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20 Best Tourist Places in Haryana

Haryana is popularly known as the "Abode of God", and it is also known as a Vedic country because it has been the birthplace of Indian culture and civilization. If tourists want to enjoy nice weather, peace, and plenty of fun and adventure, then they must plan a trip to Haryana. Haryana is unquestionably a nature lover's paradise as Haryana is rich in natural beauty. Here this article refer to some of the best tourist places in Haryana.

1. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Haryana

Sultanpur bird sanctuary is a wonderful place to visit, especially for birdwatchers and wildlife lovers. Many migrating birds live here. This place is in Gurgaon. There are around 250 different species of birds that can be seen during the winter season. Bird Sanctuary's area is roughly 142.52 hectares. There are around four towers placed at various spots in this place to make bird watching easier.

Species of resident birds that are seen in this bird sanctuary are paddy field pipit, little cormorant, common spoonbill, black francolin, painted stork, great egret, crested lark, shikra, red-collared dove, cattle egret, laughing dove, spotted owlet, rock pigeon, white ibis, magpie robin, Indian roller, greater coucal, red-vented bulbul, gray francolin, weaver bird, Indian cormorant, purple sunbird, little egret, and bank mynah.

Species of migratory birds that are seen in this bird sanctuary are greater flamingo, Siberian crane, ruff, common teal, white wagtail, spotted sandpiper, northern pintail, northern shoveller, black-tailed godwit, rosy pelican, spot-billed pelican, wood sandpiper, gadwall, Eurasian wigeon, common greenshank, yellow wagtail, spotted redshank, black-winged stilt, starling, bluethroat, and long-billed pipit.

The bird sanctuary is open for visitors from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM. This bird sanctuary is closed on Tuesday. The entrance fee for Indians is 5 rupees, and for a foreigner is 40 rupees. If the visitors want to take the camera inside the bird sanctuary, then the visitors will have to pay 100 rupees for the camera and 500 rupees for the video camera as the camera entrance fee.

2. Damdama Lake

Tourist Places in Haryana

Damdama Lake is Haryana's largest lake, covering about 3,000 acres. The lake was built by the British in 1947 to collect rainwater. There are around 190 different species of birds that are seen at Damdama Lake. Visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery while boating at this lake. The most well-known resorts near the lake are the Damdama adventure camp and gateway resort.

3. Morni Hills

Tourist Places in Haryana

This is a famous hill station in Panchkula. This is a favorite picnic location for locals and visitors because it is Haryana's only hill station. Visitors enjoy spectacular views from the top of the hills. The Thakur Dwar temple on Morni hills is an important archaeological site. This temple has beautiful carvings from the 7th century. Other activities that visitors do at Morni hills are birdwatching and trekking. Morni heights resort, hotel dreamway, Morni resorts, royal huts resort, redwood resorts, and hotel north park are the famous resort near Morni hills to stay here. The temperature of Morni hill is near about 33° C.

4. Cactus Garden

Tourist Places in Haryana

The Cactus garden is a popular tourist attraction in the Panchkula. Dr. J.S. Sarkaria established this garden. In 2004 this garden was opened with 500 plants. The area of the cactus garden is 2.83 hectares. The garden has more than 3,500 species of cactus.

5. Yadavindra Garden

Tourist Places in Haryana

Pinjore gardens is another name for this garden. Fidai Khan Koka was the founder of this garden. This garden has been designed in the same style as the Shalimar Bagh of Kashmir has been designed. This garden has a mini zoo, nursery, Japanese garden, historic places, and picnic spots. The area of the Yadavindra garden is 100 acres. In a garden, there is a train for visitors, and it is known as the Heritage train. This train takes a tour of the whole garden and monuments. Pinjore Baisakhi festival is celebrated in the garden as it is a special festival in this garden. In every July, Pinjore mango mela is organized in this garden, and the "Pinjore Heritage Festival" is celebrated here every year in December.

6. Garden of Silence

Tourist Places in Haryana

This garden is located in Bhagwanpura. This is the best tourist destination for those who love a serene environment. This garden is a meditative space. There is a large Buddha statue present in the garden. The Buddha statue is in a sitting posture. Chandigarh administration has developed this garden. Garden of Silence is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM for visitors.

7. Raja Nahar Singh fort

Tourist Places in Haryana

This is a popular tourist attraction in Faridabad. The another name of this fort is Ballabgarh fort. Raja Rao Balram built this fort. Six elegantly equipped guest rooms are available at this fort. This fort has Darbar-e-aam and a Rang Mahal with a gorgeous Chhatri. The Kartik cultural festival is celebrated in this fort every year. Weddings, exhibitions, musical nights, and other events are regularly held in this fort.

