or might not charge by the mile, so it's best to negotiate and settle on a price beforehand.

Things to Enjoy in the City Centre

  • Shopping: City Centre is the place to be if you want to shop. One can select from a wide range of local and international brands here. Shopaholics won't be dissatisfied in this place.
  • Food: In City Centre, foodies will never feel left out. Many restaurants and street food sellers offer local and international cuisine. For those eager to sample local delicacies, feel free to partake in a range of Bengali snacks.
  • Entertainment: City Centre is a hotspot for cinema lovers and contains some movie theatres or multiplexes. Catch a matinée movie with some popcorn and a cold beverage if there is nothing else to discover in the city.

Durgapur Itinerary

The first thing you do when you arrive in Durgapur is arranging your lodging. There are many hotels in the city centre. Then, you could certainly stop by a nearby restaurant for a quick lunch. The Durgapur Barrage is where your next go. Exploring the stunning location thoroughly will take at least a couple of hours. You can hire a local fisherman to take you out on the water. The Steel Plant is the next distinctive location Durgapur has to offer after that. There are many stunning vistas at the factory. The fully working facility has a limited visitor area, but it is still worthwhile visiting. If you are free early in the morning, go to Bhabani Pathak's Tilla. However, you must be free from 4:00 to 5:00 PM because the Tilla closes at night. The network of tunnels possesses a particular allure. Otherwise, finish the day with a stroll through Kumarmangalam Park.

Best Time to Visit Durgapur

The ideal time to visit Durgapur is from October to February. This Bengali city is lovely to explore in the winter because the sun isn't too intense. You will also be able to take in the full splendor of Durga Puja's charm. Since Damodar always runs the risk of flooding during the monsoon season, which lasts from July to September, these are the least ideal months to visit Durgapur. The best time to visit a new town is not during the hot and muggy summers, but if you decide to go, bring sunscreen and drink enough water.

Famous Cuisines to Try

Durgapur offers a wide range of traditional Bengali cuisine and beautiful sites. Whether vegetarian or not, many foods are available for everyone to sample. Here is a list of some mouth-watering dishes you may taste in Durgapur.

  • Eggroll: You may find one of the most delightful delights is Bengal's renowned eggroll. To make bite-sized treats, top a crispy paratha with an egg, loads of vegetables, and flavorful sauces. You can order a meal in any restaurant and expect to be blown away.
  • Chicken Kasha: One of Bengal's most well-known foods is chicken kasha. You won't soon forget the flavor of the tender chicken spiced with aromatic spices. Chicken kasha is a dish best enjoyed while taking time and paired with freshly cooked rice.
  • Mishti Doi: For a while, put your diet ideas out of your mind. Mishti Doi is a sweet curd with a delicate flavor that is cooked in earthen pots. This dish is unbeatable with ice cream since it will leave you craving more and you won't be able to stop at just one! Bengal is the epicentre of all things sweet, so indulge whenever possible.

Famous Festivals

1. Durga Puja

Tourist Places in Durgapur

Durga Puja is a festival that inspires jubilation throughout West Bengal. This celebration honors the goddess, Durga. It's a lavish event with the entire city illuminated. The city hosts four days of lavish celebrations. An excursion to the city during Durga Puja is sure to be fascinating thanks to the abundance of carefully planned pandals, which are all works of art in and of themselves.

2. Rath Yatra

Tourist Places in Durgapur

Another celebration that is grandly observed in Durgapur is the Rath Yatra. The festival is celebrated in a variety of locations. During this period, fairs and plays are presented, putting the city in a festive spirit.

How to Reach Durgapur

1. By Air

The Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport is the one that is most conveniently situated in the city of Durgapur. You can find a means to commute once you are there because it is only 15 kilometres from the city centre.

2. By Road

You'll be glad to know that Durgapur is well connected to the highway system if you decide to get there by car. Some numerous daily buses and taxis travel to and from this industrial town.

3. By Train

There are frequent, scheduled trains to Durgapur from all the nation's major cities. If you want to travel by train, you can reserve a seat on a train that leaves your city or the nearest large city.


West Bengal, the industrial centre of India, is worth a visit when you are there. Witnessing such a massive complex as a Steel plant will enlighten engineering enthusiasts. The steel industries, the product of the combined effort of the best brains in India and Britain, not only paved the way for modernization in the nation but also ushered in a wave of new employment opportunities, improving standards of living, and a better way of life for all the people.

Since the city has been able to preserve a balance between tradition and growth, its natural beauty is also something to be admired. The tourist attractions in Durgapur are excellent picks among unusual places to visit, whether you're seeking a relaxing getaway or a new spot to explore in West Bengal.

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