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15 Best Tourist Places in South India

Surrounded by the ocean and populated by the diversity of the Ghats, it is hard to shortlist places to visit in South India. Every turn reveals something new in this natural wonderland. Marvel at the backwaters of Alleppey, party your heart out in North Goa, explore the tea plantations of Munnar, indulge in the scenic beauty of Coorg, or be mystified by the clouds that roll across Kodaikanal. One can spend hours just describing the tourist places of South India and weeks trying to visit all of them. Let us scroll through some of the most popular tourist places in south India.

1. Coorg

Tourist Places in South India

The Coorg region of India is a must-visit if you are a nature enthusiast seeking a destination with breath-taking scenic beauty to relax and rejuvenate. The location is a major coffee-producing hill station in the western ghats, nestled among towering mountains with a vista of magnificent green hills and streams flowing through them. It is also a popular tourist destination in the region. Have you ever gone waterfall rappelling? If you haven't already, now is the chance to take on an exhilarating adventure by rappelling over waterfalls and cascading from a great height to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Chelavara Falls.

Also, if you have a chance to be in Coorg with your family, be sure to visit the Golden Temple, Talakaveri Temple, and the Raja's Seat, where you can view the dawn and sunset.

The greatest time to visit Coorg is immediately after the monsoon season, between October and March. It is also the finest time to participate in adventurous activities, such as waterfall rappelling.

2. Bandipur National Park

Tourist Places in South India

In 1974, Bandipur National Park (part of the vast Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve) was formed as a tiger reserve under the Tiger Project and was situated on the Mysore-Ooty route. It is considered one of India's most beautiful and well-managed National Parks. Once you arrive, you'll be able to witness a diverse variety of flora and wildlife as you go through beautiful and peaceful woodlands, which are home to some quite interesting indigenous creatures. There are a large number of tigers in Bandipur National Park.

There are also a lot of other creatures, such as Sambar and Four Horned Antelopes. Elephants, gaurs, and deer are often seen in this Karnataka national park, home to the endangered Indian bison. So, if you've been seeking a wildlife vacation spot in South India, I hope this is where your quest comes to an end. You should schedule your vacation to Bandipur National Park between October and May since this is when you will be able to witness the greatest number of migrating birds in the park.

3. Mysore

Tourist Places in South India

If you are interested in history, I am certain that you will enjoy visiting Mysore, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in South India. Famous for its brilliant royal past and spectacular structures, the city is also steeped in tradition. It has a deep and atmospheric market filled with spices and sandalwood as its focal point. If you are planning a family holiday, I would recommend it as one of the best sites to visit in the country.

Do not leave Mysore without sampling the delectable ghee-based sweet 'Mysore Pak' and visit the magnificent Mysore Palace, one of India's most impressive royal structures. Because the weather in Mysore is calm and pleasant throughout the winter season, October to February is the best time to visit the city.

4. Hampi

Tourist Places in South India

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of India's most important pilgrimage sites, is located among the remains of the ancient temple complexes of the Vijayanagara Empire and is a popular tourist attraction. It is impossible not to experience immense energy the instant you step foot inside this historic site. In addition to this, numerous more monuments are a component of this historic site and are referred to as the 'Group of Monuments at Hampi.' The Krishna Temple Complex, Lotus Mahal Complex, Achyutaraya Temple Complex, Vitthal Temple Complex, and other attractions are all within easy reach of the city center.

October to March is generally regarded as the finest month to visit Hampi. You may also go during the monsoon season between mid-July and late September. The ruins of Hampi, which are located in Karnataka near the modern-day city of Hosapete, are spread over 4,100 hectares (16 sq mi) and have been described by UNESCO as an "austere, grandiose site" that contains more than 1,600 surviving remains of the last great Hindu kingdom in South India, including forts, riverside features, royal and sacred complexes, temples, shrines, and pillared halls.

Hampi predates the Vijayanagara Empire, and it is described as Pampaa Devi Tirtha Kshetra in the Hindu epics Ramayana and the Puranas, which means "Pampaa Devi Tirtha Kshetra." It is still an important religious center, with the Virupaksha Temple, an active Adi Shankara-linked monastery, and several structures from the ancient city all retaining their religious significance.

5. Bengaluru

Tourist Places in South India

The city of Bengaluru, previously known as Bangalore, is the second-fastest-growing metropolis in India and is blessed with a pleasant environment throughout the year. It also has an enviable nightlife, food options, and shopping opportunities. When you visit Bengaluru, you'll discover beautiful parks and spectacular Victorian-era architecture. The Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, the Bangalore Fort, the Bangalore Palace, and Cubbon Park are the greatest family-friendly sites in Bengaluru that you should see if you are traveling with children.

It is possible to organize a trip to Bengaluru at any time. However, the months between September and February are the busiest for tourists in Bengaluru since the weather gets more favorable as the city enters the winter season. For its position as the nation's largest exporter of information technology (IT), Bangalore is often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of India" (or the "IT capital of India"), and it is rightfully so. In the city is the headquarters of some Indian technology organizations.

