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Antim Movie Review

The popular Marathi movie "Mulshi Pattern" has been officially adapted as "Antim: The Final truth." It centers on Rahul (Aayush Sharma), a young person from a tiny town who eventually rises to become one of Pune's most feared land mafias.

However, he makes a lot of new enemies and breaks the law in his ascent to the top. Who will catch up with him first: the law of the land, his misdeeds, or his past?

Action movie Antim, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, is eagerly awaited and takes viewers on a compelling journey. The film promises to provide a distinctive cinematic experience thanks to its excellent ensemble and accomplished director.

We shall examine all of Antim's facets in this assessment, including a fast analysis, a technical study, and many other factors.

Antim Movie Review

Plot and Narrative

The movie Antim revolves around the timeless battle that takes place between good and evil, and it also represent 2 characters- inspector Vijay which is the role played by the lead Salman Khan and Rahul who is played by Ayush Sharma.

Vijay a dedicated police officer takes up the responsibility of eliminating the gangster threat posed by Rahul and his criminal organization also known as the mafias. The narrative revolves around their confrontation, and also highlight the complexities of the relationship and the emotional conflicts that arise in the story.

Quick Analysis

The conflict in Antim between a daring cop and a formidable gangster pits them against one another. The delicate line between good and evil is one of the many topics that are explored in the movie.

The story moves quickly and keeps viewers interested the entire time, the well-written screenplays strikes the ideal mix between intense emotional scenes and action scenes. The film's gritty realism and powerful dialogues contribute to its overall impact.

Technical Evaluation

Antim has excellent technical capabilities, the raw energy of the story is captured in the cinematography, which was directed by the great Sanjay Memane. The film's dramatic atmosphere is heightened by the use of darkly lit, dirty imagery.

Expertly crafted action scenes create heart-pounding moments that keep viewers on the edge of their sears. The background music, which was written by the well-known team of Ajay and Atul, heightens the scenes' emotional effect and draws listeners even more into the narrative.

Artist Performances

The cast of Antim is superbly ensembled, and they put on fantastic performances. Salman Khan displays his acting range in the character of the cop. He portrays the complexities of his part with sincerity, skillfully juggling his character's gruff demeanor with brief periods of weakness.

In his portrayal of the gangster, Aayush Sharma gives the part depth and ferocity. His character development into a scary antagonist is commendable.


The dialogues in Antim brilliantly capture the essence of the characters and their feelings. They are powerful and authentic. The narrative has an additional element of authenticity because of the Marathi Language, which is mostly employed in the movie. The dialogues have a strong effect on the audience and stick with them.


Mahesh Manjrekar's skill as a director is evident in Antim. He builds an immersive universe that feels real through his adept storytelling. The success of the picture is attributable to Manjerkar's ability to elicit nuanced performances from the ensemble and his meticulous attention to every area of production.

Antim is riveting cinematic experience and all the credits goes to his mastery of the story and timing, which keeps the spectator interested.


Antim has a solid supporting cast that gives the narrative depth in addition to Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma. The group's performances, which also featured Nikitin Dheer, Pragya Jaiswal, and Mahima Makwana, are remarkable. They make their characters come to life, leaving the spectator with a strong impression.

Antim Movie Review

Antim Movie Revie

In the film's opening scene, Rahulya rushes to assist his helpless father Satya ( Role played by Sachin Khedekar), who is being beaten up by an unscrupulous land Mafioso, setting the stage for a rebellious gangster tale. The same person has taken over their ancestral farmland as well. Rahul quickly changes from a young unemployed man to a notorious criminal as Nanya Bhai (character played by Upendra Limaye), the most powerful goon in Pune, takes him under his wing. Salman Khan's inspector, Rajveer Singh knows when and how to use intellect and muscle to rid the city of all kinds of evil, including boisterous rapists, ambitions-driven politicians, and gun-toting gundas.

It is a plot that begs for a big-budget action movie with plenty of action. However, this one has more dialogues than the actual action that is expected from different Bollywood Movies, which frequently shows down the plot.

Fortunately, there is a significant storyline twist in the first half itself that aids in creating and maintaining momentum for a crucial confrontation in the second half. Manjrekar, which is mostly set in a Marathi-Speaking area, skillfully portrays the feel of both rural and urban Maharashtra with the help of Karan Rawat's captivating cinematography, which is characterized by sweeping wide-angle images that highlight the city's relentless growth.

The use of numerous Marathi actors in pivotal character roles serves to reinforce this. Nevertheless, the movie has a problem with having too many characters and recurrent confrontations that lengthen the running duration. Additionally, there are four tracks that feel completely forced and have no melody at all.

Salman Khan returns as a police officer, but this time he is a brave Sardar. Salman makes a good police officer because he plays to the crowd by pulling off his shirt and brutally hitting the bad guys. Aayush Sharma puts on the appropriate appearance, thanks to his well-defined physique and he really tries to get equal charisma of Salman Khan.

The actor has undoubtedly progressed since his debut picture, working hard to convincingly portray Rahul's suffering and triumph. He mostly succeeds, although the overall composition could have been tighter, less sanctimonious, and melodramatic. The pace of the movie is frequently slowed down by his lackluster on-screen chemistry with Mahima Makwana who places love interest Manda and is making her acting debut.

Antim the final truth hits sum of the criteria of mainstream entertainment with tremendous action and drama dash a little too much, it also draws attention to the problem of land grabbing by mafia dons who successfully break the laws since they frequently work hand in hand with politicians.

So, until the final truth might be your kind of movie if you enjoy outrageous, old school Bollywood blockbusters with an abundance of justice about everything.

Rating and Score

Antim earns great marks for rating. The film fulfils its potential by fusing exhilarating action, poignant emotion, and top-notch acting. Antim is said to be exceptional movie with 4. Stars out of 5 due to its technical excellence, compelling plot, and effective dialogue, the film is a must-watch for fans of action films due to its ability to keep audiences interested from beginning to end as well as its memorable character and impactful situations.

Overall, we can say that Antim is a riveting action thriller that brilliantly displays the skills of both its director and its performers. The film surpasses expectations with its compelling narrative, expert technical work, and powerful performances.

Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma give exceptional performances, while Mahesh Majrekar once again demonstrates his ability as a director.

The director's skill and the casts overall performance on full display in the action-packed thriller Antim is commendable. The film surpasses exceptional with its compelling narrative, expert technical work, and powerful performances.

Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma give exceptional performances, while Mahesh Manjrekar once again demonstrates his ability as a director. With its provocative ideas and intense scenes, Antim not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impression on the audience.


Salman Khan can be seen as the lead of the movie. Salman Khan showcases a power packed performance as inspector Vijay who showcases his versatility as an actor. He effortlessly transitions from intense action sequence to emotionally charged scene adding depth and intensity to his character and also gives a star to this story.

Ayush Sharma, in his role as an antagonist, showcases considerable growth as an actor, who effectively portrays the lead persona of a villain in the story, he plays the role of a gangster first. There on screen chemistry and the heavily provides an engaging view for the audience.

Supporting actor Mahima Makwana and Nikitin Dhir, have also performed an exceptional performance in the movie, which enhances the overall impact of the film and also gives a new view to the audience. The ensemble cast succeeds in bringing their characters to life contributing to the authenticity and realism of the movie.

The technical elements of the movie such as the cinematography, and action choreography, enhance the viewing experience by drawing the attention into the realistic world of narrative. The Marathi language is used in the movie, which gives it authenticity and a certain taste. Overall the movie is an entertainment masala.

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