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Raksha Bandhan Review

About Raksha Bandhan Movie

Release Date 11 August 2022
Director Anand L. Rai
Producer Anand L. Rai, Alka Hiranandani, Himanshu Sharma
Starring (Main Lead) Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Padnedkar
Starring (Supporting Role) Sadia Khateeb, Sahejmeen Kaur, Smrithi Srikanth, Deepika Khanna, and more
Language Hindi
Writer Himanshu Sharma, Kanika Dhillon
Duration 1 hour 48 minutes
Cinematography K. U. Mohanan
Music Ishan Chhabra, Himesh Reshammiya
Production Cape of Good Films, Colour Yellow Productions
Certification U/A
Edited By Hemal Kothari
Budget 70 Crore Rupees
Box Office Collection Approx. 61.61 Crore Rupees


The Bollywood film Raksha Bandhan (2022), starring Akshay Kumar, promises to be a joyful and emotional experience for the viewers. The movie explores themes of family, love, and sacrifice through the narrative of a brother and his connection with his sister(s). The film, which features a strong ensemble cast and music by Hitesh Sonik as director, celebrates the relationship between siblings and emphasizes the value of family values.

In this movie, Akshay Kumar, who is renowned for his adaptability and potent performances, plays the key part of the brother. His journey through the complications of his relationship with his sisters, portrayed by as-yet-unknown actresses, is the subject of the story. As he portrays a guy who is both powerful and vulnerable, protective and loving, the movie aims to show off the actor's emotional range.

Aanand L Rai, renowned for his direction in 'Tanu Weds Manu' and 'Raanjhanaa', has directed Raksha Bandhan (2022). Raksha Bandhan is anticipated to follow in the director's tradition of producing emotionally charged dramas with compelling characters and deep narratives. The film is made by Colour Yellow Productions, which has recently made popular movies like 'Badhaai Ho' and 'Shubh Mangal Saavdhan'.

Raksha Bandhan is a highly enthusiastic movie that promises to capture fans' hearts with its stirring narrative and outstanding performers. The film has earned approximately 61 crore rupees against the budget of 70 crore rupees.

Raksha Bandhan Review


Gayatri, Durga, Laxmi, and Saraswati are Lala Kedarnath's four sisters; he is their eldest and sole sibling. Lala Kedarnath owns and operates Premlata Chat Bhandar, a chaat stand that his paternal grandfather founded. On her deathbed, Lala makes a commitment to his elderly mother that he will wait to get married until he has successfully placed his sisters in suitable marriages. Lala's tireless efforts to get his sisters married while respecting his family values fail due to the obstacles in finding acceptable husbands for his sisters, mainly due to Lakshmi's dark complexion, Durga's weight and Saraswati's masculine demeanour. Lala's dedication to his sisters, however, is a significant barrier to developing his relationship with Sapna, his childhood sweetheart.

Sapna resolves to wait till his (Lala's) objective is accomplished since she recognizes the significance of Lala's commitment. However, her father, Harishankar, nags her nonstop to get married to another guy instead. Later, Lala succeeds in collecting 18 lakh rupees ($23,000) for Gayatri's dowry. Gayatri marries a man. It is revealed after the wedding that Lala is not really their brother and that their mother adopted him years ago when his original mother passed away close to the temple. Lala sells one of his kidneys to raise money for Durga and Laxmi's wedding, but things don't go as planned when Gayatri ingests poison. Her husband and in-laws were requesting more dowry. She refrained from speaking to Lala since she didn't want to add to his anxiety. Lala acknowledges the drawbacks of the dowry system and makes a promise to empower his other three sisters, so they will be allowed to select their own husbands and be married.

Lala ends all communication with Sapna and requests that she wed the man of her father's choosing. Harishankar urges Sapna to break the alliance after realizing she still has feelings for Lala on the day of Sapna's wedding. Sapna dissolves the union and chooses to wait for Lala. Twelve years later, since Sapna's engagement with Swapnil was already broken, Laxmi (Lala's sister) marries him despite his falling in love with Sapna earlier. As a lawyer, after receiving her law degree, Durga successfully prosecutes Gayathri's husband and has him imprisoned on dowry-related charges. Later, she weds a classmate. Saraswati married her police partner and worked as a cop. At the age of 60, Lala finally completes his mother's ambition and marries Sapna.

Raksha Bandhan Review


Time is put on hold when you are by your siblings. They are the guardians of relationships and memories. They add shading and cover us from the harshness and uncertainty of the outside world. They add brightness to every aspect of existence. They are a constant ally. With a small tribute to this phenomenal relationship comes the film Raksha Bandhan where a brother's bond with his sisters is the centrepiece of a beautiful story about the incredibly sweet and unconditional love that siblings share.

The oldest and lone brother of 4 sisters, named Lala Kedarnath, owns and operates a chaat shop. When Lala's mother was taking her last breath due to her medical condition, fortunately, Lala was there when the time came for her death, and before dying, she asked Lala to make a promise to her as her last wish. On her deathbed, Lala makes a commitment to his dying mother that he will wait to get married until he has successfully found suitable grooms for his sisters and gotten them all married.

Lala never forgets the promise he made to his dying mother, and hence he works tirelessly to uphold his commitment to his mother and gather the desired wealth and assets in order to organize the marriages of his sisters. The planned money was even higher than the cost of organizing a marriage because additional money was needed to give dowry to the future groom of his sisters, which all in all summed to be quite a huge amount for a chaat seller to gather. Regardless, he never gives up on his goal and continues his hardships. During the initial phase of the story, his loving relationship with his sisters is strongly highlighted during the course of this tour through heartwarming exchanges and lighthearted teasing. Even though they frequently argue about little things, the siblings constantly support one another. Each of them is prepared to roll up their sleeves if an outsider even lifts a finger toward them. The movie transports the audience back to the carefree, sunny years of childhood, when playing tricks and mischief with one's siblings served as a cure-all for all of life's ills.