Known for its diversified population, Bangalore is the second-fastest-growing metropolitan metropolis in India, behind New Delhi. According to recent assessments of the metro economy of its metropolitan area, Bangalore is either the fourth- or fifth-most productive metro region in India. They may find numerous educational and research institutes in the city. The city is home to many state-owned aerospace and defense organizations. In addition, the city is home to the Kannada film industry and serves as a center for athletic events. According to the Ease of Living Index 2020, it was voted the most liveable Indian city with more than a million people.

6. Maravanthe

Tourist Places in South India

The hamlet, located near Kundapura in Karnataka, is most well-known for its beach, Maravanthe Beach. Tranquillity and the mesmerizing sunset view make Maravanthe a must-visit place for anyone seeking a peaceful vacation. So, if you're seeking the greatest locations to visit in Karnataka, Maravanthe is one of the destinations where you should consider planning your vacation. Even though there are locations where you may stay along the route, I recommend that you arrange your accommodations in Kundapur.

If possible, schedule your vacation during the winter season between October and March. In addition, avoid visiting during the monsoon season, when the beach becomes very hazardous due to the high tide. Maravanthe is a hamlet in the Byndoor Taluk in the Udupi District of Karnataka, India, and it also has a beach.

It is around 115 kilometers from the industrial center of Mangalore and 55 kilometers from the city of Udupi. The Suparnika River, which comes close to meeting the Arabian Sea, does a U-turn and heads westward to reach the sea after about 10 kilometers.

7. Udupi

Tourist Places in South India

Udupi is a well-known travel destination among Indians as the city with the best South Indian Restaurants. It is yet another coastal town to visit that offers carefully carved temples, splendid buildings, less explored forests, and pristine beaches. Udupi is also known as the city with the best South Indian Restaurants. Additionally, the city is recognized as the pilgrimage center of Karnataka, with wonderfully constructed temples showing all sorts of architectural styles that they can find around the city.

Because of the city's natural beauty, it has become a popular tourist destination. Another factor that attracts tourists to these beaches is the attractiveness of their tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, which prompts them to take a large number of gorgeous photographs.

Visit Udupi during the winter season, between October and March, when the temperature is cold and pleasant. Udupi, also known as Odipu, is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is spelt Udipi in some sources. Udupi is located around 55 kilometers (34 miles) north of the educational, economic, and industrial center of Mangalore and approximately 422 kilometers (262 kilometers) west of the state capital Bangalore.

In addition to being the administrative center of the Udupi District, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Karnataka. Udupi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Karnataka, and it is also home to several educational institutions. It is well-known for the Krishna Temple and is often called "the temple city." Also known as Lord Parashurama Kshetra, it is the birthplace of famed Udupi cuisine and the home of Kanakana Kindi, which is famous across India. Udupi is renowned as Rajata Peetha and Shivalli, and it is a popular pilgrimage destination.

8. Madikeri

Tourist Places in South India

In Karnataka, Madikeri is a charming hill station that tourists often visit. The location has a stunning view of lush foliage, massive hills, and a large expanse of coffee plantations surrounded by water. If you seek a lovely and peaceful weekend break, a trip to Madikeri will provide you with awe-inspiring scenery and wonderful views of the green foliage throughout the town and would be a great choice. While in the area, be sure to visit the most renowned Raja's Seat, from where one can get a bird's eye view over the whole city of Madikeri in a single glance. Additionally, a visit to the Madikeri Fort and many waterfalls would be a memorable experience for you.

You may visit Madikeri between July and September, which is considered the best time to visit during the monsoon season. Winters in Madikeri are often frigid, but if you plan a trip to the city during the winter months, I recommend visiting between December to February, when the weather is most pleasant. Karnataka's hill station town of Madikeri (also known by its old name Mercara) is located in Madikeri taluk in the Kodagu (Coorg) district of Karnataka.

It serves as the administrative center for the district of Kodagu. Originally known as Muddu Raja Keri (Mudduraja's Town), Madikeri was named after the renowned Haleri monarch Mudduraja, who governed Kodagu from 1633 until 1687 as Mudduraja's town. Mercara was the town's name from 1834 until the present day, while it was under British rule. The town was called Madikeri by the Government of Mysore a few years later.

9. Murudeshwar

Tourist Places in South India

As the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world, Murudeshwar is a well-known pilgrimage and beach destination in Karnataka, located in the Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada District. The monument is a prominent tourist attraction in the area and is the highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. Located on the coast of Karnataka, Murudeshwar is a scenic town bordered by the sparkling Arabian Sea and the majestic Western Ghats.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Karnataka, both for its religious significance and as a renowned beach resort. The location is one of the most popular picnic destinations for visitors from Karnataka and Kerala. Additionally, the Netrani Island is a must-visit tourist site since it provides fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving chances, among other activities.

The best time to visit Murudeshwar is between October and May. In contrast, if you're planning a vacation to Murudeshwar just for scuba diving, the months between November and January will be ideal; nevertheless, you should check ahead of time to ensure that scuba diving is available.

