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The Last of Us Review


People who are video game enthusiasts are pleasantly delighted by this series's debut season. The series 'The Last of Us' has several issues, and it would have been a far better two-hour film, but its episodic structure also has a lot of advantages. Several things were successful and unsuccessful throughout the first season.

Plot Cast

The star cast includes Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, Pedro Pascal, and Anna Torv.

Plot Story

A smuggler in a post-apocalyptic future is charged with bringing a young girl across America. They cross complex territory filled with deadly human communities known as the infected and zombie-like creatures that would kill anyone for necessities. The protagonists of 'The Last of Us', Joel, and Ellie, can reflect on their lives and positions in the problematic setting while on the journey.


Adapting a highly regarded and enormously successful video game into a movie/series is a challenge that writers and directors have fought for years; aside from the outstanding animated Netflix series 'Castlevania' and 'Arcane', video game adaptations have yet to match the original work's success. One could even say that a compelling live-action adaptation was non-existent until HBO's 'The Last of Us'. The show's widespread acclaim can be attributed to the involvement of Chornobyl showrunner Craig Mazin and video game designer Neil Druckmann in its creation.

The Last of Us Review

However, given that the video game's narrative is one of the most moving stories ever written, Druckmann and Mazin's tasks were quite simple. 'The Last of Us' appears to be just another "zombie story", still, it is a fascinating and provocative story about being a parent, survival, loss, and understanding right and evil. It is one of the reasons why, beyond the fifth episode, there are few instances of infection in the main plot. Sadly, it is also the single tiny flaw in this utterly captivating TV program.

Even if it is understandable why the infected were absent for the majority of the season, a few meetings with "runners" and "clickers" would have put the TV program on a much higher pedestal. This balance was expertly achieved in the video game.

The best outcomes may not necessarily emerge from a compelling narrative and an experienced team working on the project. Mazin and Druckmann should be commended for their significant changes to the show to differentiate it from the game itself. The gameplay components were never going to be included in the TV program, even from a purely practical standpoint, but the show's creators have filled in these blanks to advance the character arcs.

It is necessary to pay attention to the compelling writing and the performances. Bella Ramsey was created to play the part, so she quickly slipped into her persona. It's incredible how little Ellie Williams looks like the young actress who played the tough Lady Lyanna Mornont in 'The Last of Us'. Additionally, it is nearly poetic that Ashley Johnson, who provided Ellie's voice in the games, portrays Anna, Ellie's mother. Like Joel Miller, Pedro Pascal gives another outstanding performance. Troy Baker, who played the original Joel, and Jeffery Pierce, who played the original Tommy, excelled in their new roles. The woman who provided the voice of Abby in the video game 'The Last of Us Part II', Laura Bailey, was seen to keen-eyed viewers in the epilogue. Abby serves as one of the main protagonists for the unserved in both the next game and the impending second season.

Two of the best television episodes ever made are episodes three and five, "Endure and Survive", and "Long, Long Time", respectively. Each scene and line of conversation in the game's ending, entitled "Look for the Light", is precisely replicated in these episodes. The episodes offer fans of the legacy, a moving trip back to some of the most thought-provoking parts of the narrative. The show's climax serves as a sobering reality check for those who have only recently learned about its lore. And exactly like in the video game, the story concludes with the word "okay," and the credits roll to "The Path (A New Beginning)" by Gustavo Santaolalla. It is the perfect way to end the story. However, season two might be even better given that the second game contains one of the best storylines ever created for any medium?a book, television show, movie, play, or video game.


Television is revolutionized by 'The Last of Us'. The story is gripping because of the characters' complex subtext and strong writing. The authors now have the perfect foundation to enhance the game's plot even though elements of the game's brutal violence and intense action have been toned down. To all the video game fans out there, if you haven't watched this incredible piece of work yet, this is your queue to do it immediately.

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