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Kuttey Review

About Director

Vishal Bhardwaj'son Aasmaan was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on December 13, 1995. He is a writer and filmmaker best known for his work on The Thief (2017), Kuttey (2023), and Fursat (2023).

People Behind the Movie Written and directed by Aasmaan Bhardwaj is the action/crime movie Kuttey. Along with Konkona Sen Sharma, Radhika Madan, and a number of other actors in supporting parts, the movie also stars Naseeruddin Shah, Tabu, and Arjun Kapoor in prominent roles.Vishal Bhardwaj was responsible for the additional writing as well as the language in this movie. Farhad Ahmed Dehlvi was in charge of the film's photography, and A. Sreekar Prasad was in charge of its editing. Vishal Bhardwaj wrote the soundtrack and the background music. With Luv Ranjan, Vishal Bhardwaj, Ankur Garg, and Rekha Bhardwaj as producers, the movie "Kuttey" was created by A Luv Films and Vishal Bhardwaj Films.

Kuttey Review


The story of a truck transporting billions of dollars is depicted by Kuttey in a manner reminiscent of an action crime movie. On a gloomy evening on the outskirts of Mumbai, three criminal gangs unintentionally cross paths. It is tragic that they all use the same methods of violence, murder, and deceit. The same goal is in mind for everyone. Every person just cares about himself. Each dog is looking for the same bone. Will the dogs consume the bone or will they lose due to their greed?


Kuttey doesn't let down despite being the year's first release. Naseeruddin Shah, Shardul Bhardwaj, Radhika Madan, Kumud Mishra, Tabu, and Arjun Kapoor are a few of the stars that feature in the film. Each person has a weapon. Without hesitation, everyone starts shooting. It's covered with blood spatter. All at once, it's ghastly, revolting, and funny. The saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" could have easily been applied to Kuttey, but the way the plot unfolds, introducing us to a series of bloodthirsty characters (played, among others, by Tabu, Arjun Kapoor, Kumud Mishra, and Radhika Madan), only makes you more curious to find out what happens to them. In large part, Kuttey explains why everyone has different reasons for doing what they do. It is supported by a more substantial foundation of graft, greed, and an insatiable need for wealth.

Kuttey Review

Aasmaan Bhardwaj's directorial debut, Kuttey, gets off to a funny start and maintains that tone throughout. Three chapters, Sabka Maalik Ek, Aata Kya Canada, and Moong Ki Daal, comprise the first of the story's four interesting portions, which also contain an epilogue. At first glance, these names may not appear to imply anything, but as the action develops, it becomes clear why. The characters Gopal and Paaji, played by Arjun Kapoor and Kumud Mishra, are awarded a contract to assassinate a politician's rival early on in the movie Kuttey.

When the corrupt officer within them plans mischief, however, everything goes awry and greed takes over. They need money to save themselves because their uniform is in the queue. That is how everything begins. You'll have to wait and see how additional individuals and gangs join this heist-like attempt to steal a van full of cash intended to be inserted into ATMs all around the city.

Co-writing this difficult script with his director father Vishal Bhardwaj, Aasmaan accomplished a commendable job. Despite the fact that the first half drags a little and takes too long to build up, the second half quickens and pulls everything together, albeit in a chaotic way that makes it difficult to process all at once. At one point, you start to wonder where this is all heading and why these people can't just sit down and talk. We eventually discover the answers, though, as the story goes on. The most memorable 20 minutes are the last few, which also feature a lighthearted but predictable surprise that, incidentally, is a typical modern-day method employed by directors.

Kuttey Review

Tabu as police officer Pammi is back in the spotlight to get praise for a role that distinguishes itself from other male roles. She is tough and strong when working as a cop, but when things go crazy, she transforms into a badass boss. In this otherwise grim story of blood and gore, she provides much-needed comedic relief. With his gun-happy antics, Arjun manages to dazzle while giving a sincere performance. The fact that he is shown as pious and fasts on Tuesdays before going on a shooting rampage at a pool party was one of the aspects of his character profile that we found appealing. His assistant Kumud Mishra, who has a lot of opportunities to act and shine, supports him.

He makes a strong impression in each scene by letting his actions speak for themselves. we thought Shardul Bhardwaj and Radhika Madan didn't contribute much and had very little to do. One of the strong characters in the film, played by Naseeruddin Shah, Khobre, ends up playing no further part in the plot and just disappears. Even Ashish Vidyarthi's skill was underutilised in just two scenes. Although Laxmi is superbly portrayed by Konkona Sen Sharma, we wish her character had more nuance. That song has a hurried vibe to it.

The background music in Kuttey really shines out among this eclectic group of performers. Each song on the album, which was created by Vishal and features lyrics by Gulzar Sahab, seems to be perfectly positioned inside the narrative and only advances it. Additionally, Kuttey does a fantastic job of incorporating Vishal's classic Dhan Te Nan into the backdrop of all crucial situations.

The first movie to be released in 2023, Kuttey, is solid, but there might have been much more to explore and carry out with the characters and narrative at hand.

Box Office Collection

The Kuttey Box Office Collection has been pegged at about 1.50 crores by several media.


How much money did Kuttey make at the box office?

Various newspapers have estimated the Kuttey Box Office Collection at about 1.50 crores.

Is Kuttey a movie suitable for children?

Parents should be informed of the Indian noir action movie Kuttey from 2023, in which three groups of thieves battle it out to steal money from a bank van outside of Mumbai. There will be a lot of graphic violence, such as the rape of a female prisoner by a security guard while only being able to see the shadow of the perpetrator.

Which actor starred in the film Kuttey and had a stellar performance?

Arjun's performance in this gritty thriller received universal acclaim, and he even won a few Best Actor honours for his skilful acting. He is overjoyed to have support from the public and media once more.

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