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8 Best Tourist places in Gajapati District


The district of Gajapati was established in the Ganjam District in the Indian state of Odisha in October 1992. It is a popular tourist site in the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa. It is the ideal location for someone to simply rejuvenate while taking a vacation from their daily grind.

This district's location is quite fascinating geographically. The area offers a variety of travel amenities because of its rich cultural past and has good access to India's major cities. This area is dotted with numerous historic temples, green hills, and waterfalls. Plantations for horticulture and pisciculture are also well-known in the Gajapati district.

The ideal season to visit Gajapati is winter. One can enjoy the weather and a trip to Gajapati by going there between November and February.

Places of Interests

1. Mahendragiri

Mahendragiri is a popular tourist destination in the Gajapati district. It is also regarded as a well-liked religious location. Mahendragiri is a mountain peak that rises 1,501 meters above mean sea level and is a component of the Eastern Ghats. This sloping region has a strong mythological significance.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

Everyone was certain that Lord Parshuram spent a significant amount of time here practicing meditation. The primary draws of this location are Lord Shiva and Lord Parshuram temples. The biggest event held at this location is Mahashivratri. Thousands of followers from different states come here during the festival and make the ascent to the peak to worship Lord Shiva. Another draw of this location is the Kunti temple.

2. Chandragiri Temple

Chandragiri, which is in the green valley of Odisha's Gajapati district, is well-known for its Tibetan village and Buddhist monastery. This location is made attractive by the large-scale horticulture plantations, including mango, orange, guava, and pineapple ones, as well as a government horticulture farm and Tibetan cultural activities. Seasonal fruits, Tibetan wool clothing, carpets, as well as dogs of various types are all well-known products of this region. A health resort is also there.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

The best months to visit Chandragiri in India are January through March and October through December, when temperatures remain mild to hot and rainfall is little to nonexistent. Chandragiri's yearly average temperature ranges from 27C in December to 40C in April.

How to reach Chandragiri Temple-

By Train, Berhampur is the closest station.

By Air

Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport. 263 km from Bhubaneswar

By road,

There is a frequent bus service from Berhampur to Chandragiri. Another option is to drive down to Chandragiri. The breathtaking scenery provides for a lovely drive.

3. B.N.Palace

B.N.Palace is located on the banks of the Mahendratanaya River in Paralakhemundi, about 1.5 kilometers from the Paralakhemundi Bus Stand. Brundabana Palace is another name for B.N.Palace. It is close to the Odisha-Andhra Pradesh border. Paralakhemundi Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati erected the Brundabana Palace.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

The palace is thought to have been built by the Paralakhemundi monarch to improve the state's beauty. During the summer, the king is supposed to have used the Palace. Brundaban Palace has a three-story building with a subterranean floor; It is also a gorgeous structure with excellent artwork. Among the world's heritage, the palace is noted for its rich culture. Brundaban Palace is a popular tourist destination.

4. Gandahati Waterfall

Gandahati Waterfall is a tourist attraction in Odisha's Gajapati district. It is a well-known waterfall with sparkling, clean water that is surrounded by a lush, green forest. The water flow at this waterfall is constant all year round. Elephants are just one of the several wild animals visitors see, and they frequently visit this waterfall from the hill's upper side to drink. Near this waterfall, there is a stunning Hindu temple.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

It is accessible by both rail and road. The distance from Paralakhemundi to the closest railway station, Palasa, is 44 kilometers. During the winter, a lot of people travel to this magnificent waterfall from various areas of Odisha because of its picturesque beauty and deep forest. This is a popular tourist destination in Odisha and one of the greatest places for picnics.

Open: During the day.

Attractions: A modest Hindu temple, a waterfall, a dense forest, and elephants.

Nearest Bus Stop: Paralakhemundi

Nearest Railway Station: Paralakhemundi, Palasa

Taxis, buses, and trains are available modes of transportation.

5. MankodaDiya Waterfall

MankodaDiya Waterfall is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the Gajapati district; People desire to visit this Waterfall and spend free time with loved ones. A beautiful waterfall requires a good setting. In the Gajapati area, there are a few well-known waterfalls. MankodaDiya is, is one of the few beautiful waterfalls in R.Udayagiri Block, right close to Sialilati.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

Winter is the ideal time to view the waterfall. Due to road conditions and significant mountain waterfalls, the rainy season is especially unpleasant for travel.

6. Khasada Waterfall

The famed Khasada waterfall is the preferred weekend getaway and adventure location in the Gajapati district. Tall mountains and dense, verdant forests surround it, attracting many tourists. Given that it flows through a forest, the waterfall is excellent for bathing. Thus, Khasada Waterfall is currently among the coldest locations in India.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

The cascade of water gushes forth from a huge cliff. Visitors' attention is drawn to it. This waterfall is open to the public all year. The waterfall's location among natural surroundings allows travelers to enjoy its breathtaking splendor in a tranquil atmosphere.

This attraction is 120 kilometers from Berhampur. Chanderi Buddhist Monastery is located close to this waterfall. Thousands of people visit the waterfall and monastery. The ideal season to visit Khasada Falls is winter.

7. Paralakhemundi: The Royal Place of the Kings

The little yet magnificent town of Paralakhemundi is situated in the Gajapati district of the state of Odisha. Its headquarters are located in this hip area of the Gajapati district. The town of Paralakhemundi is located in Odisha's southeast. Despite being a small town, it has a lengthy history. The region is special because of its great people, diverse culture, and well-known tourist sites. In terms of Odisha tourism, Paralakhemundi is a crucial location.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

The renowned Parala Maharaja inspired the name Paralakhemundi. It's an important town in the Gajapati district. King Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deo, the former prime minister of Odisha, inspired the name Gajapati.

The city's architecture was poorly designed when it was being built. It appears to be an atypical city with an L-shaped appearance. The village is built on the foot of wooded hills, which are unique to the area. The structures are proper and attractive here.

8. Devagiri

Devagiri, God's dwelling, is the highest peak in Gajapati district. Since it is located in the Ajayagada mutha of Parala Zamindari, it is also known as Ajayagada, "the unconquerable fort." It stands 4534 feet above sea level.

Tourist places in Gajapati District

Due to the Panchamukhi Shiva Linga and Asta Linga on the hill's summit, it is believed that the peak is sacred. On the hill, there is a cave that resembles two mouths. The sacred hill is adjacent to K. Singpur, and there are frequent bus connections between Rayagada and K. Singpur.


The whole Gajapati district is peppered with various places of religious and secular interest, as well as a large wilderness of beauty, pastoral vista, and solemn visage. As a result, the district's vibrant cultural mosaic, bio-diversity, and tourism potential deserve public attention for efflorescence and the government's concern for maintenance and restoration.


Q. What is the name of the main town in Gajapati District?

A. Paralakhemundi

Q. Who established the Gajapati district?

A. The historical papers of the Gajapati District date back to the time when Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deo succeeded to the district's throne.

Q. What is the number of blocks in the Gajapati district?

A. 7 Building Blocks

Q. Which are the famous places in Gajapati District?

A. Mahendra Giri: Located in the Gajapati district of eastern Odisha, B.N.Palace and Gandahati Waterfall are some of the famous places.

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