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Redfall Review

The First-person shooter video game Redfall was created by Arkane Austin and released by Bethesda Softworks. The video game on May 2, 2023, was available on Windows and Xbox Series X/S. The game's gameplay design, narrative, and technical issues drew criticism from critics, who gave it mixed reviews.

Redfall Review

The game was created by Arkane Studios in Austin, Texas, with extra help and support from Roundhouse Studios. The game will continue Arkane's legacy of making each game unique from the last. However, according to Co-Creative Director Ricardo Bare, it will still emphasize in-depth worldbuilding and creative gaming mechanics. On May 12, 2022, it was stated that the release had been postponed until the first half of 2023. The release day for Redfall is May 2, 2023. Following Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda Softworks, the PlayStation 5 version was shelved.


Since when did I last experience true heartbreak over a video game? Devastation at the quality of the game, devastation over the fact that one of the top studios appeared pressured to release a product before it was ready, and heartbreak over having to keep playing. Redfall, a co-op first-person vampire shooter by Arkane Austin, robbed the experience of all fun, even at the game's early stages.

Redfall Review

The Arkane studio is recognized for creating inventive, mechanically constructed video games that value player intelligence above player destruction. Games like Dishonored and Prey immerse players in meticulously built environments with various ways to solve issues in thoroughly thought-out levels. Their universes have a vibrant, menacing, and distinctive atmosphere. Redfall is devoid of all of that. Redfall's style and graphics give off the impression of being an Xbox 360 title. I've never loathed a game's "feel" as much as I do this one since the adversaries treat bullets like little pebbles rather than shotgun blasts to the face. Enemies are more like moving walls than they are bullet sponges.

The introduction gives so little information that I needed to learn who the people were and why they had extraordinary abilities. You take on the role of one of four ostensibly magical characters, all of whom play identically, save for the fact that they each have access to unique talents and powers. Given my passion for all things corvid, it was only natural for my character, Jacob, to have a magnificent magic raven that could spotlight adversaries. In addition, he can disappear and shoot with a lethal sniper rifle that locks on instantly. Devinder and other protagonists fight vampires using robots and other technology. Layla can call up her deceased vampire ex-boyfriend via a magic lift power. Meanwhile, Remi helps the rest of the crew with her miniature robots.

It would help if you freed the town of Redfall from the control of vampires, as they have taken over the area. As you help the locals, you'll complete objectives to figure out how this happened and hunt down and kill vampire gods. Cutscenes appear to be placeholders with static in-engine graphics and your character providing voiceovers, giving the impression that it was published too soon. Cartoony pictures from the central opening cutscenes lack real intrigue and have a concept art vibe.

Redfall Review

The game is intended for co-op play, but because there is no open lobby, it can be challenging to play with others. I did like the trust system, though, whereby if you play with someone else, the two of you can accrue benefits and buffs that last forever. Additionally, there is a distinctive conversation between particular individuals. For example, Jacob and Devinder discuss Jacob's raven and his ability to become invisible.

There is not much else to admire about the game, even though the characters are excellent. There is a problem with each component. The open-world map needs to be more explicit, markers can't be set correctly, and my cursor frequently disappears. Enemies become immobilized by structures and fail to attack you despite noticing you or react when a friend dies next to them. In addition, as I already mentioned, the fight feels terrible because the adversaries don't react. Vampires hardly ever cause harm or pose a threat, and because the map is so empty that you will have a hard time finding foes to battle, they never felt overpowering. Even stealth is absent because no unique takedown animation appears when an enemy is approached from behind. Instead, you only have to give them a gentle elbow, and they crumble.

Other amiable characters besides the core cast only offer quests. Since there are no cutscenes, or even discussions in cutscenes, to show the human side of characters, the setting feels lifeless (pardon the pun).

Similar to the monotonous looter shooters, weapons have several color-coded grades. However, you will soon switch to more powerful weapons at higher levels instead of rarer ones with several perks. The number of weapons in your inventory proliferates, but the inventory system could be more precise: it's not always evident which weapon you have equipped or which deals more damage. You also are unable to de-equip a weapon? I was unable to speak. The lack of a weapon wheel is even worse. You have to alternate between your three weapons, which is terrible in a game where some weapons can kill vampires toward the end while others can't. This is made worse if you run out of ammo and attempt to switch fast to a smaller caliber weapon, like a shotgun, instead of a weapon that can deal significant damage, like a stake gun. In addition, even though they feel fantastic to fire, the guns feel terrible when used against enemies.

Redfall Review

The absence of foes affects missions: frequently, I anticipate a significant set piece where the game would hurl difficult or hordes of enemies at me. I was frequently ignored instead of this. Another tedious aspect of mission design is it. In every single one, you must kill someone or keep a button pressed to Do Something. Arkane is not known for its immersive sim features. One way is to go for some tasks or puzzles, such as finding a key. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but this Arkane game lacks variety.

The graphics could be more impressive, including plastic-looking figures, jerky movement, and repetitive, frequently subpar texturing. The most infamous case of this was a prominent logo on the floor of the fire station base, frequently displaying a refusal to load the texture. It gets worse when running on an Xbox at a frame rate of just 30. Nonetheless, the music and sound design are fantastic. My favorite elements of the soundtrack and voice actors.

Redfall ultimately leaves a wrong impression?it feels shoddy, underwhelming, and underdone. I'm relieved that this game is no longer required of me. This sounds like the outcome of suits wanting a product and not providing the creative individuals at Arkane the time and space they require. While we will probably ultimately learn the complete story behind Redfall's creation, for now, it seems like this is what happened. I'm disappointed because I want Arkane to flourish and not have this as a mark on their spotless record. We should all expect better.

Redfall Review

At its foundation, the game is so dull and unappealing that I can't even imagine it coming back like No Man's Sky or Cyberpunk 2077; at least with those, I could imagine having fun when they worked well. The accuracy, fulfillment, and brightness I had always associated with this studio were never present when I played Redfall, which is a sharp contrast given my lack of experience.


Redfall received "mixed or average" reviews, according to review aggregate Metacritic.

According to PCGamesN, the story was disappointing, and the game failed to "make me care about its characters." Everything is too simple. VG247 believed that just connecting progress to the host was a mistake because it "doomed their guests to play through the same missions again should they want to play solo." There will always be vampires to be staked, things to be blown up, keys to find, or objects to acquire - it's simply a matter of which version of the mission structure it will be, according to GamesRadar+, who also praised the gunplay.

The game was dubbed "an undercooked looter-shooter by every metric" by IGN, which also criticized the game's "bland missions, weak combat, and persistent technical issues." The game "feels unpolished, underdone, underwhelming, and uncomfortable," according to The Verge, which also had negative things to say about it. I'm relieved I'm done having to play this.

Upon release, the game's Steam user reviews were largely unfavorable, with people lamenting the artificial intelligence of the game's enemies, the layout of the game's world, and the game's performance.

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