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Jo and Jo Movie Review

Arun D. Jose, a debutant, directed the comedy movie Jo and Jo (Jomol & Jomon) in the Malayalam language. Signature Studios and Imagine Cinemas jointly produced the movie. The movie, which was co-written by Arun and Raveesh Nath, also has Mathew Thomas, Naslen K. Gafoor, Melvin G. Babu, and Nikhila Vimal in the essential parts. Govind Vasantha is the composer of the movie's music. The movie opened in theatres on May 13, 2022, and it was well-received by critics and viewers, making it a commercial success.

Jo and Jo Movie Review

Plot Story of Jo and Jo Movie

Baby and Lilly's eldest child is Jomol. Jomon is their second kid, and Jomol believes that because he is a boy, his parents love him more. When it comes to the authority struggle he and his sister are having, Jomon is a careless individual who, to some part, upholds chauvinistic principles. Jomol, who has excellent perception, notices all of Jomon's shenanigans and informs their parents. These factors all cause a chasm between them. In the meantime, a love letter appears at their door, and each of them assumes it was written for the other person. They then attempt to piece together the whole tale of the letter using evidence, and this is how the story is formed. Manoj's obsession with Jomol and Eby's intentions to meet Nimmy during COVID-19's second phase are examples of parallel storylines.


Critics gave the movie good reviews. The film about the family rivalry is possibly the most enjoyable one to be set in the lockdown, according to Ottplay, who awarded it a rating of 3/5. The film about sibling rivalry showed promise but fell short, according to The News Minute, which graded it 2.5/5. All the actors, including Naslen, Mathew, Nikhila, Johny Antony, Sminu, and those playing supporting roles, gave their all to the incredibly relatable daily folks, making this movie a sure bet for a weekend watch, according to Deepa Soman of Onmanorama.

Jo and Jo Movie Review

1. The Hindu

To write nearly a whole movie centered around a romantic letter and the complications it causes, one must either be incredibly confident in one's ability to conjure a narrative out of thin air or seriously short on ideas. Beyond the tale of sibling conflict, a significant portion of the events of Jo & Jo revolve around this unidentified love letter that is only written to Jo. As a result, Jomon (Mathew Thomas) and his older sister Jomol (Nikhila Vimal) begin to suspect one another of being the letter's receiver.

But this is merely the most recent catalyst for their conflict?not the letter. The two had been at loggerheads with one another over various issues while staying inside their home for the majority of the lockdown. Jomol frequently complains to her parents about how they treat them differently, with her having to do the housework and him having everything done for him by the others. Arun D. Jose, the film's first director, regards most of her outbursts as just fodder for more jokes, with the exception of the last act. He co-wrote the script with Raveesh Nath.

2. Lensmen Reviews

Jomon and Jomol are the subjects of the tale, as the title suggests. Two siblings who are incompatible. The story takes place during a lockdown. Jomon and his pals Manoj and Aby go about the village. Jomol was forced to stay at home and tutor local children simultaneously. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when a love letter written to "Jo" shows up at their house. In Jo and Jo, we get to watch the speculative decisions made by both siblings and the humorous results of them.

The sibling rivalry in a middle-class home is something that almost all of us can easily relate to. This relatable area is used by Arun D. Jose and co-writer Raveesh Nath to produce humour that appears natural rather than manufactured. It nearly feels like a stretched-out Karikku episode during the first half of the film. The performers and situations make it funny, but the plot progresses somewhat slowly. The second half focuses on the perplexity and significant adventures of Jomon and his buddies. The second half of the film does not have the same disjointed feeling as the first, and the number of hilarious moments rises in the last quarter. All of that was accomplished without actually attempting to do something absurd for laughs.

3. Cinema Express Reviews

Characters in the scenario, a typical lower-middle-class home, resemble your neighbours. The main characters are the mother, Sminu Sijo and the father, Johny Antony. Nikhila Vimal, a daughter, and Mathew Thomas, a son, are siblings. Jomol, the daughter, enrolls in school to keep herself busy and earn some more money. Jomon, the son, is unproductive at home and on rare occasions, hangs out with his friends Naslen K Gafoor & Melvin G Babu. There is a lockdown. These boys are bored and looking for ways to stay sane.

