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Oh Baby Movie Review

B. V. Nandini Reddy is the director of the fantasy comedy Oh! Baby, which was released in 2019 in India's Telugu language. The lead actors in the film are Lakshmi and Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Lakshmi, a character in the novel, is a woman in her 70s who magically changes into Samantha, a character in her 24s, after taking her picture at a mystery photo studio. The film is a translation of the South Korean movie Miss Granny from 2014. Sajja Teja, Rajendra Prasad, Naga Shaurya, and Rao Ramesh all play supporting roles. Mickey J. Meyer wrote the song's music.

Oh Baby Movie Review

In December 2018, the movie's leading photography commenced. Samantha's acting was praised in the good reviews of the film, which had its theatrical debut on July 5, 2019. It was prosperous on the market. Jabudani, a remake, is currently being worked on by Sajid Nadiadwala.


  • Lakshmi as 70-year-old Savithri, alias "Baby".
  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu as young Savithri.
  • Rajendra Prasad as Pasupuleti Kanakaraju, aka "Chanti", Baby's childhood friend.
  • Naga Chaitanya as young Chanti.
  • Naga Shourya as Vikram, Swathi's boyfriend.
  • Rao Ramesh as Shekar alias "Nani", Baby's son.
  • Sajja Teja as Ramakrishna "Rocky", Baby's grandson and Shekar's son.
  • Pragathi as Madhavi, Baby's daughter-in-law, and Shekar's wife.
  • Aneesha Dama as Divya, Baby's granddaughter, and Shekar's daughter.


You can see why Oh! Baby director Nandini Reddy believed there might be more negative feedback if she made the movie. Numerous things may have gone wrong, and replicating it's a complex movie. It's an easy feat to pull off, and it can appear insincere or even ridiculous, to turn a grumpy older woman into an attractive young lady. At the same time, she retains her irritable old nature. All we can say is Oh! Baby Since Nandini appears to be in perfect charge of the direction, Samantha offers her best performance.

Oh Baby Movie Review

As the tone for the entire movie is established during the opening 20 minutes, they are the most important. When Baby (Lakshmi), a grumpy, whiny older woman, is first presented, Chanti (Rajendra Prasad), her devoted friend, sits by her side and tries to calm her down. Baby is constantly arguing with her daughter-in-law and snapping at virtually everyone around her. She sees in her grandson the realization of her unfulfilled hopes because her son Nani (Rao Ramesh) is a professor. Baby wishes she could go back in time and be a child again so she could follow her passion and accomplish the things she's always wanted to do after getting into a fight with her daughter-in-law and having to leave the house. She enters a photo studio and, as luck would have it, changes back into her 24-year-old self. Immediately after that, chaos ensues. Oh! Baby has many positive aspects. It's hilarious how the older woman conducts herself in the way of a 20-something woman. The narrative is straightforward, the acting is top-notch, and Mickey J. Meyer's music is lovely.

Oh Baby Movie Review

When Samantha sees her son, she gets up from her chair to welcome him, but then she realizes she isn't his mother, who is 70 years old, but rather someone else, much younger. It is fun to observe the baby's puzzle. Her erratic feelings, inner demons, lost possibilities, and scorching desires all come to the fore.

The movie, especially in the second half, is frequently slightly too melodramatic. A few times, the movie veers away from its lighthearted nature and turns into a bit of a sobfest, making the film's 161-minute runtime a little excessive. There are more than is necessary for the emotionally charged scenes, while some are beautifully shot and moving.

Lakshmi's performance as the older Baby is outstanding, but Samantha's adaptation of the role and personalization of the character are impressive. She plays a considerably older character without seeming awkward about it (not in terms of appearance, mind you, but in terms of disposition), and her Rajahmundry accent is spot on. Rao Ramesh, who is once again in his element, and Rajendra Prasad, who serves as the film's backbone, excel.

Except for a few slightly theatrical scenes in the latter half, Oh! The journey through Baby is fun. This movie has the appropriate heart, and many inspirational moments can be gleaned from it. Tollywood is better off due to Nandini Reddy's successful adaptation of the Korean classic Miss Granny and its personalization of it.


A hyperactive older woman named Baby (Lakshmi) manages a canteen alone. Her daughter-in-law dislikes her because of the way she rules. Baby is expelled from the home due to a minor family conflict. However, odd events occur in her life, and Baby desires to reincarnate as this young woman and resume her existence. The remainder of the narrative describes how Samantha, a brand-new baby, takes advantage of this chance and lives peacefully.

Oh Baby Movie Review

Plus Points

Despite being a remake, Nandini Reddy did an excellent job at establishing the story in Telugu culture. Oh! Baby is Nandini's best piece of work to date. She has excelled in her profession.

The work Samantha has done with Oh Baby is so difficult to describe. She gives a powerful, funny, and career-best performance that makes the movie her own and carries you along for the trip. Samantha will appear as an actress, not the main character in the film. All of her scenes with Rajendra Prasad and the dramatic scene with Rao Ramesh will undoubtedly bring your eyes to tears. Sam demonstrates that she is professionally at the top of her game right now, from her attire to her comic timing.

Without Rajendra Prasad, the movie is unimaginable. He is fantastic as Sam's best buddy, and the senior actor and Samantha have great chemistry. His facial expressions in the film are hilarious. The movie's first fifteen minutes are it's most important, and senior performer Lakshmi plays a crucial role in setting this section up properly with her seasoned portrayal, which also nicely sets the tone.

Oh Baby Movie Review

In his supporting role, Naga Shourya is tidy and looks good. Rao Ramesh plays an emotionally charged character, and the familial values he portrays are excellent and greatly enhance the movie. Teja, a former child actor who became a hero, performs excellently in his debut movie. He receives a substantial role and thoroughly dazzles. As Rajendra Prasad's nagging daughter, Sunaina does an excellent job.

Pragati is excellent in her part and arouses positive feelings. Funny humor and realistic emotions are well-displayed in the movie's first half. The climax has been handled nicely, and the way that it is resolved also seems complete.

Negative Points

The movie's second half drags on and feels drawn out. The proceedings may have been condensed to improve the situation. As the tempo slows and things become dull, the events become predictable in the second half.

Technical Considerations

The movie has excellent production values because it is well-funded in many ways. The cameraman expertly captures the uplifting tone of the film. The editing may have been shortened by ten minutes, which would have been about right. Both Samantha and Naga Shourya have excellent styling. Though his BGM was wonderful, Mickey J. Meyer's music is fantastic.

Chinmayi deserves special recognition because the dubbing she did for Sam's performance was adequate. Regarding the film's director, Nandini Reddy, she did a fantastic job. She did a tremendous job of highlighting Samantha and narrating the movie in an emotional way that upheld strong morals and provided family-friendly entertainment.

Critical Reception

Except for certain slightly dramatic scenes in the movie's latter half, The Times of India scored the film 3.5 out of 5 stars and wrote, "Oh! The ride with Baby is fun. It's a movie with a good heart and lots of inspirational moments. Tollywood has benefited from Nandini Reddy's successful adaptation of the Korean classic Miss Granny by making it her own. According to The Indian Express, Samantha Akkineni "thrives in the part that symbolizes the potential of youth, the difficulties of old age, and the society's apathy to the wants and concerns of old people. The film, written by Lakshmi Bhupala and director BV Nandini Reddy, effectively depicts the life cycle. Samantha provides Samantha's body language in this Nandini Reddy-directed movie with a respectful, comedic touch, according to The News Minute, which scored it four out of five stars.

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