10. Bijapur

Tourist Places in South India

If you wish to recreate the splendor of the regal age, then Bijapur is the place to go. One of the most prominent history tourism destinations in South India, Gol Gumbaz (Circle Dome), and other monuments from the historical era, which exhibit a distinct kind of Islamic architecture, are among the most notable attractions. In ancient times, Bijapur was known as Vijayapura when constructed around the 10th-11th centuries. Another notable tourist destination in Bijapur is Ibrahim Rauza and Jumma Masjid, established by Ali Adil Shah I and is another prominent tourist attraction in the city.

October to February is ideal for planning a Bijapur vacation since the weather is pleasant. Bijapur is a prominent historical city in Karnataka state and among India's top ten most populous cities. Bijapur is one of the most popular heritage cities in the world. It was designated as one of the corporations in the state of Karnataka in 2013, and the city of Bijapur is one of those corporations. According to the 2011 census, the urban population of Bijapur is 326,000, making it the ninth most populous city in Karnataka.

11. Badami

Tourist Places in South India

Badami is one of Karnataka destinations that may capture your heart in seconds if you are not careful. Beautifully done rock-cut cave temples and a fort amid a heart-melting scenery have successfully attracted the attention of tourists from all over the globe to this destination. The Bhootnath Temple, located in Badami, offers a spectacular view of the sunset, which you should not miss if you are planning a visit to the city. The final rays of the sun falling over the horizon render everything golden, and the vista is just breathtaking.

The location provides some of India's most beautiful and romantic sunsets, which they may enjoy with their loved ones or yourself. Aside from that, it is the most popular tourist destination in South India for photographers. The beauty of the location is such that photographs shot from any perspective seem to be just stunning in their quality. Finally, but certainly not least, if you are seeking a place of refuge where you may better understand yourself, consider visiting Badami.

Badami has the least amount of change throughout the year. Planning your vacation to the location during October and March would be the best time to go.

12. Nagarhole

Tourist Places in South India

Located between the districts of Mysore and Kodagu, the National Park of Nagarhole, which was given its name from the Cobra River in the local language of Kannada, is known for its diverse flora and fauna. It is considered one of the top wildlife parks in the world.

The national park is dominated by nature, and visitors can expect to have an incredible animal experience at this place. The dazzling waterfalls, which I'm sure will take your breath away, are also available for you to see. So, if you're planning a trip to Mysore or Kodagu, don't forget to stop at Nagarhole.

Because of the tropical environment that prevails throughout the year, they may organize a trip to Nagarhole at any time of the year. However, it is generally agreed that October to May is the most favorable for making the most of your visit to Nagarhole.

13. Gokarna

Tourist Places in South India

Gokarna, a tiny Hindu pilgrim town in Karnataka, is known for its beautiful beaches and temples. It is located on the coast of Kanwar and is home to several temples. The location has all the characteristics that distinguish it as the ideal tourist attraction for individuals of all ages. Whether you seek purity and salvation or just a relaxing vacation, Gokarna will provide you with all you need and more. Witness a fascinating contrast between the life on the beach and the life in the town. Overall, Gokarna is a relaxing destination with its coconut and palm tree shade, ocean, clean, calming beach, and a relaxed atmosphere to relax by all means. When visiting Gokarna, be sure to visit the Kudle Beach. The ideal time to visit Gokarna is between October and March during the winter months.

14. Alappuzha

Tourist Places in South India

Consider the following scenario: you are traveling about a city on a tiny boat, going through little canals, and taking in the sights of the surroundings, which are both relaxing and enjoyable. Travel to Alappuzha or Alleppey, which is a beautiful city famous for its backwaters and known for its beaches, temples, traditional boat races, and the tropical village life that makes Alleppey a worthwhile destination to visit if you want to experience floating on the backwaters and gazing upon the paddy fields and village life along the banks. Not only that, but some of the most famous tourist spots in South India are also well-known for offering ayurvedic vacations and health retreats to visitors.

Winters, namely between November and February, is a great season to visit Alappuzha since the weather is calm and pleasant. It is also the finest time to embark on a houseboat trip and explore the backwaters of Alappuzha during this period. Alappuzha is the greatest spot to come during the monsoon season, between July and September, if you want to have an ayurvedic treatment.

15. Varkala

Tourist Places in South India

A popular tourist destination in Kerala because of its beautiful beaches, hills, lakes, forts, and lighthouses, Varkala is known for its natural fisheries and springs. Aside from this, the area is also well-known for its seafood restaurants. In my view, when all of the other sensations of the body are stimulated by the fresh sea breeze and the sight of the ocean, the food you eat becomes much more delicious. It's a breathtaking experience in and of itself.

Would you want to have a similar experience? So what's the point in waiting? Pack your belongings and go on a journey to the enchanted land of Kerala.

It has a tropical climate, which means that it is humid and hot throughout the summer months in Varkala. As a result, the ideal time to visit Varkala is during the winter season between October and March.

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