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Annaatthe Review


'Annaatthe' is an Indian Tamil-language family movie of the genre action-drama that was released on November 4, 2021, on the occasion of Diwali. Fans of Rajinikanth anxiously anticipated this movie although due to the outbreak of Covid, the release of this movie was essentially delayed. The film 'Annaatthe' has also been made available in Telugu under the title 'Peddanna'. The Hindi-language audience got to see the Rajinikanth starring movie a little late as it wasn't available in Hindi dub and also didn't have subtitles initially.

The movie is directed by none other than Siva and produced by Kalanithi Maran. The writers of the movie include Siva, Savari Muthu, and Anthony Bhagya Raj, and the dialogues are written Chandan Pachaimuthu. The cinematography and editing are done by Verti and Ruben respectively. The music is composed by D. Maan.


A family drama with action, 'Annaatthe' is a fantastic movie, but still, it doesn't look as nice as Rajinikanth's earlier movies. The audience may find the plot of this movie to be a little clumsy as it does not maintain any kind of connection till the finish. The viewers might say that the movie is too lengthy. Most of the dramatization that occurs in the movie is unnecessarily stretched. The movie's plot is rather obvious. Even though the first part of the movie is not that bad, the second part looks really dragged out. The story's characters needed to be explored further in depth. The film didn't have the desired impact that was required for it to have on the viewer.

Other than that, 'Annaatthe' is successful in evoking strong emotions in the heart of its audience. The action scenes in the movie are passable but look a little overly theatrical, and the VFX effects are a little underwhelming. One thing that is positive about this movie is that in a Tamil movie, for the first time our Indian culture, customs, and traditions have finally been respectfully displayed.

This movie transports us back to the 1990s. Rajinikanth sir deserves praise for his excellent performance in the movie despite his advanced age. Rajinikanth's enthusiasm, swagger, passion, working manner, and line delivery in the movie make it impossible for us to believe that he is advanced in age as we see him still able to perform such a job despite his health continually worsening. The movie has certain sequences that resemble the ones from TV serials. Rajinikanth sir, the superstar, is the one who carries the whole movie. Everyone should watch this movie at least once if they are fans of Rajinikanth sir because everyone would be inspired by watching the enthusiasm of the actor in this day and age.

Annaatthe Review

There are times when the movie's ambient music is at its peak. The music that is featured in the movie is excellent and very soothing to the ears. The songs have been nicely illustrated. The movie also features some comedic elements that add to the magic that it aspires to create.

The film is directed by Siva. Shiva has so far helmed 9 films. Most of the films have been box-office successes. This movie, however, is the first one that Siva and Rajinikanth made together. It is painful to experience that this movie appears to be Siva's least appreciated work to date. It was created by the so far successful director by mixing five of his own flicks. In the movie, Kirti Suresh did a fantastic job with his acting skills. He did a great job at portraying his role in the best way possible. But throughout the movie, his character frequently cries which leads the viewers to think that the portrayal as well as the development of the characters should have been done in a better way.

Story of the Movie

The tale of this movie begins on one note, but it concludes on something else. It is challenging to foresee how this narrative would turn out from the very beginning. Because Prakash Raj, who plays the villain in the first half of the movie, turns into a decent guy in the second half. The film's audience will find it challenging to determine who the true antagonist is in such a scenario. This helps to keep people engaged throughout the entire movie. Although, it appears as though would have guessed it by the end. Speaking of performing in the movie, every actor in this one is hilarious. Everyone's acting is superb and makes the movie work out after all.


The boy and girl's love is the central theme of the entire narrative. Consequently, you will also get to witness the basis for the sister and brother's strong bond in this movie. How much a sister loves her brother and what a brother can do for her. In this movie, you will see his example.

Rajinikanth's 'Annaatthe' movie is now available on Netflix. This movie runs for 2 hours and 43 minutes in total. It had an overall 180 crore budget. Despite the fact that this movie hasn't been given a wide distribution. The movie is a must-watch for the fans of Thalaiva and those who enjoy seeing India's cultural representation at its best.

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