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10 Best Tourist Places in Salem

Salem is a large city in the Salem district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, situated on the banks of the Thirumanimutharu River. In terms of population, Salem is the sixth-largest urban center and metropolitan city in the state.

Here is a list of some famous tourist spots in the city of Salem.

1. Kottai Mariamman Temple

Tourist Places in Salem

On the banks of the Tirumanimutthar River stands the Kottai Mariamman Temple. It is considered one of the cities of Salem's earliest pilgrimage sites. Goddess Kottai Mariamman is the temple's presiding deity. People come from near and far to this temple to seek blessings and enjoy peace and quiet.

Kottai Maria Peri is another name for the Mariamman Temple. It was revered as the Salem Fort's watchman god during the pre-British era. When entering the sanctum santorum, a pilgrim must turn and bow down if they want to see the symbol.

Mother Mariamman is depicted in the sanctuary with lotus blossoms under her feet and her feet on the head of an evil spirit. Nine stone columns may be found inside the Sannadhi Mandapam. At the Parrot Mandapam's foundation are elaborate figures showing a fan who is in love with Amman (or Kili mandapam). It also displays the second sculpture of Amman using her legs to repel a devil.

Visitors visiting the temple look for solutions to a variety of problems. Some people go to this sanctuary in search of answers to their financial problems or even to treat their health ailments. Additionally, they provide gold and silver jewelry at the temple's hundi.

The famed Aadi festival, which occurs in July and August, is the ideal opportunity to travel to the Kottai Mariamman Temple. The temple's most well-known event is this festival, which is observed with the utmost splendor. In order to participate in the joyful event, thousands of pilgrims visit the Kottai Mariamman temple. There are many events during the 15-day celebration, as well as street entertainers.

The Kottai Mariamman Temple is open from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is no entry fee because it is a religious location.

2. Kurumbapatti Zoological Park

Tourist Places in Salem

Despite having a wide variety of animal species, the Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is best known for its diverse bird species, including the white peacock and multicolored cranes. This enclosure is constantly being expanded with more species. The Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is situated at the base of the Shervaroyan Hills in the Eastern Ghats and spans 11.5 hectares of reserve forest area.

The Park's construction cost Rs. 10 Cr. There are distinct enclosures for rare animal and bird species, as well as a playground for kids. The surrounding complex has a revitalizing forest vibe and is a great place for a picnic with friends or family. Running about and discovering all the exotic animals and birds is especially fun for kids. The Kurumbapatti Zoological Park features various natural habitats for wild animals because it was established in a forest area. Particularly large areas surround the spotted deer and antelope populations. Additionally, there are a number of bars inside the zoo. One gets the impression of seeing the animals and birds in their natural surroundings by looking at the full enclosure.

Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is completely surrounded by a canopy of tall trees. Overall, it creates a pleasant and revitalizing experience. However, due to the extraordinarily high temperatures, the summer months might become intolerable. So it's best to avoid scheduling a trip for the summer.

Entry costs Rs. 10 for adults and Rs. 5 for children. Prices for video cameras and still cameras are different. A four-wheeler must pay a parking fee of Rs. 25. Except for Tuesday, the Kurumbapatti Zoo Park is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the week. The entire Zoological Park may be explored in an estimate of two and a half hours.

3. Government Museum

Tourist Places in Salem

Numerous historical artifacts and archaeological artifacts from the same region can be found at the Government Museum of Salem. Only two kilometers separate the historic museum from the city's center. Additionally, it has a library and occasionally hosts events and lectures. Children's school trips might be planned with the aid of tour guides.

The Salem Museum was built in 1979 and is a noteworthy historical site. This museum is home to a unique collection of elaborate artifacts and diverse sculptures. It displays the Salem area's splendor in all its radiance. The elegantly sculpted stone statues honor kings from bygone ages. For those who are passionate about learning and anthropology, the Government Museum of Salem should be on your travel itinerary.

