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20 Best Tourist Places in Mysore

If you want to travel to places with an ancient vibe, magnificent buildings, fascinating shrines, and expansive parks, you've come to the right place. Here in this article, we will guide you to tourist destinations available in Mysore. Sandalwood manufacturing, classical artworks, textiles, and fragrances give this unique town attractiveness. Apart from these, do not forget to explore the town's iconic forts and colorful marketplaces. Forts and historic palaces may be seen throughout the city. Although many historical buildings are there, they are still brilliant. Let's start the discussion.

1. Brindavan Garden in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

Brindaban Garden is well-liked by residents and visitors from all over India. This park, located 19 kilometers from Mysore's city center, is developed beneath the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam and on both sides of the Kaveri River. The brilliant dancing fountains in this garden are well-known, and they are even more magnificent after sundown. The Krishnaraja Sagar Dam is a magnificent piece of engineering that attracts thousands of visitors each year and is a significant tourist destination in Mysore.

2. Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

The Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery is regarded as one of India's top art galleries because of its large selection of artworks and treasures from Mysore's Wadiyar royal palace. Jaganmohan Palace was turned into an art gallery in 1875. The gallery features a large number of Fine artworks. Besides Mysore, this sort of artwork can only be discovered in Russia. Therefore this collection is pretty unique.

3. Rail Museum in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

As per records, the Mysore railway museum was constructed around 1979 A.D. it is similar to the architecture of the Railway Museum in Delhi. This one has artifacts associated with old railways and their development. After exploring this railway museum in Mysore, you may witness and operate several trains passing via various media. You might need to purchase a separate ticket for the trains within this museum. This rail museum offers a variety of sights and entertainment. Both kids and adults like this Mysore Rail Museum very much.

4. Zoo in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

Mysore Zoo is a famous national park, usually referred to as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Park. One of the largest zoos in all Karnataka is this one. Maharaja Chamaraja built this zoo sometime in the 1890s. Several varieties of animals, beautiful grasslands, and little plants and trees can be found here in this zoo. This zoo is expanded to 157 acres of land. In Mysore, this zoo might be a nice spot to visit. Thus, it would be the best experience if you once visit there.

5. St Philomena's Church in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

If you are traveling to Mysore for any reason, you should pass by St. Philomena's Church, the longest church in Asia. This church was primarily built in to tribute Saint Philomena, a warrior. The St. Philomena Church in Mysore has a very attractive exterior construction. The view of the church and its surroundings seems even more beautiful in the evening.

6. Mysore Palace in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

The Mysore Maharaja Palace is a must-see tourist destination in the center of Mysore city. It is one of the biggest palaces in India and is well-known for conducting the Mysore Durga puja Festival. Henry Irwin, a well-known British architect, created this mansion. The current palace, which serves as the home of the Wodeyar rulers of Mysore, was constructed in 1912 after the old timber building burned down while Jayalakshammanni was married. This mansion is renowned for its spectacular design, which integrates Muslim, Hindu, Indo-Saracenic, Gothic, and Rajput styles. So, never forget to explore this beautiful palace while visiting Mysore.

7. Somanathapura in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

A lovely and delightful tiny village called Somnathpur may be found in the Karnataka state of Mysore, around 35 kilometers away from the main city. This Somnathpura is recognized as one of the holy places. The Chennakeshava Temple is this gorgeous town's main attraction on the River Kaveri banks. This temple is a magnificent example of Hoysala construction. This temple is currently just used for ruins and is not used for worship. In the past, this temple was attempted to demolish. This location exhibits items and examples from past eras and lets you view the temple's ruins.

8. Karanji Lake in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

The picnic area at Karanji Lake is its main attraction. People frequently visit the lake's shores to relax or have picnics with their loved ones. Nature enthusiasts adore this location because of the beautiful, lush greenery and large, tiny flora line the lake's shores. You can witness a variety of birds after coming here. So do not forget to explore this wonderful location when you visit Mysore.

9. Srirangapatna in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

A tiny town called Shringapatna can be found in the center of a district of the Indian state of Karnataka, close to the city of Mysore. It has very significant historical, cultural, and spiritual importance. The river Kaveri created the rocky island of Shringapatna. There are many significant historical and religious buildings on the island. Shringapatna is on the route between Bangalore and Mysore. So you can add this location to your list if you are planning to visit Mysore.

10. Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

This temple may be found 1000 feet above sea level in the Chamundi Hills, east of Mysore. Along with the statues of Nandi and Mahishasura, this shrine is devoted to Goddess Durga. Mounting the altitude of this temple, encircled by scenic scenery, provides a panoramic perspective of Mysore. This Dravidian-style temple is constructed in the form of a quadrilateral. Indians love to celebrate Mysore Dussehra and the Maa Chamundeshwari Golden Palanquin. Many people think that Mata Chamundeshwari killed Mahishasura here.

11. Trinesvaraswamy Temple in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

This temple, constructed well outside Mysore Fort in Dravidian style, is committed to Lord Shankar. Despite being damaged in the 18th century, the splendor and beauty of this temple continue to draw tourists from all over India and the world. In close proximity to this temple lies Devraj Sagar, a magnificent structure that is well worth visiting. Approximately 3 km away from Mysore station.

12. Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

IBylakuppe, the second-largest Tibetan community outside Tibet, is home to the Golden Temple. It is a location worth visiting and is around 80 kilometers from Mysore. This monastery, which Pema Norbu Rinpoche founded in 1933, offers a quiet religious setting and beautiful buildings. This temple is decorated with magnificent, vivid artworks that offer an insight into the history of Buddhism. The captivating natural surroundings greatly enhance its charm. From 7 am to 8 pm, this temple remains open for visitors.

