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Spyder Review


Spyder is a bilingual spy thriller film directed and written by AR Murugadoss. On September 27, 2017, the movie was released in theatres. Mahesh Babu and Rakul Preet Singh play the key characters in this movie. Mahesh Babu makes his Tamil film debut with this movie.

Spyder Review

When it was revealed that Mahesh Babu and A R Murugadoss were working together on a movie, movie fans were ecstatic. The two factors created a massive obsession, and the trailers helped to publicize the film further. Mahesh Babu's assurance and remarks about the movie boosted more momentum than the trailers.

Cast and Crew


A.R. Murugadoss

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues:

A.R. Murugadoss


N. V. Prasad


NVR Cinema


  • Mahesh Babu
  • Rakul Preet Singh
  • S.J. Suryah
  • Veera Ravi KumarYalla
  • Bharath Srinivasan
  • Priyadarshi Pulikonda
  • R.J. Balaji
  • Sayaji Shinde
  • Nagineedu
  • V. Jayaprakash
  • Dheepa Ramanujam
  • Sendrayan
  • Himaja
  • Kani Kusruti
  • Ajay Rathnam
  • Hareesh Peradi
  • Shaji Chen


This movie was released in Tamil and Telugu languages.


Rs. 120 crores

Box Office Collection:

Rs. 90 crores - Rs. 110 crores (approximately)

The Plot of the Movie

Shiva is an I.B. agent who monitors people's calls and messages to assist them if necessary. He created a program to follow the phones of people with low incomes and listen to them.

On the evening of March 16, he hears Charlie discussing her desire to improve her test score to 98% from 96% to receive a scholarship to study in the United States with a friend. She chooses to go on a blind date with a guy to do that since she thinks it would help her focus on her schoolwork.

Spyder Review

Shiva pursues her, and they both develop feelings for one another. Nevertheless, he struggles to concentrate on his romantic life because of his employment.

On the evening of April 28, Shiva overhears a little girl on a call pleading with her friend for assistance because she is afraid and alone in her home. After all, there is no electricity there, but electricity is available to everyone else on her block.

Renuka, a cop friend of Shiva's, is dispatched to the girl's residence out of alarm. However, the two women's horrific deaths are reported in news headlines the next day. Shiva visits the crime site and leaves the IB out of remorse, but his father urges him to continue looking for the murderer.

Shiva monitors the girl's conversations and locations and learns that a man followed her to a café. Shiva can find another individual who knows the stalker through Facebook. He goes to the town where the stalker was raised. Shiva ultimately discovers the man's background from an elderly peasant.

To provide for his family, Bhairavudu's father had to perform burial rituals for the deceased; nevertheless, due to this work, Bhairavudu developed S.P.D. and an odd urge to kill people and observed the victims' relatives grieving.

When a villager's child witnesses his killing someone one day, he tells the people about it. Bhairavudu's parents were killed when the enraged crowd decided to set fire to his home. Enraged, Bhairavudu and his younger brother fled the village to carry out their murderous escapade.

He contacts his brother while looking for Bhairavudu and then eventually finds Bhairavudu. But the brutal serial killer intends to blow up a medical facility. The main plot is around Shiva preventing Bhairavudu from killing more people.

Spyder Review


Spyder Review Based on Critics

In the movie "Spyder", the role played by Mahesh Babu, Shiva is a determined officer working for the intelligence bureau who goes above and beyond what his job description asks him to do to intercept phones and listen in on people's conversations in an attempt to stop crimes before they happen.

He wants to help others, even if he needs to be recognized. He uses his software to listen to phone recordings of people and acts as a savior for those in need.

One such call recording introduces him to Bhairavudu, played by S.J. Suryah, a man who is the polar opposite of him and the epitome of evil who revels in the cries of others. An intriguing history reveals that Bhairavudu, the son of the cemetery keeper, was born among the sobs of grieving family members of a deceased individual whose body was ready to be cremated.

As a result, Bhairavudu also has a passion for suffering, which makes him a cold-blooded killer.

On the call, he overhears a woman discussing her anxiety about being alone, and the next moment she is dead. The police officer who goes to the scene to save her also dies. It is revealed that the murderer is a psychopath with an odd motivation for killing people. Bhairavudu's downfall begins from here. Shiva must track down the calls to catch both the murderer and his accomplice, the brother.

Spyder Review

The deadly cat-and-mouse game that keeps you gripped, at least until the intermission, starts right there. After that, events start to go bad. The movie is spooky in the sense that it doesn't go crazy. Although we don't anticipate a non-linear narration, a little suspense would have helped. But its plain narration puts the reader to sleep.

Shiva, played by Mahesh Babu, has a dashing screen presence and excels in the part. However, the only opportunity he has to shine as an honorable, upstanding person is in the sequences in which he is shocked by the horrible killings of helpless victims and sobs.

SJ Suryah, who plays Bhairavudu, is excellent in a part that is fashioned after the psychos in Hollywood films. More so than his performance, his persona is given weight by the brutality of the deeds he engages in?acts that will make you want to vomit.

