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Ammu Movie Synopsis

Ammu believed that marriage was a magical, love-filled fairy tale. But when her policeman husband Ravi slapped her for the first time, everything changed. What Ammu believed to be a singular occurrence became a vicious pattern of assault. Nothing changed 13 months later. Ammu realized her marriage was full of deceit and was a cautionary story. Ammu's fraudulent and oppressive husband has trapped and secluded her, so she thinks it's time to exact revenge.

Ammu Movie Synopsis

Critics Reviews

Aishwarya Lekshmi, in contrast to many of her co-workers, has a constant drive to select scripts that matter. Thanks to it, she is undoubtedly becoming an entity to be dealt with. After supporting Sai Pallavi's Gargi, clearly one of the best films of the year, she chose to star in Ammu, a suspenseful thriller produced by relative unknown Charukesh Sekar. Ammu is a film about a victim of domestic abuse who defends herself. The domestic abuse of a defenceless wife is the subject of Aishwarya's Ammu, which draws inspiration from films like Thappad and 47 Naatkal. Happily, the tale necessitates an exciting diversion in order to offer a fresh resolution.

Aishwarya Lekshmi portrays Ammu. The film begins with a conversation between a little girl and Ammu, who is preparing to marry her neighbour and police officer Ravi (Naveen Chandra). Ammu's affection for Ravi & her preparation for marriage is questioned by the young girl. She replies that she thinks she knows him, to which Ammu asks why she is asking the question.

Ammu Movie Synopsis

It doesn't take long for the spectator to understand Ravi's true objectives once he is brilliantly presented in one of the movie's most memorable scenes. Ammu's entire life starts to fall apart as soon as she learns of Ravi's hostile and demanding behaviour. The story's remaining chapters are devoted on Ammu's reaction to domestic violence and perhaps she is effective in teaching her husband a lesson.

Ammu will surely be considered one of the most important films of this year. It takes a topical issue that has been discussed for some time and gives it a really intriguing twist with the way it chooses to end the movie. The ending of this film would still surprise you even if you were to envision such a plot and list every possible situation that might happen. As opposed to acting out like a video to raise awareness about domestic abuse, Ammu explores essential subjects that must be taken into account when it comes to a woman's engagement in a marriage. In one of the film's most crucial scenes, Ammu berates her mother while crying to her and condemns her for getting married at such a young age. Your mother quips, "You're already 25," in response. In the next scene, when Ammu confides in her mother regarding Ravi becoming abusive, she cites her father's behavior as an example. She justifies it by arguing that males have no other outlet for their stress and fury. The film cleverly explores how women have been treated as socialized to domestic abuse through the years and how most of them have learned to accept it as an inevitable part of life. There is also a beautiful sequence that highlights a woman's right to an abortion. This scene couldn't have come at a better time than now, as the Supreme Court of India just upheld that right.

When she can get away with portraying the stereotypical heroine, it takes quite a bit of gut for Aishwarya to take the lead in such a film. Her goal is to convey a message through her films. As a result, Aishwarya selects initiatives that transcend the traditional definition of entertainment. Aishwarya shines at playing the frightened wife who is trying to muster the courage to escape her unhappy marriage. This is one of her stronger performances. Naveen Chandra displayed courage by taking on this role, and he excels at portraying the frightful spouse. Bobby Simhaa shines in a standout appearance. Ammu began streaming on Prime Video on October 19.

Cast Members of Ammu Movie

S no. Character Name Portrayed by
1 Amudha Ravindranath, aka "Ammu" Aishwarya Lekshmi
2 CI.S Ravindranath, aka "Ravi" Naveen Chandra
3 Prabhu Das Bobby Simha
4 Kalpana, Ammu's Mother Parvathi T.
5 Dileep, Ammu's Father Raja Ravindra
6 Ravi's Father Appaji Ambarisha Darbha
7 Ravi's Mother Pramodhini
8 Constable Satya Satya Krishnan
9 Linny Anjali Ameer

Movie Details

Director Charukesh Sekar
Writer Charukesh Sekar
Producer Karthik Subbaraj
Kalyan Subramaniam
Kaarthekeyen Santhanam
Cinematographer Apoorva Anil Shaligram
Editor Radha Sridhar
Music By Bharath Sankar
Production Label/ Company Stone Bench Films
OTT Rights / Platform Amazon Prime Video
Release Date 19th October 2022
Hit/ Flop NA
Run Time 136 Minutes

General Audience Review

Ammu Movie Synopsis
  • "Much more deserving of our praise than Arjun Reddy or some other misogynistic film. In this movie, the true nature of abuse is exposed. It is deserving of all the acclaim it receives. Aishwarya Lekshmi is performing wonderfully!"
  • "The harsh reality of life is shown in the film. Most ladies, I imagine, would be able to connect to this film. Men regularly mistreat women in this way. Thanks to the Team for producing such a well-made film. All of the male abusers of women's minds and bodies should look in the mirror."
  • "An excellent movie that everyone who supports gender equality and against male chauvinism should watch. Amu highlights the thoughts and feelings of a victim of abuse in the context of societal shifts in favor of women's independence. Must see!"
  • "Loved the movie to pieces. Aishwarya Lekshmi performed the role well. Bobby Simha brought a new perspective to the movie, while Naveen Chandra was excellent as the violent spouse. Even the supporting cast has performed brilliantly!"
  • "Brilliant. Moving. Acting the part. Excellent storytelling and direction. Gorgeous settings with actors. Very contemporary but ageless. Strong, captivating subtitles accurately translate Telugu dialogue."
  • "Another serious film produced or supported by feminists. The film's obvious agenda is to demonstrate how men are domestic abusers and women are their victims. However, the reality is quite the opposite, and one film director is unwilling to depict the terrible realities of today's society. Male suicide rates are three times higher than female suicide rates, and this does not account for deaths caused by male and family member abuse and torture."
  • "The best film I've seen this year, in my opinion. Thanks for making a movie about such a controversial topic, team! Each scene was accurate. In her position, Aishwarya Lakshmi excelled."

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