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8 Best Tourist Places in Honnavara

Honnavara is a scenic town in Uttara Kannada district. Honnavara has multiple attractions, and tourists often head to Murudeshwara, Gokarna, or Karwar and skip Honnavara. This post lists various tourist places in and around Honnavara.

Reasons to Explore Honnavara:

  1. One reason to visit Honnavara is that it is less crowded and unconventional than Gokarna, Dandeli, and Karwar.
  2. Simple access from Bengaluru, Goa, Shivamogga, Mangaluru, or Karwar via rail, bus, or road
  3. The city has enough attractions to keep you occupied for a day.
  4. More attractions within a 50 km journey would keep you occupied for a few days.
  5. Extend your trip towards Karwar/Dandeli or Jog Falls/Shivamogga or Udupi/Mangaluru
  6. One of the two Blue flags rated beaches of Karnataka is located in Karwar (near honnavar)
  7. Mangrove forest, boating options, seafood, suspension bridges, waterfalls, hiking trails, and more.

1. Apsarakonda Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Honnavara

Apsarakonda waterfall is an impressive famous waterfall near Honnavara, Uttara Kannada. It is about 4-5 km from the Highway hence easy to access and a popular attraction in the Honnavara area. Apsarakonda falls about 7 km from Honnavara city center. Public transport is not available till the falls. You may get to the highway, take an auto, or walk the last 3-4 km, per vehicle, a parking charge of 30 Rs was gathered. The waterfalls did not require a ticket to enter. You must descend around 100-150 stairs to reach the Apsarakonda waterfalls, where you will meet this stunning panorama of the falls.

The word Apsarakonda, which means "pond for angels," comes from the words "apsara" (angel) and "Konda" (pond). Perhaps divine angels bathed here in the past. Family-friendly and kid-friendly waterfall area. Not too deep. However, given that this is one of the most well-known waterfalls in the area, everyone who knows about it is welcome to visit and take a bath there and prepare for a massive crowd most of the time.

2. Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove Board Walk

Tourist Places in Honnavara

Sharavathi Kandla Boardwalk in the Mangroves; the most well-known attraction in Honnavara is arguably the Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove Boardwalk. It leads guests into the Sharavathi River after passing along a well-paved path in the heart of a mangrove jungle. Visiting Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove Forest, which costs only Rs. 10, is a precious opportunity to enjoy nature, greenery, and water together. The Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove Boardwalk is located across from Eco Beach, about 3 kilometers from Honnavara's downtown. (Turn right onto Eco Beach as you head toward Bhatkal from Honnavara, and then make a left turn to enter the mangrove wallboard). Only ice cream and snack businesses can be found in the neighborhood and parking is difficult.

With river water below and mangrove plants surrounding it, a tremendous broad brown bridge with wooden planks on both sides makes it a colorful experience to travel on. A few informational signs are set up to teach guests about the mangrove forests' flora and animals. A few boats had been present, but they were in poor shape. As soon as the ships are restored, it is likely that some river boating will be available for an additional fee.

Stroll and keep your tech firmly in place. Restoration will be challenging if it sinks into the water. Be careful since the wooden plants in the bridge have open areas where it is easy to be entangled with something.

Furthermore, after approximately a kilometer of walking, you will reach portion B of the boardwalk, a little island-like area in which you may cross a bridge and enjoy a round tour.

3. Eco Beach

Tourist Places in Honnavara

The sun is up, and it may not be the right time to head to the beach, you may think, but when it is the Kasarkod beach in Karnataka, a Blue Flag certified coast, the time does not matter. The large park in this town, which the Kasarkod Village Woodland Committee previously renovated, the Wooded Area Department, and the Tourism Department, gave rise to an eco-friendly beach. The seashore was formerly built to promote ecotourism in Karnataka and draw tourists from across the world. The Kasarkod beach extends for up to 5 kilometers.

This undeveloped beach is lined by Casuarina trees and covered in white sand. Those who stroll along this beach are treated to an outstanding experience by the visual beauty and tranquility surrounding Kasarkod. This beach is now not in the least bit congested compared to most of the famed seashores in Karnataka. Anyone looking for serenity would find this the best place to go. This coastline is no longer accessible by public transportation; however, taxi services are available.

The Danish Foundation for Environmental Education awarded the Blue Flag Certification to Kasarkod Seashore in October 2020. The Department of Tourism and the Uttara Kannada District Administration worked tirelessly to achieve certification. The seashores nominated for this accreditation are given the ecolabel.

4. Kodlamane Shree Vishnumurthy Temple

Tourist Places in Honnavara

In the Indian state of Karnataka, in the Honnavar Taluka of the Uttara Kannada district, there is a Tirth Khestra and Hindu pilgrimage temple called Kodlamane Shree Vishnumurthy Temple. It is the Temple of Serenity and Mystery. According to local folklore, the temple was allegedly found in the middle of a dense highland forest centuries ago. A natural creek known as Vishnu Tirth runs in the temple's vicinity.

The temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu-the only one who can grant Moksha or Mukti-is built and designed following Vedic Hindu architecture. It is both a place of great religious significance and a Mukti Stal. Idagunji is one kilometer away, while Honnavar Taluk is 23 kilometers from the temple. Darshana Seva is a well-known feature of this temple. Lord Vishnu is standing there, enveloped in tranquility and trailing through a thousand-year history.

Sri Vishnumurthy Temple is one of Karnataka's lesser-known temples. It is captivating for the heart to visit such a shrine alone, away from the crowd. After a trek through the beautiful woods, a large gate marks the shrine's location. As we enter through the gate, a Garuda Sthamba in front of the entrance can be seen. You should explore the temple by the large entryway that has beautiful artwork on both sides of the barriers.

5. Apsarakonda Beach

Tourist Places in Honnavara

Apsarakonda Beach, the name of a beautiful coastline in Karnataka, translates to "Pond of Angels" in Kannada. It is located in Uttara Kannada district near the city of Honnavar. Apsarakonda Falls, UgraNarsimha Temple, and the MahaGanapati Temple are some of the most famous tourist attractions on this beautiful beach.

At some point during the summer, the weather is sweltering and humid, with a high temperature of 39 degrees Celsius. The monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, is marked by "heavy rainfall." The winter season, which begins in December and finishes in February, is lovely, and December through February is the best time to visit this beach.

6. Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki

Tourist Places in Honnavara

Every day of the year, Shree Ramabhaktha Hanuman draws many devotees seeking consolation at his feet in Shri Veeranjaneya Kshethra, Bangaramakki, which is located in Gerasoppa, the former capital of Rani Chennabhairadevi, known as the Pepper Queen. This is situated on the banks of the holy river Sharavathi, which flows gently after bursting from an 830-foot peak to create the well-known Jog Falls, in the center of Malenadu, a vast area of evergreen woods on the Sahyadri range of mountains in Karnataka, South India.

It is situated on National Highway No. 206, often known as B.H. Road or Bangalore Honnavar Road, 45 kilometers from Talaguppa and 32 kilometers before arriving at Honnavar. Mangalore (90 km) and Goa (80 km) are the closest airports.

The water used for Abhisheka, or ritual bathing of the god, is said to provide both spiritual and physical benefits. Theertha Snaana is the practice of immersing oneself in this sacred water. Throughout the freezing winter, behind the exit pipes where the Abhisheka water rushes out, one may observe devotees waiting in line for Theertha Snaana as early as four in the morning and six at night.

Further, one unique feature of this place is that it provides housing for those traveling from distant locations. The temple is situated in a serene area and is bordered by palm and coconut trees. You will discover more significant meanings in your life each time you come here.

7. Shri Karikaana Parameshwari Temple

Tourist Places in Honnavara

Karikaanamma, also known as Shri Karikaan Parameshwari, is a Hindu goddess temple built with the help of Shreedhar Swami in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India, close to the town of Honnavar. A single rock was used to chisel out Garbhagudi. Roads had been wholly constructed uphill when Indira Gandhi visited the shrine in the 1970s. It is a favorite location for nature enthusiasts since it is in an intense forest. One may enjoy a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea from the mountain's top.

The Vandadake Shambhulingehwara Temple is also close by and is dedicated to the goddess Kali Ondadke. Karikaan is a beautiful location. A place that nature enthusiasts must visit. One may drive straight up to the temple's entrance. But watch out-the temple is hidden in a thicket. Due to the number of tigers and leopards in this area, you must leave this temple before it becomes dark. When you are within the boundaries of the forest, getting out of your car is not recommended, except for visiting the temple. Enjoy your midday trip to Karikaan Parameshwari Temple. It is heaven on earth; however, visiting this shrine after dark is not advised since you can run into a wild animal.

8. Idagunji Ganesha Devasthanam

Tourist Places in Honnavara

The well-known Vinayaka temple is located in the tiny community of Idagunji in the Uttar Kannada district's Honnavara taluk. Attracting more than 1 million visitors a year, the temple is Idagunji's main attraction.

Idagunji, Ganapathi Temple is a well-known tourist attraction on India's Karavali coast and is an ancient temple with a more than 1500-year history. This place is known by this name because of the beautiful Lord Ganapathi statue. The Sahyadri Khand of the Skandapuran makes mention of Edakunj kshetra's significance. Garden is referred to as "Kunj," and "Eda" means "to the left" in Wamnadi. This temple is a famous pilgrim location that draws more than 1 million visitors annually. The temple is around half an hour's drive from both Gunavanteshwar and Murudeshwar temples.

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