Suryah always gets the finest lines, which he gleefully delivers. We are given a tremendous amount of background information on the villain before we meet him, information that takes us into some pretty dark territory. Suryah lives up to this reputation. It's fantastic that the bad guy has no desires.

Money is not his goal. He has no desire to rule the globe. He only desires to murder. He is pure Id, just like Christopher Nolan's Joker. The presence or performance of Mahesh Babu was all the more spectacular. Being a straight man facing out against such a showy opponent is always complex.

However, the actor's calm temperament and Swiss finishing school bear work in his favor. He has the most tranquil air since NTR, and what would be seen as flaws become a colossal strength in this plot, which isn't based on a current event and hence takes place on a higher mythological level than other masala films. There isn't a greater performer to portray God in opposition to SJ Suryah's Demon.

The other main character, Rakul Preet Singh, sings and dances to provide fun and romance to this otherwise sad story. The other characters are not particularly noteworthy because Spyder is focused on the conflict between Shiva and Bhairavudu.

Despite this, Spyder has tremendous production qualities, as shown in the gorgeously filmed songs and epic action sequences.

The movie has a couple of unbelievable sequences that leave us cold. Even a hurricane couldn't have had the same effect as a large boulder as it slides down, demolishing automobiles and appearing to level a hospital. Although, it then abruptly comes to an end. The film appeared to be high-tech and Hollywood-style based on the trailer.

However, Murugadoss' script fails to provide the thrills and shivers that the advertisements promised. Given that Mahesh's reputation as a "Superstar" is not upheld by this multilingual, Telugu audiences may be especially disappointed. A little glass of hydrochloric acid on a large boulder finally opens the door to the finale.

Shiva recites terms from social media like "like" and "share" combined with an age-old message about assisting humanity. The entire sequence of Mahesh Babu visiting Bhairavudu village and learning about his early life is engaging. This is a Murugadoss trademark. After a brief break, the confrontation between S J Surya, a serial murderer, and Mahesh Babu begins. This has been well arranged.

The film's first half is well-depicted, despite a predictable romantic subplot and recognizable family scenes. There is not much of a narrative to be explored after the antagonist's name and motivations are known. Murugadoss needs to improve in this area. He completely loses control when describing the second half.

The story of how Mahesh Babu apprehends this merciless criminal is tedious and nonsensical. In the second part, there is a nearly 30-minute-long sequence where Mahesh Babu employs a group of women watching TV serials to pinpoint the home where Surya is hiding. This episode may be fascinating on paper, but the execution falls flat.

Following the conclusion of this episode, the narrative shifts to the penultimate segments, which are once more created carelessly. The scenes with Mahesh Babu and Surya and the mental tricks Surya employs are intriguing and original; this section would have worked out more beautifully.

Murugadoss's writing abilities completely failed him during the movie's most important scene. The penultimate sequences are challenging in terms of both logic and patience.

Although the entire film is told in an action-thriller style, the hero delivers a strong message that is more like humor than a serious message towards the conclusion. One of the worst endings produced is the one in this climax.

Overall, "Spyder" is a letdown since it is neither Murugadoss's finest film nor Mahesh Babu's best performance, despite its intriguing first half and several well-packed sequences. Other than a few little parts, it needs an engaging quality.

Spyder Review Based on Viewers

The movie received a variety of reviews from the audience. While some people were quite pleased with the performance and plot, others didn't think the scene made sense.

Some viewers expressed great satisfaction with the film. The movie had some good graphics and other not-so-good visuals, and there were certain instances when certain things needed to be more convincing. Still, generally, they attempted to do something different and almost succeeded, according to one of them.

Someone else comments, "My first Telugu movie in the movies, that too watched the first-day first show did not fail me at all, the movie was excellent like not even a single part was dull a perfect thriller." SJ Suriya and Mahesh Babu were excellent in their parts. Seeing them on the screen was wonderful.

Some of the viewers claimed that the film needed more credit. They observed that it is absurd that critics claim Spyder lacks logic because it is a stylish ARM thriller with a memorable antagonist. They gave the film a 3/5. Some others said that the movie was good and fresh and that no scene appeared to be lifted from another film.

While some spectators have opposing views about the film, one criticized its plot, writing, and screenplay, saying he couldn't believe Murugadoss wrote it and Mahesh Babu played the lead role. One of the spectators said that the movie's narration was terrible.

Spyder Review

A few viewers think that the wickedness in the film is superior to the heroism. One person claimed that the movie "Heroism" was somewhat simplistic in its cinematic sense. One more spectator commented that although the idea sounded, the execution could be better. The second half was ridiculous, especially how the hero captured the villain, but the first half was excellent.

Some even said that paying to see the movie wastes money. One of the viewers claimed that Mahesh Babu had performed poorly. One more asserted that it is a replica of The Dark Knight.


The reviews for "Spyder" from both reviewers and audiences were conflicting. While some people applauded the film's original idea, Mahesh Babu's acting, and the suspenseful cat-and-mouse game, others thought the pacing could have been faster and the storyline more consistent.

Many people praised the technical elements, notably the action scenes and cinematography. Spy thriller enthusiasts may find "Spyder" an ambitious effort, but it lacks the broad appreciation it deserves due to its shortcomings.

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