8. Sukhna Lake

Tourist Places in Haryana

This lake is in Chandigarh. This reservoir is located in the Himalayas foothills (Shivalik hills). This lake was created by humans. Engineer P L Verma and Le Corbusier created this lake. It is a popular attraction in Chandigarh. Tourists enjoy the natural scenery with the blue water of this lake. It is the favorite spot for joggers and walkers. Visitors can visit Sukhna lake from 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

The other things that visitors can do at Sukhna lake place are shikara rides, camel rides, solar-powered boats, and trampoline jumps. There is CITCO cafeteria available for tourists to take snacks and lunch. The visitors can do the boating between 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM.

9. Rock Garden

Tourist Places in Haryana

It is an amazing and unique tourist garden in Chandigarh. This garden exhibits sculptures created from industrial and urban trash. The garden's display area is organized into three distinct phases. Officer Nek Chand constructed the Rock garden in 1957. This garden is an outstanding demonstration of 'Best From Waste'. This rock garden has 5000 statues. The garden's waterfall section is ideal for photoshoots.

Phases of the garden:

  1. Phase 1 of this garden has a maze of terracotta pots, niches, and chambers. These things are decorated from broken bangles, tiles, mirrors, toilet fixtures, and tube light pieces.
  2. Phase 2 of this garden has a large man-made waterfall. The garden's phase 2 key draws are amphitheaters, intricate pathways, courtyards, and miniature villages. Throughout the year, many cultural programs are hosted in this phase of the garden.
  3. Phase 3 of this garden has camels and elephant sculptures.

From April to September, the Rock garden is open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and from October to March, it is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It takes 4 hrs to 5 hrs to visit the entire Rock garden. Its entry fee is 30 rupees for adults and 10 rupees for a child.

10. Rose Garden

Tourist Places in Haryana

In Chandigarh, the rose garden is the most popular tourist attraction. This garden has 32,500 different types of medicinal shrubs and trees. There are 50,000 plants of 1600 different species of roses in this garden. Zakir Hussain Rose garden is another name for this garden. Rose garden was opened in 1967, and Mohinder Singh Randhawa was the founder of this garden. This rose garden has a total area of 30 acres. The rose festival is organized in this garden in February or March. Visitors can visit this garden from 6:00 AM to 10 PM. Fifty rupees is the entrance fee for this garden. This garden is a famous park in Chandigarh.

11. Chattbir Zoo

Tourist Places in Haryana

This is a popular zoological park and tourist place in Chandigarh. This zoo was opened in 1977. This park is popularly known as Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park. There are 369 mammals, 20 reptiles, and 400 birds at the zoo. The total area of the zoo is 202 acres. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the zoo's major attraction. This zoo has the longest walk-in aviary, and its length is 300-meter. The rock and duck theme, terrestrial theme, Japanese Trail theme, woodland theme, and rainforest theme are the five themes that make up this walk-in aviary area.

Non-exhaustive animal species available in this zoo are white tiger, sarus crane, Indian gazelle, mugger crocodile, blue bull, gharial, swamp deer, Himalayan black bear, emu, baboon, Bengal fox, lion-tailed macaque, Indian boar, blackbuck, Indian leopard, porcupine, Asiatic lion, jaguar, zebra, gaur, sloth bear, Indian python, sambar deer, chimpanzee, civet cat, striped hyena, goral, smooth-coated otter, African buffalo, hippopotamus, jackal, Asian elephant, and painted stork.

12. Japanese garden

Tourist Places in Haryana

This garden is in Chandigarh. This garden gives the feeling that we are roaming in Japan. The garden is built with Japanese-style architecture, water bodies, handmade dragon paintings, pagoda towers, a dragon monument, meditation centers, ying yang, lion dog sculpture, fish painting, and buddha idol. The gate of this garden is also of Japanese style. The total area of the Japanese garden is 13 acres. The garden has two-phase, phase 1 and phase 2, that is connected with an underground tunnel. This tunnel is decorated with magnificent Japanese paintings.

13. International Dolls Museum

Tourist Places in Haryana

This is an excellent spot for children to visit, particularly girls. This museum is India's first doll museum that showcases a priceless and irreplaceable collection of heritage dolls from around 32 nations. This museum has exotic and indigenous dolls with historical, artistic, geographical, fashion design, socio-cultural, and costume features.

There are 4 areas in the museum. The first area is for international dolls, the second area is for Indian dolls, the third area is considered the activity corner, and the fourth area shows the history of dolls.

This museum has 12 indigenous dolls that include the Kerala bride, bride of Nagaland, Punjabi bride, Muslim bride, the bride of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthani bride, tribes of Nagaland, tribes of bagdi, the bride of Karnataka, Gujarati bride, and Parsi bride.

