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Love Today Review

About Love Today

Release Date 4 November 2022
Director Pradeep Ranganathan
Producer Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S.Ganesh, Kalpathi S.Suresh
Starring (Main Lead) Pradeep Ranganathan, Ivana
Starring (Supporting Role) Sathyaraj, Yogi Babu, Radhika Sarathkumar, Raveena, Finally Bharath, Adithya Kathir, Aajeedh Khalique, Vijay Varadaraj, Akshaya Udayakumar and more
Language Tamil
Dubbed Language Availability Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam
Writer Pradeep Ranganathan
Duration 2 hours 34 minutes
Cinematography Dinesh Purushothaman, Sandy
Music Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production AGS Entertainment
Certification India: U/A , Australia: MA15+ , Canada: PG , Singapore: PG13 , United Kingdom: 15 , United Arab Emirates: 18TC


Love Today is a romantic comedy-drama film released in 2022 in the Tamil language that was written and directed by Pradeep Ranganathan as his follow-up after Comali. It was also produced by Kalapathi S. Aghoram under the umbrella of AGS Entertainment. The movie's creative producer is Archana Kalpathi. In addition to Pradeep Ranganathan (in his acting debut), Ivana, Raveena Ravi, Yogi Babu, Sathyaraj, and Raadhika Sarathkumar, the movie also stars Yogi Babu in supporting parts. Yuvan Shankar Raja wrote the soundtrack for the movie, and Dinesh Purushothaman and Pradeep E. Ragav handled the photography and editing, respectively. Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi are among the 5 languages in which viewers can watch the movie.

Love Today Review

The character of Uthaman Pradeep (Pradeep Ranganathan), a 24-year-old support engineer working at Cognizant in Chennai, and Nikitha (Ivana), Advocate Venu Sastri's (Sathyaraj) daughter, are explored in the film Love Today. From each of their families, their bond is kept secret. They are prepared to advance their relationship to the next stage, i.e., marriage, because they feel they know each other completely. Venu, on the other hand, learns of Nikitha's relationship with Pradeep and asks him to come to his house to talk about it.

Venu is initially sceptical of Pradeep, but his charm and sincerity eventually win him over. He agrees to let Pradeep and Nikitha marry, but he sets one condition: they must swap phones for 24 hours before the wedding. This condition is designed to help them get to know each other better and see if they can handle long-term relationship challenges.

Over the 24 hours, Pradeep and Nikitha learn a lot about each other. They figure out that they have different interests, values, and ways of viewing the world. However, they also discover they have a deep connection and are willing to work through their differences.

Ultimately, Pradeep and Nikitha get married and live happily ever after. Love Today is a heartwarming and relatable film exploring the power of love and the importance of communication. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship in this modern world should watch this one.

On 4 November 2022, Love Today was theatrically released. Love Today was a low-budget margin film and was made at an expense of around 5 crores. However, despite its low budget, it bagged a total whooping amount of 150 crore rupees at the box office.

Here are some of the things that critics and audiences praised about the film:

  • The direction of Pradeep Ranganathan was praised for being fresh and original.
  • The screenplay was praised for being well-written and engaging.
  • The story was praised for being relatable and heartwarming.
  • The music was praised for being catchy and upbeat.
  • The editing was praised for being smooth and seamless.
  • The cinematography was praised for being beautiful and atmospheric.
  • The humour was praised for being light-hearted and witty.
  • The social message the movie provided was praised for being relevant and important.
  • The cast performances were praised for being energetic and charming.

Overall, Love Today is a well-made and enjoyable film that will surely please audiences of all ages. To summarize, Love Today is a charming and joyful movie examining various ways people might find love. From early crushes to committed partnerships, the movie follows a group of interwoven characters as they experience the highs and lows of love. Through it all, the movie praises how much love can change our lives and give us a sense of joy, fulfilment, and aliveness.

The varied group of characters in the movie, which spans all ages, races, and sexual orientations, makes it stand out. The film's portrayal of love, which is shown as a universal emotion that transcends all individual distinctions, reflects this diversity.

Love Today is a feel-good film that will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful about love. If you're looking for a heart-warming and uplifting film to watch, this film is the one to get your eyes on.


The relationship between Nikitha, the daughter of Adv. Venu Sastri, and Uthaman Pradeep, a 24-year-old support engineer working for Cognizant in Chennai, remain secret from their families. They feel they are inseparable and are currently prepared to move their relationship to the next stage?marriage?but they must first attend Pradeep's older sister Divya's wedding to Yogi, an unattractive dentist whose morals she admires. Venu nevertheless learns of Nikitha's relationship with Pradeep and calls him over to talk. He initially playfully teases Pradeep before offering an odd deal: if Pradeep and Nikitha switch cell phones for a day and spend time together to know each other properly. If there are no issues after that, Venu will approve their wedding. However, they must break away if not. Pradeep and Nikitha reluctantly agree to his suggestion, but the former (Pradeep) deletes all the WhatsApp communications before giving Nikitha the phone.

After four days, Divya is supposed to marry Yogi, and Pradeep comes home. Instigated by his pals, Pradeep reads through Nikitha's WhatsApp discussion with her boy best friend, Revi, and learns that he approached Nikitha, but she turned him down because she was already having an affair with Pradeep. However, the latter is saddened since Nikitha is close to Revi and confides in him despite being aware of his skewed or one-sided affection for her. He also believes that Nikitha deceived him (Pradeep) and drove to Puducherry late at night with her ex-boyfriend Mamakutty a few days before. He angrily calls Nikita, confronts her, and challenges her allegiance, leaving her inconsolable. The following day, Pradeep offers Venu that the phones will not be switched until after Divya's wedding, and Venu agrees. In a covert suggestion, Venu suggests Nikitha to recover all the erased messages from his (Pradeep's) phone. When Divya learns about Pradeep's predicament and finds that Yogi also has always been too cautious of his phone, her previously great trust in him starts to wane. She starts to distrust him.

