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Beginning Movie Review


Vinoth Kishan, Gouri Kishan, and Rohini play the main characters in Jagan Vijaya's 2023 Tamil-language drama film Beginning. It was released on January 26, 2023. The movie was promoted as Asia's first split-screen movie before it came out. After working as a production assistant for various directors for fifteen years, Jagan Vijaya made his directorial debut. A Times of India reviewer gave an average assessment of the movie, who noted that "more than the content or its form, it's the lead actors who save the film." The words "impeccable performances, technical brilliance let down by uninspiring writing" were used in a Cinema Express review, along with the statement that "Beginning would have been an extremely inferior film in the hands of amateur leads." All in all, the movie got a couple of mixed reviews from critics.

Beginning Movie Review

Movie Cast

  • Gouri G. Kishan as Nithya
  • Vinod Kishan as Bala Subramaniam
  • Rohini as Bala Subramaniam's Mother
  • Lagubaran
  • Sachin
  • Mahendran
  • Uriyadi Suruli as Mahesh
  • KPY Bala as Bruce Lee

Movie Plot

Bala Subramaniam (Vinoth Kishan) and Nithya (Gouri K Kishan) are presented to us in the opening sequence, simultaneously on split screens. Bala Subramaniam is an autistic child kept in a room by his working mother, Rohini, for security concerns. He watches cartoons and cleans up the dishes most of the time. On her way to work, an IT worker, Nithya, is kidnapped by three masked guys and held captive in a cramped space.

Nithya locates an ancient phone in the room and dials a random number when she realizes there is no way out. The movie revolves around what follows and how Bala Subramaniam gets involved in her story.

Beginning Movie Review

Movie Reviews

Times of India

Critic's Rating: 2.5/5


The Beginning delivers two distinct storylines simultaneously on the screen and is marketed as Asia's first split-screen movie. The lives of two children with intellectual disabilities are examined in one, while an IT professional is kidnapped as she heads to work in the other. Like many other multi-threaded stories, this one also highlights these individuals' connections.

Beginning Movie Review

The tensions and the emotions are based on a fragile idea, leaving us wanting more, despite the split-screen narration's original attempt and re-evaluation of cinematic traditions. The form of The Beginning makes it fairly engaging and exciting at first. Despite being a split-screen movie, director Jagan Vijaya tries to make things plain for the audience, but occasionally the scripting could be more precise. Although Nithya goes through much pain, the staging makes it difficult for us to empathize with her situation. For the most part, laughing villains fail to convey the sense of fear required for a topic of this nature.

However, the filmmaker created a genuine and lovely portrayal of Bala Subramaniam's character and his way of living. He and Nithya had some exciting and emotionally complex phone chats. When we learned about the people responsible for Nithya's kidnapping and their useless and foolish intentions, all these positive moments started to melt away.

The leading performers save the movie, not the plot or the style. Gouri Kishan and Vinoth Kishan both gave excellent performances. When these two individuals are the only ones on screen, we are interested in the movie, but when others appear, things become confusing. Overall, The Beginning is unquestionably a start for experimental films with distinctive forms.

India Glitz

Critic's Rating: 3.0/5


"Beginning" is marketed as "Asia's first split-screen movie" when it hit the theatres. The USP is the creative attempt to show viewers two distinct events. The writing is crucial in these movies since an interesting script needs to be built around the original concept.

Vinoth Kishan first comes off as hitting it up and takes some time as the movie continues to inhabit the role entirely. However, the climax is where he shines. In the same way, Gouri G. Kishan fails to persuade the viewers that she is in danger. However, after the break, when she suffers a bad fate, the performance picks up and rises. Sachin, the bad guy, and then the two performers who play Chandru's goons are adequate, and Chandru is effective in his understated evil role. Rohini contributes her extensive knowledge to yet another little but significant part. Vinoth Kishan's persona is improved with the appearance of Lagubaran in a crucial role.

Beginning Movie Review

The final scene in "Beginning," when the unexpected figure of Balasubramaniam saves Nithya without physically saving her, works best. The comparisons created between Nithya and Rohini's characters suggest excellent writing lacking in other places, and the message communicated hits home. The growing bond between the two strangers is the centre of the entire believable story. There are a few sincere comedic moments, such as when Vinoth Kishan draws a line before noting a phone number in an emergency.

The background music by music director K.S. Sundaramurthy, the cinematography by Veerakumar, the editing by C.S. Premkumar, and the art direction by K.V. Murugamani all contributed to bringing the writer-directors vision to the big screen. Thirrupathi Brothers, directed by N. Linguswamy, has once more chosen to deliver Tamil fans a fresh movie. Jagan Vijaya, the writer-director, deserves recognition for his films' powerful themes and sentiments, which surpass originality.

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