In addition, there are objects related to archaeology, numismatics, zoology, and geology. The Museum is a fun place to take kids and is frequently used for educational purposes. It regularly hosts talks and instructive videos. You can also ask for a pet tour guide's service. Salem's government museum is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Fridays, second Saturdays, and federal holidays are off-limits. Indian citizens must pay Rs.5 to enter the Government Museum of Salem, and Indian students must pay Rs.2. Foreign nationals must pay Rs. 50 entry fees. For foreign students, the price is 25 rupees. On Monday, there isn't a cost to enter.

4. 1008 Lingum Temple

Tourist Places in Salem

Ariyanoor is home to the 1008 Lingam Temple, one of the most well-known temples in the area. The Vinayaga Mission's department is in charge of the temple. On the hilltop where the temple is located, there are 1008 Shiva Lingams, each with the sacred cow Nandi in front of them.

At the base of the temple, there is a sizable Ganesha statue. The region is calm, and the surroundings are lovely. On top of the mound is an idol representing the shrine's presiding deity, Sri Umaiyambigai Samedha Sri Arunachala Sundareswara. It is stated seeing the idol is worth the trip to the temple.

5. Kalangi Siddhar Temple

Tourist Places in Salem

A few of the 18 Tamil Siddha temples are the Kalangi Siddhar Temple in Salem. It is well recognized for its medicinal herbs, which are thought to treat a variety of illnesses. Regular pilgrims come to the temple to participate in the numerous pujas and to bathe in the nearby holy springs. Around the Kalangi Siddhar temple, there are numerous perpetual wells, small lakes, and miniature waterfalls. These locations' water is thought to have healing properties.

Kalangi Nathar is the name of the Siddhar Saint which is associated with Kanjamalai. In contrast to the word malai, which denotes a hill, the word kanja is related to gold, iron, and copper. He was one of South India's 18 well-known Siddhars. In honor of him, the Kalangi Siddhar temple was constructed. Herbs from the temple are renowned for their potential as miraculous treatments. Most pilgrims take a bath in one of the nearby holy water sources.

On the new moon and full moon days, the temple holds special pujas. To perform religious rites at this temple on the New Moon Day is regarded as extremely potent. Every morning, regular pujas are offered.

A visit should last between one and two hours. Every day, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., the temple is open. It is closed from noon till four o'clock, just like the majority of temples. Every morning, pujas are performed.

6. Paravasa Ulagam

Tourist Places in Salem

A water theme park called Paravasa Ulagam is situated 16 kilometers away from Salem on National Highway No. 7. It is tucked away in a chilly, hilly area bordered by verdant, lush greenery on all sides. For all of its visitors, Paravasa Ulagam provides a wide selection of activities, including water games, computer games, a wave pool, go-karting, a scientific park, and waterfalls.

Beginning with just 6 acres of land, Paravasa Ulagam was made public in 2004. Its capacity has increased throughout time, and numerous new attractions have been added. It currently occupies 15 acres of land, with plans to grow. It is a must-see since the water park provides relief from the oppressive metropolitan heat and relieves stress.

7. Oothumalai Hill

Tourist Places in Salem

A collection of Hindu temples can be found atop Oothumalai Hill. It is renowned for having a serene atmosphere. The numerous temples on this hill emphasize the attraction's spiritual value. Both visitors and worshippers are known to flock to Oothumalai Hill in great numbers.

One of the significant temples on Oothumalai Hill is Sri Balasubramanian Temple. It is devoted to Lord Murugan and renowned for its distinctive depiction of the Lord. The Shiva Temple, which features intricate carvings of Gods and Goddesses on the stones, and the Sathyanarayana Temple, which is also known as the Vishnu Temple, are among the Hill's other top attractions. The Sathyanarayana Temple is particularly significant because it is one of the very few Vishnu temples in the area. From Oothumalai Hill's summit, you can see the whole of Salem.

Any religious occasion that is fervently observed at the local temples is the ideal opportunity to travel to Oothumalai Hill. The hilltop offers an amazing view, and the calming breeze just enhances the relaxing ambiance. It is advised to visit the Hill in the evening on any other typical day as the Sun will not be at its highest.