13. Melody World Wax Museum in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

This is another well-known and distinctive museum in Mysore city, located on the Vihara Marg about 3 km from Mysore Palace at Kurubara Halli. This museum, situated in a historic structure, features Karnataka's greatest collection of traditional instruments. The life-size wax figures of musicians dressed traditionally and playing various instruments is the second main draw at this location, in addition to the variety of traditional and old stringed instruments. The museum has 19 galleries, and each hall features magnificent sculptures. Shreeji Bhaskaran, an I.T. specialist, constructed this museum in 2010. From 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, visitors can explore the Melody Wax Museum.

14. Folklore Museum in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

The Folklore Center is another remarkable museum in Mysore. This museum, founded in 1968, is devoted to the many traditional handicrafts of Karnataka. Over 6500+ artifacts involving dance, poetry, art, and other creative components from across the state are part of its impressive collection. Not only that much, but Puppets, costumes, traditional theatre accessories, and other items are all also part of this collection. It is accessible from 10.15 am until 1.15 in the evening and is located on the University of Mysore campus in Manasa Gangotri. It reopens at 2:30 and remains open until 5:00. On the other hand, it remains closed on weekends.

15. Javaregowda Park in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

Javaregowda Park is an excellent area to visit if you're traveling with children or you want to take a rest. It is the perfect location for a short run, trip, or moment of meditation and is situated near Saraswathipuram. The yard includes beautiful, relaxing grass that is perfect for relaxing on. Many locals are drawn to the park's recently built gym. It is accessible from five in the morning until ten at night.

16. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

This dam, often referred to as KRS Dam, was constructed in 1932, during the time of the Wodeyar Kings. It was designed by Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah, one of India's engineers and designers, and is named after Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. This dam, constructed across the Cauvery River, was India's first agricultural dam. It has 152 floodgates and is 130 feet in height. This dam is around 3 km long and about 20 kilometers from Mysore. The region is enhanced more beautifully by lighted gardens and luxuriant greenery. A similarly beautiful scene may be found at KRS Dam's backwaters. It is close to Brindavan Gardens, another well-known tourist destination.

17. Sanjeevini Park in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

Sanjeevini Park is another Mysore park you might like to visit during a city tour. A well-kept park with lots of space, it is also well-known among the locals. Here, a large golden smiling Buddha is the biggest draw, and many tourists can be seen snapping pictures of it. There are enjoyable rides for kids and a peaceful setting for running and wandering. Kuvempunagar is where it is situated.

18. Devaraja Market in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

Mysore's Devaraja market is more than simply an opportunity to buy; it also plays a significant role in the city's historical tradition. It contains more than 300 stores spread across a 3-acre space and is frequently included in Mysore historical wanders. Visitors may discover stores in this market's three lanes, with four entry gates. Almost anything can be found at this marketplace, including groceries, fresh flowers, and worship items. However, this location offers visitors a snapshot of locals. It is well-liked amongst photographers as well. It is open from 6.30 in the morning until 9.30 at night.

19. Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum

Tourist Places in Mysore

It is a fascinating and highly significant addition to the tourist attractions in Mysore. This sand sculpture museum is the only type of museum available in the whole nation. This museum, which opened in 2014, features a wide variety of superbly molded sand works. M.N. Gowri, one of the very few female sculptors in India, is the creator of this museum. The Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum, one of its types in India, displays sculptures built only from water and sand, displaying unmatched artistry, accuracy, and artistic perfection.

20. Regional Museum of Natural History in Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

This museum, which is excellent to visit if you're interested in understanding natural history, is situated on the T.N.Pura Road in Siddhartha Nagar. It was constructed to educate about the various facets of nature and the best ways to conserve it. It is open every day of the week, excluding Mondays, from 10 am until 6 in the evening. It also has a garden, which is great for relaxing or taking kids there.

Best Time to Visit

If you're considering a vacation to Mysore, you must understand when the weather is favorable and when the best time to visit is. The great season to visit Mysore is during the monsoon season, or from July to February. It'll be good for you if you refuse to visit Mysore during summer. Although we discussed the best time to visit, you are welcome to visit Mysore at any time of the year that is convenient for you.

Food to Try Out In Mysore

Tourist Places in Mysore

In addition to its rich culture and old legacy, Mysore is known for its delectable cuisine. Sambar, dosa, and Idli are available in Mysore, as they are in most south Indian cities, but there is something unique about the Dosa and Idli in Mysore. Mysore cuisine is impacted by Udupi cuisine, but it has added its twists. Many food places and restaurants serve pizzas, continental, burgers, Chinese, and other cuisines. The local cuisine has everyone's affection and is the most well-known.

How to Reach Mysore

If you're considering a trip to Mysore, one of Karnataka's major cities, know that you may get there by plane, car, or train, depending on your preference.

  1. By Flight: If you wish to go by flight from your location, you should know that the closest airport to Mysore is the international airport in Bangalore. You can travel here from any part of India or abroad with an airport facility. The service is easily accessible. After arriving at Bangalore International Airport, you can easily access your favorite Mysore destination by taking advantage of the local transportation options available.
  2. By Train: If you wish to accomplish your journey to Mysore by train, you should know that the railway station in Mysore is well connected to the major towns in the area. If there isn't a direct train from your city to Mysore, you can go to Mysore from Bangalore by catching a train from your location to Bangalore, and then you can enjoy your vacation there.
  3. By Road: Even if you choose to go to Mysore via road in your vehicle, motorbike, or other transport, you will have no trouble getting there. Because Mysore is one of Karnataka's major cities, bus connections from adjacent large cities are readily available. Mysore is around 150 kilometers from Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka.

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