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Sembi Movie Review

Prabhu Solomon's adventure drama Sembi, which was released in 2022, is in the Tamil language. The movie also features Thambi Ramaiah and Nanjil Sampath in supporting roles and Kovai Sarala and Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan. Critics gave the movie overwhelmingly favorable reviews after its 30 December 2022 theatrical debut.

Sembi Movie Review


  • Nila as Sembi.
  • Kovai Sarala as Veerathayi.
  • Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan as Lawyer.
  • Thambi Ramaiah as Anbu Bus Conductor.
  • Nanjil Sampath as Ezhilvendan.
  • Pala. Karuppaiah as Politician.
  • G. Gnanasambandam as Judge.
  • Mullai Arasi.
  • Shiv Aditya.



On December 30, 2022, the movie Raangi, starring Trisha, was released in theatres worldwide. On December 16, 2022, the movie's trailer was released.

Home Media:

ZEE5 has acquired the movie's post-theatrical streaming rights, while its satellite rights have been sold to Zed Tamil. However, the Digital And Satellite Rights were later transferred to Disney + Hotstar and Star Vijay. Disney + Hotstar hosted the movie's digital debut beginning on February 3, 2023.


Prabu Solomon has developed a solid brand for himself as a director, so we all know what to look forward to in his films. In his most recent film, Sembi, Thambi Ramaiah is the only permanent character on the list. Other plot elements include:

  • A pair running from the law.
  • A bus full of characters living very different lives.
  • Picturesque hilltop settings.

Most likely, D Imman, a composer, is the sole Prabu Solomon regular who fails to catch the bus. It's a double-edged sword to stick to these principles in every job; either they produce fantastic results or tepid rehashes.

The end effect of Sembi combines both, nevertheless. The grandmother of 10-year-old Sembi (a clever Nila), Kovai Sarala's Veerayi is a lifelong giver who has dedicated herself to the young girl. They essentially hold Suruli and Mynaa's spirits, the two main characters in Prabu's critically acclaimed film Mynaa. Of course, the relational perspectives are entirely different in this instance, but it's difficult to miss the parallels.

However, the protagonists of Sembi continue to have our support since their nobility endures despite horrifying injustices. On the other hand, the moment the movie starts to sound like a talk show, we start to lose interest. This is made clear by the talks that occur when Veerayi takes the bus. But everything soon becomes a little bit stale. These discussions serve as hurdles because Prabu Solomon is producing the movie primarily for entertainment value. For example, the alarming announcement of a rape victim's severe injuries and her inability to bear children is disturbing.

Sembi Movie Review

Thambi Ramaiah 'comically' kicks someone in the groin and threatens to ruin his fertility before we have time to process the gravity of the incident. It isn't very kind to include these two moments in the same movie, especially soon after one another, because it dilutes the wisdom the rector attempts to impart. The movie does manage to discuss the POCSO legislation despite this tone mismatch.

Sembi stands out because it devotes enough attention to the laws and the system. This year, it could be the nth film to feature a rape victim as one of its main characters. The title part is played by Nila, who gives a fantastic performance. She does a fantastic job portraying innocence and anguish; I do not doubt she will win many prizes for her debut. Kovai Sarala searches far and wide for her first vital role.

We are reminded of what a powerful performer she is in the scene where she sobs in the hospital because she feels helpless. Ashwin Kumar plays the nameless hero excellently, and his charm makes the character much more endearing. When Imman, Prabu's regular composer, is absent, Nivas Prasanna creates an incredible background soundtrack that almost makes up for the lackluster songs.

Nivas manages to enhance the essential emotional parts, even though some of the re-recording portions were really over the top and provocative. Sembi takes place primarily on board the Anbu (Love) bus, which detours and wanders after a certain point. The picture about love falls into the same trap and diverts our attention. How I long for films with steadfast focus, films with good intentions.

Sarala Strong Female Character:

Sembi Movie Review

Sarala underwent a physical metamorphosis for this part, which works. One may even assert that her performance in this part is her best. She has one iconic scene in which she sobs indignantly before letting out a pathetic sigh; a swift movement of her eyes conveys a myriad of emotions.

Other Actors' Performances:

Nila, a young actor, gives a sincere performance as Sembi. She has made a name for herself thanks to the sexual harassment incident and her breathtaking moments in the climax. Other performers' performances, such as Ashwin, Thambi Ramaiah, Nanjil Sampath, and others, are vital.


Kovai Sarala's powerful performance is a delight to behold, according to Logesh Balachandran of The Times of India, who scored the movie three out of five stars. She is the film's main character and does the part a fantastic job of justice. Bhuvanesh Chander of The Hindu said, "Despite all the errors, Prabhu manages to leave you with hope." He reassures the weaker members of society that they are not alone and implores the rest of us to watch out for those less fortunate than ourselves. The music isn't the main focus because the story should take precedence, Senthilraja R of News18 wrote.

Sembi Movie Review

Sembi's makers briefly touch on how sexual misconduct is politicized and how it seldom benefits the survivors, according to Saradha U of The News Minute, who scored the film 2.5 out of 5 stars in her assessment. In his review of the movie, which gave it 3 out of 5 stars, Navein Darshan of Cinema Express noted that Nivas Prasanna "fills in the shoes of Prabhu's a regular artist Imman and he conveys an excellent background score that almost balances for the forgettable songs." "Overall, Sembi is a film that gives voice to the voiceless," commented Dhanushya of ABP Live in her review, awarding the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Prabhu Salomon's Sembi, who attempts to inflict great anguish by sexually assaulting girls, is thwarted by several barriers, claims Khalillulah of Hindu Tamil Thisai. Because of this, a critic for Cinema Vikatan stated, "The POCSO court trial played out in the climax and the overall feeling it gives passes without much of being shocking to us." Sembi is a movie worth watching, according to Sakshi Post, who gave the movie three out of five stars. Sembi had a 2.75 out of 5-star rating from a Behindwoods critic who said, "Kovai Sarala's acting and a hopeful theme make Sembi a film worthy of your money." "Watch it for the sincere effort by Kovai Sarala, stunning cinematography, and sincere effort at handling an emotional topic," said Thinkal Menon of OTT Play in his movie review, which earned a three-out-of-five rating. An India Herald critic applauded the costume designers and makeup artists for adding a touch of realism to the picture.


Go for this compelling film that deals with an essential issue within the commercial format.

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