There are no set visitation hours at Oothumalai Hill. It is accessible to everyone every day of the year. There is no price for entrance. It is advised to allocate 3-4 hours to fully enjoy the experience.

8. Mookaneri Lake

Tourist Places in Salem

Over 58 acres, the lovely Mookaneri lake is located. It is a substantial body of water in Salem City and a well-liked tourist destination. The Lake has amenities including a park and dining areas, which have helped to increase its popularity as a tourist destination. The Public Works Department originally designated the Mookaneri Lake as a 39-acre body of water. Using 87 lakhs as part of a public initiative, the Salem Citizens Forum revived it in 2010.

A variety of bird and plant species now call it home. There are a number of other amenities, including a park, guest seating areas, and a parking lot. In the mornings and afternoons, families visit the lake to pass the time amicably without breaking the bank. On the grounds of the Lake, there is also a natural auditorium set up. Particularly during the weekends, local fishermen and fishing aficionados try their luck. The surrounding areas' groundwater levels have been greatly enhanced by the Mookaneri Lake's quantity of water.

The fact that Mookaneri Lake is situated inside the city limits is its best feature. The lake is conveniently accessible by foot for locals living nearby. The others can travel to the lake in a private vehicle or an auto-rickshaw.

For Mookaneri Lake, there is no entrance charge. Also, it is open every day for a full 24 hours.

9. Kandaswamy Temple

Tourist Places in Salem

The Kandaswamy Temple, also called Kalipatti, is a temple dedicated to the god Murugan. One of the wealthiest temples in the Salem neighborhood is this one. The temple, which honors Lord Murugan, was constructed in the 18th century. The Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple was established by the Pazhani Kavundar. In the 18th century, Katteri Lakshmana Kavundar constructed it. The antidote "Karun Sambal" is made from a snake's venom and is used to heal temple visitors who are worshippers. The Chithra Ther and Vinayaka Ther chariots are used to embellish the Kandaswamy temple. Chariots are drawn around the temple during festivities. A livestock fair is conducted at the temple in January during the Thaipusam Festival. This fair is regarded as being the most important livestock event in the nation.

The Thaipusam holiday in January is the ideal chance to schedule the Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple. During this season, the temple holds special pooja and events that you can attend to see it at its busiest. During the Thaipusam festival, this location also hosts the largest cattle fair in the nation.

It is advised to visit the temple on a routine day in the afternoons and spend about three hours exploring it. The length of time that one could spend on its grounds is not limited. Visitors can visit the Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple every day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Since it is a sacred location, the entrance is free. Pets are categorically forbidden and cameras are allowed.

10. Jama Masjid

Tourist Places in Salem

In the center of Salem, the ancient Jama Masjid towers over the city. It is Salem's oldest mosque. The 1.5 acres of land where the 135-foot-tall minaret is situated. It is considered to be among the tallest buildings ever erected in South India. Tipu Sultan, the sultan of Mysore, is credited with building it. The Jama Masjid exudes a serene and tranquil aura despite its impressive architecture and rich cultural past.

Any town or city's Jama Masjid is the name of its main mosque. It is where Muslim believers congregate to pray, particularly on Fridays and during the holy months of Ramadan, Bakrid, and other celebrations. These mosques are frequently referred to as congregational mosques or Friday mosques. There are a lot of devoted worshipers on Fridays. This magnificent building's prayer hall is situated on an open platform. It has intricated stone pillars as decorations. The elaborate jail work and floral decorations on display in the Jama Masjid are shown with skill.

The Jama Masjid in Salem is thought to have been constructed some 300 years ago by Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore. It is also said that he would frequently pray here. He is also known for being the one who put the first brick in.

The Jama Masjid is best visited on holidays such as Eid when one may see it in all its splendor. The mosque is illuminated throughout with numerous lights, which make it sparkle at night. The mosque hosts iftar dinners during the festival of Ramadan after sundown when the fast is broken. It is advised to visit after 3 p.m. on normal days, especially from October to February.

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