Lala encounters difficulties in his personal life, specifically in his relationship with Sapna, and the love of his childhood, while honouring his family's ideals and striving to keep his pledge. A girl named Sapna has given her heart to Lala. Her father, a government worker who is about to retire, wants her to get married before he loses his job because finding a suitable groom for Sapna would be quite difficult once he retires. But the development of Lala and Sapna's love story is severely hampered by his loyalty to his sisters and his promise to his mother. Through thick and thin, Sapna chooses to wait till his aim is accomplished after realizing the significance of Lala's commitment.

After Lala makes all the necessary arrangements by himself, he locates and persuades a local matchmaker named Shanu to assist the oldest sister?Lala's favourite?in getting married. For the following two sisters in line, he also locates a pair of twins and starts setting up the dowries for each of their marriages. Sapna believes their love tale is nearly over as things begin to turn around.

At this point, the world conspires against the small family of Lala, and the family suffers a tragedy. They get together to conquer challenges and battle against all odds. Lala Kedarnath discovers that he has transformed, and he commits his life to keeping his mother's pledge by finding his sister's appropriate partners. With Sapna becoming his 55-year-old bride and Lala being the happiest groom to dance in his marriage at the age of 60, he is finally able to bring a happy ending to his love tale and give justice to the loyalty and patience of Sapna's love for him. Family values, unity, love, and even sacrifice are all celebrated in the tale of Raksha Bandhan. It is most noteworthy that the link between a brother and his sister is one of the most priceless and special kinds of familial ties because when no one cares about your existence, your sibling becomes the moon for you to shine the brightness of the sun towards you.

Raksha Bandhan Review


Aanand L. Rai's heartwarming and tear-jerking film, Raksha Bandhan, honours the value of family in our lives. A brother and his sisters' relationship and how they work together to overcome obstacles are the film's central themes.

Akshay Kumar gives an intense performance as the brother who fiercely guards his sisters. Besides this, he also has to manage his childhood sweetheart, played by newcomer Bhumi Pednekar. Both the actors have great on-screen chemistry, and their bond seems genuine and relatable but their life together is difficult. Despite the hardships, we see the love, selflessness and support that he provides towards her and his siblings.

The sister encounters prejudice and discrimination because of her gender, making gender equality one of the movie's central themes. The film emphasizes the need to provide women with equal opportunity and support inside the family and how this can significantly improve their lives. In today's world, when gender discrimination is still a major problem, this lesson is especially pertinent.

Other significant societal issues, including financial hardships and social stigmas, are also covered in the film. We learn the value of tenacity and persistence in overcoming obstacles from the trials a sibling experiences in this film. Although the film does not sugarcoat the harsh realities of life, it offers optimism and hope for a better future.

The movie's storyline is one of its best features. The story moves along quickly and is interesting, with both dramatic and humorous parts. The movie maintains the viewer's interest in the plot while the characters and the emotional scenes are sincerely moving. The plot is enriched by excellent direction and cinematography, which also features stunning scenes.

The value of family, love, and gender equality are all highlighted in the must-see film Raksha Bandhan. The plot is interesting and emotive, the acting is good, and the directing is superb. The film strikes the ideal balance between substance and flair by entertaining viewers while simultaneously conveying a crucial message.

In conclusion, Raksha Bandhan is a film that profoundly affects the viewers. It is a potent reminder of the family's value and sibling ties' durability.


The movie Raksha Bandhan emphasizes the value of gender equality, family, and love. In the film, Akshay Kumar plays a brother looking for his siblings after their mother dies. The film addresses the relationship between siblings and the sacrifices that come with being a family through an emotional journey.

The value of family is one of the film's central themes. The film demonstrates that family is made up of more than just your blood relatives but also your friends and supporters. In the film, the relationship between siblings is strongly emphasized. After their mother passes away, the brother in the movie looks after his younger siblings. He adopts a fatherly role toward them and does everything in his power to keep them content and secure. The film depicts the importance of cherishing family ties and shows that they will be with you in both good and bad times.

The movie also addresses the subject of love. The film demonstrates the diversity of love and the fact that essential things cannot be achieved without romantic love. The bonds of affection between friends, siblings, and parents are all significant. The film demonstrates that love is about being there for one another and encouraging one another no matter what. Any healthy relationship is built on love. Therefore, it's crucial to cultivate and value those connections. The subject of gender equality is also covered in the film. In the movie, the brother looks after his younger siblings, a task traditionally performed by women in Indian culture. The film questions gender stereotypes and demonstrates that men can provide for and nurture others. The film honours the fortitude and tenacity of women while simultaneously demonstrating the value that males can provide to the family unit.

Overall, the message of the film Raksha Bandhan is that gender equality, family, and love are all significant concepts that should be honoured. The film demonstrates that family is made up of more than just your blood relatives but also your friends and supporters. Any healthy relationship is built on love. Therefore, it's crucial to cultivate and value those connections. The film questions gender stereotypes and honours the tenacity and resiliency of both men and women. The film Raksha Bandhan is a must-see that profoundly affects its viewers.

Awards and Nominations

Despite showing the reality of human life and displaying the negativities spread all around, this film did not get any notable awards. However, one of its songs "Tere Saath Hoon Main" became a big hit and was well-received. Due to this, it was selected as one of the 2023 nominees for Bollywood Life - Hindi Film Award for Best Lyrics/ Song.

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