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Yaanai Movie Review

Yaanai Movie Synopsis

A brave youngster attempts to protect his wealthy, enormous family from being ripped apart by their arch-enemy, who is seeking revenge after his brother was killed, and he blames the family for it.

Yaanai Movie Review

Yaanai Movie Review

We generally know what we get ourselves when we enter a Hari movie. He has built his career by making loud, frantic pictures that mix family drama with excessive action. The director appeared to be losing his touch after suffering from sequelitis in his prior two movies, Si3 and Saamy2, choosing mindless hero-glorification and action over melodrama, which provided the action's emotional underpinning.

Thankfully, the director has returned to his roots with Yaanai, especially in storytelling. This movie has a distinct smell from the early 2000s. Even this, the movie is still worth seeing, especially if you can get past its muddled politics.

The PRV family of Ramanathapuram and their conflict with the Samuthiram family of Rameswaram are the centers of the movie. The youngest son of the PRV clan and their defender is Ravichandran; he is the main character in the movie. He is the obstacle in the way of Samuthiram and his son Lingam, who aim to destroy the family for causing the death of a family member.

When Selvi, the daughter of the PRV family, elopes with her Muslim boyfriend, it gives them an ideal chance because Ravi is despised by his half-brothers, notably the eldest one, Ramachandran.

Hari regularly utilizes the cliché of the hero defending his family from the villain, yet the director can do it with minimal variation to prevent the story from becoming too repetitive. He also chooses longer shots instead of his signature hyper-edited images, which helps us stay engaged in the action. Movies provide the typical over-the-top action sequences impact, particularly the single-shot stunt scenes.

Even Ravi isn't flawless, and Arun Vijay portrays this character as a flawed but well-intentioned man with evolving beliefs. He is a casteist and patriarchal society product, yet he will always be kind and compassionate. Priya Bhavani Shankar and Radikaa succeed in the little scenes given to them, but Yogi Babu makes a bigger impression in one emotionally intense sequence than he does in his multiple attempts at comedy.

Box Office

The movie had a strong start, with a first-day gross of 15 crores. The movie performed well on its second day, a weekend, increasing box office receipts by 22% for a total gross of 30 crores. On its third day, the movie made 18 crore rupees.

The movie did well by earning more than Rs. 41 crore in Tamil Nadu and Rs. 16.3 crores from overseas territories on Day 17. This increased the overall income to over Rs. 56 crores. In the final stretch of its theatrical run, the movie made over 70 crore rupees, making it one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of the year.


  • Theatrical
    The movie's teaser trailer was released on December 23, 2021. The film was initially planned to be released in theatres on May 6, 2022, but it was delayed since there were inadequate enough screens. Later scheduled for June 17, 2022, it was once more postponed because of Kamal Haasan's record-breaking success with Vikram. Finally, on July 1, 2022, the film was shown in theatres.
  • Distribution
    The movie was distributed in Tamil Nadu by KKR Cinemas.


  • Ravichandran Thevar, played by Arun Vijay, is Muthaaram's son.
  • Lingam Thevar and Pandi Thevar, both played by Ramachandra Raju
  • Jebamalar, played by Priya Bhavani Shankar, is Ravi's love interest.
  • Rajesh portraying P.R. Veerapandiyan Thevar
  • Ramachandran, Ravi's first older brother, is portrayed by Samuthirakani.
  • Ammu Abhirami plays Selvi (Paapa), the daughter of Ramachandran.
  • Raadhika Sarathkumar portrays Muthaaram, PRV's second spouse, and Ravi's mother.
  • Jimmy plays the role of Yogi Babu.

Rating by Critic

3 out of 5.

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