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7 Best Tourist Places In Firozabad

About The City

The city of Firozabad is located close to Agra in the Firozabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is roughly 240 miles from New Delhi, the nation's capital, and 40 km from Agra. It is known for producing high-quality bangles and glass goods and is the center of India's glass manufacturing industry.


The history of Firozabad is extensive and fascinating, going all the way back to the Middle Ages. In the fourteenth century, the Delhi Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq founded the city. The name Firozabad, which means "city of Firoz," was given to the city by its founding father.


Along with having a diversified population, Firozabad is well known for having a strong cultural history. Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and other religious groups contribute to a large portion of the city's population. The people of Firozabad are known for their friendliness and hospitality, and they always make visitors feel at home. The cuisine of the city is distinctive because it combines Mughlai and North Indian flavors. In Firozabad, kebabs, biryanis, and chaat are a few of the most popular foods. Residents of Firozabad take part in a number of celebrations all year long. Ram Navami, Dussehra, and Karva Chauth are some of the festivals celebrated among them.


The city is well known for its glass bangles, which are sold not only in India but also abroad. Firozabad is also widely known for its glassware, which includes lamps, vases, and sculptures. Firozabad also houses various small-scale industries like paper, textile, and metal plants in addition to glass production. Crops grown in the area include wheat, rice, sugarcane, and mustard, making agriculture another important economic sector.

How To Reach Firozabad?

Firozabad is accessible by plane, train, or car.

Via Plane

The nearest airport to Firozabad is in Agra, 60 kilometers away. The airport is easily accessible from major Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. From the airport, you can take a bus or cab to Firozabad.

Via Bus or Any Personal Transport

Firozabad is located along National Highway 19, which extends from Delhi to Kolkata. Three significant cities in Uttar Pradesh that are close to the city are Agra, Lucknow, and Kanpur. You can take a bus or a taxi to get to Firozabad from these cities.

Via Train

Firozabad has a train station that connects it to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. Popular trains that pass through Firozabad include the Taj Express, Kerala Express, and Punjab Mail. You can take a bus or a cab from the train station to your destination in Firozabad.

Tourist Attractions in Firozabad

Firozabad has various tourist attractions. They are-

1. Lord Bahubali temple

The Lord Bahubali statue can be found inside the magnificent temple known as Lord Bahubali Temple, which was constructed by the honorable Lt. Seth Chhadamilal in the religious "Jain Nagar" neighborhood in Suhag Nagari, Firozabad.

Tourist Places In Firozabad

This statue is a giant statue of Lord Bahubali in Northern India. This statue is 45 × 12 feet and weighs more than 3500 tonnes. This statue, made of granite, has a few distinctive features.

2. Shri Hanuman Temple

During the Maratha era, Shri Bajirao Peshwa II built this temple as a monastery.

Tourist Places In Firozabad

The Mahatma Vava Prayagadas's footprint can be found here.

3. Kotla Fort

This fort was constructed by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq to address the water issues in the area. With its spectacular Mughal-inspired architecture, the palace symbolizes and conveys the significance of the Tughlaqabad Dynasty's rule. The distance from Firozabad to the ancient fort is about 12 kilometers.

Tourist Places In Firozabad

It is surrounded by a 20-foot-deep, 14-foot-wide hole. The fort is enclosed by a 40-foot-high wall. There are some impressive remains to be found here. It offers a glimpse into the city's active past during the Middle Ages. The Kotla Fort has a number of impressive homes, mosques, lovely gardens, and madrasas.

4. Ashokan Pillar

One of the most well-known landmarks within the Firoz Shah Kotla Fort complex is the Ashokan Pillar.

Tourist Places In Firozabad

This ancient pillar was built in Ambala, Haryana, perhaps in the third century BC, and is made of polished sandstone. It was first brought to Delhi by Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq, who installed it within the fort complex.

5. Marsalganj Jain Temple

The "Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Marsalganj" is a well-known Jain pilgrimage site in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Tourist Places In Firozabad

This temple is an "Atishaya Kshetra," which is a term for a location where miraculous events have occurred, according to the Jain tradition. Worshippers regularly go to these places to ask for blessings, pray, and deepen their links to their religion.

6. Vaishno Devi Temple

This temple is around 10 km from the Firozabad-Tundla highway.

Tourist Places In Firozabad

Navadurga hosts a fair each year, and hundreds of people come from all around to visit the Shraddhalus (the Hindi term for devotees) temple there. There are also numerous requests for commitments to be fulfilled.

7. Chandravar Gate

Chandravar Gate is located in the Firozabad district. During the conflict between Muhammad Ghori and Jayachand, a Chandravara missile was launched on the Yamuna coast, which is located 5 kilometers from Firozabad city.

Tourist Places In Firozabad

According to several Jain researchers, Lord Krishna's father, Vasudeva, presumably ruled in Chandravara, which is now a prominent and thriving city.


Firozabad will offer a glimpse into the local culture, history, and glass industry for people interested in traveling to the less visited areas despite having few tourist sites. For shopping, visitors can also go to numerous glassware and bangle shops. They can also visit the bangle factory with caution to witness how the bangles are made.

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