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Farzi Review

Directed by Raj and DK wherein struggling artist wants to achieve success and build a fortune that will enable him to realise all his goals. He learns to create fake currency notes that looks like real currency that is made using cutting-edge technology. He soon trapped in the network of a notorious gang and becomes a part of a significant global crime. It is about life and growth of a wicked man, whose is desperate for revenge.

Farzi Review

Star Performance:

Shahid Kapoor melds naturally with Sunny (name of his character). The nicest aspect is that he rapidly picks up the accent and that when he uses Hindi slang, it does not seem like he is out of body. The actor works very hard to convey the man who is oppressed by his circumstances. It looks like the scorching sun even got to his face. It is difficult to represent a character that, while initially good, would eventually turn evil, play a crucial function, and act unethically while understanding that wealth does not equate with sophistication.

The find of Bhuvan Arora in Farzi must be my favourite. The actor makes his work look so easy and enjoyable. When he wants to, he has the charisma to make you both laugh and feel his emotions. You can see the performance he creates by using his entire being. I hope to see him accomplish more soon. Vijay Sethupathi was the only actor of his calibre who could perform with such ease. Any other actor might have come off as a joke if he had performed this role with the same body language, but Vijay was able to identify the oddity and sell it exceptionally well. He is sitting at a high-profile meeting with his head on his hands, you notice. To understand his range, you must notice the scenario in which he blackmails a powerful minister. Kay Kay Menon portrays the main antagonist (Mansoor Dalal) and does an excellent job of it as well. But the fundamental character exists merely to forward this narrative and has no other purpose. We have no idea who he is or what drives him. Raashi Khanna does a terrific job of portraying Megha subtly and without going overboard. But it bothers me that she is not present in several crucial scenes.

Amol Palekar is cast as the grandfather, and he makes a cute one-a moral person who desires to create a just society and dislikes taking the crooked path. But in the show's second part, his role is treated too sloppily. He has a neurological disorder that causes him to forget things, but after a while, it has no real impact on the overall situation.

Plus Points:

It might be challenging to balance all the personalities when a large group of creators produces a program or movie. But Raj & DK have significantly excelled in this area. Each one of the show's characters has significance. Every character has a role and a place in the story, whether it be a Kay Kay Menon gang member or a woman who wants to break up with her partner because of his socioeconomic class.

Given his immense talent, actor Vijay Sethupathi once again delivers a stunning performance in the production. He is focused as the task force officer, and a different performer would have had a more significant impact. His comic timing will make you laugh out loud. Scenes starring Vijay Sethupathi and the Central Minister are very entertaining. It is fun to watch him act silly and behave in specific ways.

Shahid Kapoor did a fantastic job as Sunny. Farzi's soul, around whom the entire story revolves, is Shahid. The performer gave it all: comedy, emotion, action, and romance. Shahid looks fantastic in the play, and his acting will draw rave reviews. In addition, the film's creators explored a few social issues through Shahid's persona.

Bhuvan Arora deserves special recognition for his role as Shahid's friend. Raashii Khanna portrays a significant character and shines in it. She had a great room to express herself, and the actress fit the part perfectly. Kay Kay Menon is excellent as the villain. Most of the time, the cat-and-mouse game between the police and the gangsters will keep us interested. They have logic and are well-written. It is amusing when Shahid and his crew break into a paper plant to commit robbery. There are many such lovely scenes, not just one. The action portion is very well-designed and stylish.

Minus Points:

The series has a long runtime. The impact will occasionally be diminished because of this excessive duration. The editing team made the show shorter to improve the viewing experience because the pace of the presentation occasionally slowed down significantly. The mid-portions could have been created better because they are dull. Some people might find the vulgarity and violence shown in the movie unpleasant.


Overall, Farzi is interesting. Its benefits include excellent acting, strong script, stunning action sequences, and humour. The show is worth watching at this weekend, except for its length and occasionally slow pacing.

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