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1920: Horrors Of The Heart Review

About The Movie

1920 Horrors of the Heart is an Indian Movie categorized under the Horror genre. It is a 2023 film released on 23 June 2023. Krishna Bhatt is the director of the movie, which is produced by Vikram Bhatt, Dr. Raj Kishor Khaware, Rakesh Juneja, and Shwetambari Bhatt. Its narrative is written by Mahesh Bhatt. This one is the 1920 film series fifth film. Rahul Dev and Avika Gor are the film's two leading actors. Barkha Bisht, Randheer Rai, Danish Pandor, Ketaki Kulkarni, Avtar Gill, and Amit Behl are among other well-known performers who were part of the movie 1920: Horrors Of The Heart.

1920: Horrors Of The Heart Review

Story of the Movie

The death of Meghna's father due to suicide leaves her shocked and heartbroken. At the funeral, a disgusting figure with a partially burned body hides in the shadows and even haunts Meghna's dreams resulting in nightmares. Then Meghna learns that her father's dying wish was to seek revenge on Meghna's mother, who was accused of fleeing and leaving her and her father in misery. Meghna swears to deliver the justice her father deserves to the angry ghost of her father. She discovers that her mother is happily married to the wealthy Shantanu and that they have a beautiful 16-year-old daughter when she arrives at her luxurious house. Then, out of rage, Meghna attacks her innocent stepsister, which sets off a chain of unfortunate occurrences that make her mother's life miserable!

Movie Review

It's incredible how much has evolved recently, yet Vikram Bhatt's method of making horror films is still stuck in the past. He subsequently handed the responsibility to his daughter Krishna Bhatt, but neither the newness nor pure horror exists. Mansions in the middle of nowhere, creaky doors, mirrors, and candles have all become repetitive. It's time for directors to think beyond the box and introduce new concepts into horror films. The plot of 1920: Horrors of the Heart appears confusing and out-of-date, unable to hold viewers' attention. The movie would have been appreciated if the writers had put a more significant amount of effort into coming up with extremely horrifying scenes.

When Meghna, the movie's main character, becomes twenty-one, she plans to tell her father about her relationship. When she gets home to tell her family the news, she is heartbroken to see her father's lifeless body hanging from the ceiling. She starts looking for answers because she is disturbed and finds a diary in her father's cabinet. The diary recounts the terrible events that resulted in her father's suicide due to his lack of resources and her mother's desire for a comfortable lifestyle. Meghna, who is driven by rage, decides to live with her mother, Radhika, and stepfather, Shantanu, using the lack of a place to call home as a justification. She slowly opens the door, allowing the ghost of her father to enter the house. As soon as the ghost takes over the house, strange things start to happen, forcing Meghna to confront the horrible truth that is hidden from everyone.

The on-screen chemistry between Barkha Bisht and Avika Gor, as well as their acting skills, adds a layer of charm that helps in the movie's attraction. Although their portrayals are satisfactory, they don't achieve exceptionally high standards. Rahul Dev as Shantanu and Danish Pandor as Meghna's boyfriend Arjun give plastic-coated performances. The inexperienced director Krishna Bhatt completely ruined the movie despite having a compelling narrative by Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Das at her fingertips. The last 20 minutes of the film are funnier than frightening. Therefore, the fear factor is noticeably weaker. The film could have done more to terrify the audience, which was its primary goal.

Even though Vikram Bhatt's films are renowned for their excellent music, this horror thriller also falls short in that aspect. The VFX effects come out as childish, making viewers wonder how a movie in this day and age could have such poor looks.

The intimate relationship between Meghna and Arjun in the middle of conflict and revenge seems strange. Of course, the film contains some frightening and thrilling horror sequences at various points.

It doesn't seem to be a movie from 2023; instead, it seems to be a film from the 1990s. The addition of the movie to the 1920s series is its most fascinating aspect. 1920: Horrors Of The Heart has a fantastic overall plot, but the execution is outdated, and the plot is overly predictable, so it flops.

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