Anybody who occasionally spent a significant portion of their youth with their parents or siblings would recognize the frustration experiencing being under their "surveillance." It's not simple. One is astounded by how Arun D. Jose and co-author Raveesh Nath manage to wring many jokes?though not necessarily the kind that will make you laugh aloud?from such unremarkable situations. We won't ruin the jokes that worked for me, of course.

However, Jo & Jo still works when the jokes are separated. Watching the casual banter amongst such naturally talented actors as Naslen, Mathew, and Melvin is very enjoyable. Having an NRI "parishkari" persona (Sagar Surya) around adds humour. Although these performers don't reprise their roles from Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, Jo and Jo have a similar tone to the movie. We believe the best parallel would be with the Chris Tucker & Ice Cube-starring 1995 movie Friday. In that movie, Cube, who has recently lost his job, hangs out at his parents' house and plays around with a variety of other hilariously odd individuals, including Tucker.

In our opinion, Nikhila also gives the best performance of her career, in addition to one that is feisty, funny, and cunning. Some of the movie's best scenes include Jomol & her rival brother engaging in "espionage" activities. When Naslen asserts that he is capable of hacking WhatsApp, he does something that might cause you to drop your popcorn, which I found to be extremely entertaining. Parents like Johny Antony & Sminu Sijo are the kind you can argue with today and reconcile with tomorrow. Talk about a memorable movie-going experience. What a wonderful movie to watch?a straightforward family film that everybody can enjoy. A riot of laughing. The casting and story are excellent. The personalities all seem so genuine. Even timing comedy is difficult. Comedy today is merely a matter of spelling. This film demonstrated that modern films can still make people chuckle. Younger generations demonstrate their ability to compete with our living legends, Srinivasan and Jagaty Sreekumar. Nikhila Vimal is not just attractive on the outside; she is also a gifted actress with the ability to portray any role effortlessly and gracefully. The Malayalam economy would never go under. The Malayalam industry demonstrates its skill.

4. Now Running Reviews

Jo and Jo by director Arun Jose captures the conversational style of teenagers well, both with one another and with adults. It is a short, straightforward movie about sibling quarrels that turn into a more significant issue. The movie doesn't have a lot of drama, but its subject matter is exciting and accessible. Jomon from Mathew Thomas discovers a letter that he believes is addressed to his sister. Nikhila Vimal's character Jomol discovers the identical letter and believes it is addressed to her brother. The movie centers on the absurd things Jomon performs in an effort to identify the letter's author.

Cast Members of Jo and Jo Movie

S no. Character Name Portrayed by
1 Jomol Baby Nikhila Vimal
2 Jomon Baby Mathew Thomas
3 Manoj Sundaran Naslen K. Gafoor
4 Eby Kuruvilla Melvin G Babu
5 Tuttu Sagar Surya
6 Baby Palathara Johny Antony
7 Lillykutty Baby Sminu Sijo
8 Annamma Palathara Leena Antony
9 Manoj's Elder Uncle Hareesh Pengan

Audience Reviews

Jo and Jo Movie Review
  • "This coming-of-age movie is light and enjoyable and is suitable for family viewing. The young and fresh faces have all done an excellent job portraying the daily joys and tribulations of a few middle-class families. The movie also expertly captures the complicated nature of a brother-sister relationship, which often has genuine intentions hidden beneath the outward fighting."
  • "I didn't have high hopes. I didn't read any reviews. But boy, I am astonished by this. Excellent humour. And such a heart-warming film. Presents a very relatable depiction of a brother & sister's day-to-day activities. It mocks some clichs. Sometimes a good message is dropped. You can go home happy after the movie."
  • "Despite not being particularly engaging, the discourse had a cozy vibe. The acting group did well. The movie isn't as entertaining as you might have anticipated, therefore, the story wasn't very compelling. It would have been much better if the story had been good because the direction wasn't horrible."

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