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Tourist Place in Amreli


Amreli is a town located in Gujarat, India. The city is filled with many tourist attractions, especially temples and historical locations. The Tower of Amreli is one of the many marvels of Amreli. If you are planning to visit Amreli anytime soon, here are some of the top places to visit that you can include in your planner.

1. Nagnath Temple

What better place to start your journey than a two centuries old temple located in the heart of Amreli? The temple was built by Sarsubha Shri Vitrilrao Dewaji in 1802 and is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. The beautiful structure and peaceful environment is one of a kind. The devotees travel from different states of India to pray in front of the shrine of Shiva. It is a well-known fact that by worshiping Lord Shiva, the soul becomes free from worldly entanglements and ultimately attains peace. During festivals like Mahashivratri, the devotees arrive at the temple in masses to celebrate the festival and take the blessing from the Maker. The Nagnath Temple also hosts cultural events, rituals, and different religious ceremonies.

Tourist Place in Amreli

Amreli is a town that is easily connected to other towns, so you can reach the Nagnath temple by road without any problems. It is better to follow the age-old customs prescribed by the temple, such as wearing comfortable clothes and not hurting the sentiments of others.

2. Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan sect is a Hindu sect that originated in India during the 19th century under the supervision of Lord Swaminarayan. This temple is the safe haven for the followers of Swaminarayan ideology. The devotees perform rituals and prayers to express their sanctity in front of God.

Tourist Place in Amreli

The carvings of the architecture and remarkable craftsmanship are something to be noted about the holy pilgrimage. The temple follows similar designs and patterns found in other Swaminarayan temples around India, along with high-ceiling domes and pillars. The artwork and carvings on the walls are marvelously detailed. Holy rituals for Hindu festivals such as Janmashtami and Diwali are also organized in the temple, and devotees from the nearby towns arrive to happily participate in them.

The Swaminarayan temple offers accommodation facilities to travelers. Other conveniences offered by the temple management are access to the dining halls, prayer hall, and mediation room. The guesthouses are arranged for travelers who arrive from a long journey and wish to bask in the serene setting of the temple. There are also many cultural festivals and philosophical sessions which are attended by the preachers of the temple. For the betterment of society, educational programs and social welfare schemes are often organized by the temple association.

3. Trimandir Temple

The Trimandir temple follows the customs and traditional rituals associated with the three heterodox sects - Jainism, Shaivism, and Vaishnavism. The idols of many Gods and Goddesses are present on the premises. The sculpture of Lord Simander Swami is situated in the center of the temple and is carved out entirely from original marble. Every month, around 7000 visitors arrive in Amreli to obtain the blessing from the Lord at Trimandir temple. Indian Festivals such as Diwali, Gurupurnima, and Raksha Bandhan are celebrated every year in the temple.

Tourist Place in Amreli

The Satsang, based on the teachings of Dada Bhagwan, takes place every two months, and devotees attend these sessions to find inner peace and connection with the higher being. There is also a weekly Satsang program, which takes place every Sunday along with the Aarti. Other facilities allotted by the management are stalls with books, DVDs, photos, and audiobooks from where you can buy souvenirs as well. The books and audiobooks are available in different languages like English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, and so on

4. Pania Wildlife Sanctuary

Along with the temple, tourists would also like to know whether the natural characteristics of Amreli are as peaceful and attractive as the captivating architecture of Amreli. The Pania Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as Chanchai-Pania. It is an important sector located in the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. The Pania Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in June 1989. There is little to no water in this area of the wildlife sanctuary, but the grass grows abundantly, which creates the best environment for flora and fauna, especially species like the Indian Gazelle. The chinkaras are frequently seen in this area for grazing, while the other wild animals, such as lions, tigers, and leopards, are found in the innermost part of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tourist Place in Amreli

This natural habitat is one of the best points of tourist attraction because you can leave behind the hubbub of city life and relax for a few hours. The boundary of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is located toward the south and east, opposite the Chahchai Hills, which is located northwest of Gir. The restoration that occurred after the degradation of the forest was a step towards the betterment of wildlife in the Gir forest. Endangered birds such as the Girnari Vulture are commonly found here.

It is worth mentioning that Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is the only place where Asianic lions are found

5. Rajmahal Palace

The Rajmahal Palace is the best location for finding out more about the history of Amreli. In 1892, the construction of this magnificent Amreli palace was declared by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. It is a two-story palace with many windows and passageways. In earlier times, the palace was used to organize the meetings of Lok Darbar as Amreli. It was during the time Amreli was still part of the Baroda district. At the entrance, the bronze statue of Maharaja Sayajirao is present to greet visitors.

Tourist Place in Amreli

A few years ago, the palace was also used as a government office. In the present day, the condition of the place is getting worse as there is no one to maintain the premises.

6. Kamnath Mahadev Temple

Kamnath Mahadev temple is located near the Amreli Para railway station. It is a Hindu temple and one of the major tourist attractions of Amreli. It is the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and devotees travel a long way to get the blessing from God.

Tourist Place in Amreli

People who are looking for a calm and serene destination or want to indulge in religious peace can come to this place.

7. Dawoodhi Bahra Mazar

It is also known as Jafari Mazar. It is one of the oldest locations in the city. The Mazar is dedicated to saint Syedi Jaaferjee Jivaji and his preachings, which go back around 200 years. The place is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Tourist Place in Amreli

Locations nearby Amreli

Port Pipavav

This port is known to be the first exclusive port in India. It covers an area of around 6760 km sq. The APM terminals, the country's third largest container terminal operator, is the main promoter of terminals at Port Pipavav. It is situated in Rajula, Saurashtra, which is at a distance of about 100 km from Amreli. The port is packed with heavy machinery, but you can look at the sea and upcoming ships from the coast of Gujrat.

Tourist Place in Amreli

Kalati Tirth in Lathi

The Kalati Tirth is located at a distance of 24 km from Amreli. Here, you can find the famous works of Surasinhji Takhtasinhji Gohli, the royal poet, as there is a museum dedicated to him. The Kalapi Tirth Museum was officially opened to the public in 2005.

Tourist Place in Amreli

Bhojal Dham in Fattepur

This place is located at a distance of 7km from Amreli. It is known to be the resting place of the patron Bodhal Ram. He was the spiritual leader of two prominent saints, Shri Jalaram from Virpur and Valaram from Gariadhar. His poetry and verses are available inside the complex, and the devotees can access them if they want to know about the preachings of Bhojal Ram.

Tourist Place in Amreli


Overall, Amreli is a beautiful city filled with temples, mosques, and green panoramic locations. There won't be any regrets if you ever decide to visit the city.

Tourist Place in Amreli

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