To check the contents of Yogi's phone, Divya attempts to take it from him with the help of her friends and Pradeep. Her efforts widen the rift between the two of them. When Nikitha discovers Pradeep's addiction to porn, his attempts to make small talk with his ex-girlfriend, and his discussions with other women while posing as a filmmaker, the relationship between them deteriorates. Pradeep notices that he is still signed into a different Instagram account on his phone, which is being used by several of his college friends alongside him for nefarious activities. Pradeep invites Nikitha to a restaurant to log out of that account, but she accompanies Revi, leading Pradeep to dismay. When Pradeep tries to take his phone from Nikitha, his pals attempt to deactivate the account and send an OTP to his phone; Revi then assists Nikitha in obtaining the phone and the incident reveals the account. Pradeep receives a slap from Nikitha as she accuses him of sending her and her sister Shwetha pornographic texts from the same account. Despite Pradeep's denials, Nikitha ends their relationship. He continues to attack Revi for meddling, further dividing the two of them. When Pradeep gets back home, he starts to argue with his best buddy Mani and believes he is responsible for the texts, even though Mani insists that he didn't.

Pradeep attempts to assist Divya in stealing Yogi's phone during their wedding reception after confronting him about his phone's secrecy, but his mother, Saraswathi, slaps him instead. He breaks down when she confronts him about his actions and recounts everything. To comfort him, Saraswathi encourages Pradeep to put his faith in Nikitha, though he has only been counting on her (Nikitha) to be reliable toward him all along.

A porn video supposedly featuring Nikitha appears elsewhere and is viewed by everyone. Despite Nikitha's protests that the woman in the video is not her, Venu refuses to believe her, physically beats her and disowns her. After breaking down, Nikita runs away from her home. Pradeep receives a call from Shwetha informing him of the happenings, and then he starts looking for Nikita while his accomplices keep calling Nikita's acquaintances asking about her whereabouts. While Pradeep's associate, an ethical hacker, discovers that the clip was altered by Nikitha's publicity-obsessed colleague Kaushik, Revi, whom she has always trusted, refuses to believe her. During this period, Pradeep finds a tree that he had planted to grow in his childhood and used to dig it continuously to see if it was growing, has now turned into a tree, and is full of fruits. Because he stopped looking and digging for it to continue investigating and instead believed in it, the tree grew. This ultimately makes him aware of the value of trust in relationships. While Kaushik confesses his crimes online and is apprehended by the police, Pradeep also finds Nikitha near a beach and reconciles with her. Venu explains to the couple that he didn't ask them to exchange phones to end their relationship but to test their ability to trust one another in the face of difficulties. He consents to their weddings and requests that Pradeep meets with his mother to review the details. Venu suggests they swap mobile phones for another test once they meet Saraswathi.

Love Today Review


In the trailer for Pradeep Ranganathan's film Love Today, we could see the tension that drives the storyline. Even though it seemed like a wonderful idea, there were some concerns about how Pradeep would have been able to make this premise into a full-length movie. The filmmaker, who also makes his playing debut in the lead role, has managed to strike the ideal balance between a series of intriguing events and a lighthearted script. One of the best things about the movie Love Today is that it has real, flawed characters that are trying to get better at their core.

Love Today is a fun-filled outlook on modern relationships and how using a cell phone when we're alone might reveal our true selves. If this plot had been a one-sided relationship, the script would have been the worst ever created. Pradeep, on the other hand, has handled it well and tried to present a story about flawed characters from many angles equally challenging both the people involved in the relationship. Along the way, he makes it clear how important trust is to any successful partnership.

If the primary protagonists had been the only thing on the screen, the script would have suffered. But the director should be commended for including an interesting side story between Raveena Ravi and Yogi Babu. In conclusion, the film also examines the psychological impact that body shaming has on the victim. Even if the film has a number of exaggerations and mistakes, viewers may ignore them because of how entertaining it is overall. Pradeep incorporated some funny moments that kids are sure to find appealing, indicating that he was mindful of the mood of his audience. As an actor, he has done a pretty good job. As the scenario draws to a close, the background music by Yuvan Shankar Raja heightens the tension and gives more substance to the plot.

Love Today is an enjoyable film overall and a terrific weekend activity, especially for kids to enjoy because it shows how current technology is used in today's generation's dating scene and how it has a significant impact.


The moral of the story is that love is a powerful force that can fundamentally alter our life. It can make us feel happy, positive, and alive. With its help, we can overcome obstacles and challenges, but when it comes to challenges, the opposite effect is also possible.

In the movie, the couple is forced to exchange phones for an entire day, which puts their loyalty to one another to the test. Chaos ensues as a result of their secrets being made public. However, they realize in the end that their union was always intended to be. They overcome their challenges and find enduring love.

This story is a reminder that love is not always easy. It demands commitment and effort and a healthy amount of compromise to synergize better. But it's worth it in the end. Love may enhance our lives in so many different ways. It can bring us happiness, and bravery, and give us a positive outlook towards life.

Here are some additional thoughts on the moral of the story:

  • Love is a choice to make: Even when circumstances are difficult, we choose to love someone and remain in love with them.
  • The peril of love: With love, we are at risk of loss, but we also create the possibility of being in genuine joy.
  • Love is an adventure: Although it is not always easy sailing, love is always worthwhile.

If you are looking for love then you must keep looking. It's waiting for you out there somewhere. Also, when you do, cherish it because love is a priceless gift.

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