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Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Review


'Kazhuvethi Moorkkan', a compelling narrative with significant undertones, was directed by Gowthama Raj. At first glance, it seems like a straightforward tale of friendship and betrayal. But on a deeper level, it illuminates the lethal connection between politics and caste. The movie's name, 'Kazhuvethi Moorkkan', comprises two Tamil terms for curious people.

"Kazhuvethi" refers to a method of execution utilized in antiquity for major offenses. The Kazhuvethi, a thick spear with its sharp end pointed upward and held vertically, had been in Tamil Nadu long before independence.

Plot Story

Bhoominathan (Bhoomi) and Moorkkan became childhood friends in school after Bhoomi assisted Moorkkan after he was struck by a bull. Since Bhoomi belongs to a smaller caste than Moorkkan, Moorkkan's parents attempt to keep the two apart. Bhoomi liberates the oppressed members of his caste and encourages them to pursue higher education. Before the election, the Moorkkan caste's opposition party run a campaign in which they attempt to repair a poster in the territory of the opposing community but eventually run into difficulties. Moorkkan supports Bhoomi in this situation.

Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Review

The party intends to eliminate Bhoomi by using his father to keep him apart from Moorkkan. They make Moorkkan the victim of Bhoomi's murder. After learning of their scheme, Moorkkan seeks to avenge the passing of his comrade Bhoomi before being fatally shot by an investigating officer from the same caste.

Plot Cast

The star cast of this movie includes Saya Devi, Munishkanth, Sarathlokith Sava, Rajasimman, Arulnithi, Dushara Vijayan, Santhosh Prathap, and Yaar Kannan.

Plus Points

The plot of 'Kazhuvethi Moorkkan' is compelling and dramatic. It advances quickly, with significant changes occurring one after another. The conversations are poignant and direct, expressing important concepts in straightforward language. The movie does an excellent job of showing how politicians use the caste system to keep their support bases together. They also demonstrate how caste is a problem that affects all spheres and levels of society. Director Gowthama Raj demonstrates how power can be so alluring that politicians are willing to sacrifice their own loved ones for it.

Minus Points

The storytelling only falters when romance enters the picture. The amorous scenes between Dushara Vijayan and Arul Nithi slow down the generally strong pace of the movie. The romance scenes are most likely the movie's major flaw.


Gowthama Raj tells a tale with complete authority and what appears to be a strong sense of conviction. Some of the movie's characters will leave you in awe. For example, Munishkanth, who plays Moorkkan's uncle in the movie, is first only depicted as a wastrel. His role becomes more significant as the movie goes on.

It keeps growing in importance to the point where, for a little moment, it sort of assumes the role of the most significant character in the movie. There is no doubt that this is Munishkanth's best performance to date.

Both Santhosh Prathap, who portrays Bhoomi, and Arulnithi, who plays Moorkkan, perform excellently. Both figuratively become the characters they portray on television and command the space allotted to them. In the movie, Sayadevi makes an impression as Santhosh Prathap's love interest.

As the police superintendent in this movie, actor Sarath Lokithashwa delivers yet another excellent performance. There are some very spooky moments in the sequence where he interacts with Munishkanth. The movie is an entertaining piece. The amount of violence depicted is quite high, though, so there are some very graphic situations.


The viewer is introduced to the practice of impaling wrongdoers via spires in the opening scene of 'Kazhuvethi Moorkkan'. This kind of reveals what the viewer might expect from the movie, and a few moments throughout the movie also depict the 'ritual' in action.

The film by director Sy Gowthamraj explores the pervasive caste structure that exists in rural Tamil Nadu. Villagers of the dominant caste claim that "Saathi is bigger than Saami" (Caste is bigger than God). However, Bhoominathan and Moorkkan disobey the rules and become their closest friends. When compared to Moorrkkan, a hot-headed thug who always defends his comrade, Bhoomi is an educated member of an oppressed society who strives for the uplift of the underprivileged.

The movie also illustrates how prejudice exists within underprivileged communities. When a young woman offers food to Bhoomi, she inquires whether he would even eat it. Moorrkan brings up this point in one of the final scenes, saying that while some people may believe they are standing on top of someone, other individuals assert and entertain that the same people are underneath them.

The screenplay and narration of Gowthamraj's movie may have made it an intriguing watch. The tale frequently stumbles and is ruined by a lot of overblown situations. Throughout a dozen projects, we have seen friends pitted against one another. Nothing fresh is available from 'Kazhuverthi Moorkkan' either.

Even the main character, Moorrkkan, might have been shown far more vividly than simply being around for his pal. Also, originality is missing in Bhoomi's character. The romantic sequences between Kavitha and Moorrkan don't advance the plot meaningfully and merely stand out. All three performers portray their roles well, but none have an impression that sticks with the audience.

Likewise, Unmai (Munishkanth) might have been given a greater portrayal, given the character's potential. Technically speaking, the movie's music comes off as startling, and the editing is quite jerky. In terms of its concept, 'Kazhuvethi Moorkkan' is a good movie, but its execution is seriously lacking.


In summary, 'Kazhuvethi Moorkkan' is a rich, multi-layered work of significant entertainment that holds your interest throughout. The writing in this Arulnithi movie falls short of what it could have been but the amazing performances by the cast make it worth a try.

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