This museum has 11 exotic dolls that include a turkey doll, an Israel doll, a Sweden doll, a philippine doll, a china doll, a Hongkong doll, a Thailand doll, a Yugoslavia doll, and other dolls.

The 10 rupees is the entrance fee for this museum, and visitors have to pay 5 rupees if they want to take a camera inside the museum.

14. Terrace Garden

Tourist Places in Haryana

This is a very beautiful garden in the Chandigarh. The garden has beautiful nature scenes as well as many attractive flowers that attract people. This garden is not on a terrace; the name terrace is given to it because there are terrace-like shapes inside the gardens. The lit musical fountain, which starts in the evenings with famous folk and cinema melodies, is the primary attraction at the Terrace garden. The Chrysanthemum Show is organized every year in this garden. Chandigarh flower festival is another name for the Chrysanthemum show. The main attraction in this show is animal figures, rangolis, and other statues that show Punjabi culture and dazzling floral arrangements. All these animal figures and rangolis are created with flowers.

15. Mansa Devi Temple

Tourist Places in Haryana

In Panchkula, this is a holy and popular tourist destination. This is the temple of Mansa Devi. This temple was built by Maharaja Gopal Singh, and it was completed in 1811-1815 AD. This temple is built with Hindu temple architecture. During the Navratri, the Navratra Mela is organized in this temple.

16. Kabuli Bagh

Tourist Places in Haryana

In the Panipat, this is a popular tourist destination. This is a Mosque, and its architect was Babur. This mosque was completed in 1527, and it was built in Indo-Islamic style. This mosque has 1 dome. Babur constructed it to celebrate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi. This mosque is 2 km away from Panipat city.

17. Thunder Zone

Tourist Places in Haryana

It is a popular park in Chandigarh. This park has two sections one is of amusement park, and the other section is a water park. The amusement park has a number of fun rides for both kids and adults. The water park section has a wave pool, thrilling rides, a kids pool, hira Kari, a slide pool, a dome slide, and an activity pool.

Rides available in the amusement park section are the Columbus ride, octopus ride, swinging chairs ride, mono train ride, caterpillar ride, music bob ride, striking cars ride, boat club ride, baby train ride, sun' n' moon ride, aerial runway ride, splash ride, and other rides.

Ticket price:

  1. The entrance fee for an Amusement park with rides is 450 rupees.
  2. Three hundred rupees is an entrance fee for an amusement park in which rides are not included.
  3. The water park entrance fee is 800 rupees.
  4. Eight hundred fifty rupees is an entrance fee for both the water park and amusement park. This combo includes all rides also.

Timing of the park:

  • In the summer, Thunder Zone is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • In the winter, Thunder Zone is open from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

18. Rohtak Zoo

Tourist Places in Haryana

This is an outstanding place to visit in Rohtak. This zoo is also known as Tilyar Mini Zoo. This zoo is situated within the Tilyar Lake area. This zoo is 42 kilometers from Delhi. The entrance cost for adults is 10 rupees and 5 rupees for kids. The fishing fee in the lake is 200 rupees. The visitors can do the angling, boating, and kayaking on this lake. In the summer, this zoo is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and in the winter, this zoo is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

They provide many facilities to visitors; the facilities provided by the zoo are artificial waterfalls, cafes, watchtowers, bathrooms, walkways, landscaping, drinking water facilities, resting shelters, lakes, and gardens.

The animals kept in this zoo are tigers, blackbucks, leopards, hyenas, chinkaras, wolves, baboons, otters, sambhars, hippopotamus, jackals, foxes, barking deer, and others. This is a wonderful area for wildlife lovers to explore.

19. Butterfly Park

Tourist Places in Haryana

Butterfly Park is located in Gurgaon, India. The butterfly park in Gurgaon was established in an attempt to increase the city's green cover. A thousand shades Butterfly park is a perfect moniker for this park. The ordinary tiger, spotted emigrant, huge egg fly, rainbow pansy, lemon pansy, and other 27 species of butterfly are spotted at this butterfly park. In order to attract butterflies and moths, over 150 varieties of decorative plants, nectar plants, and trees have already been planted in the region. Chakunda, Morus alba lemon, palm, ber, bel, and akwan are a few of them.

20. Bhindawas Lake

Tourist Places in Haryana

This lake is in Rohtak. This lake was created by humans. This lake has been turned into a bird sanctuary. The lake surrounding area is calm. Tourists come to see the natural beauty of the area as well as the variety of birds. The Sanctuary encompasses 1074 acres of land. This is the best place for weekend picnickers, bird watchers, photographers, and videographers as they can enjoy their whole day in this lake area.

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