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Gehraiyaan Movie Review


"Gehraiyaan" is a thought-provoking Indian film released in 2022, directed by Shakun Batra and produced by Karan Johar under Dharma Productions. The movie features renowned actors, including Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Dhairya Karwa. The narrative delves into the life of Alisha (played by Padukone), a yoga instructor facing marital challenges with her husband Karan (Karwa). A chance encounter with Zain (Chaturvedi), who is engaged to her cousin Tia (Panday), leads her to confront their shared past traumas. This connection prompts Alisha to question her own contentment and life choices.

Gehraiyaan Movie Review

"Gehraiyaan" presents a multi-dimensional cinematic experience, examining intricate themes such as affection, deceit, and self-exploration. The cinematography is captivating, showcasing remarkable performances from the ensemble cast. Nevertheless, the film tackles heavy subject matter that is emotionally intense and demanding for viewers.

The movie's strengths are its intricate character portrayals and profound thematic exploration. Alisha is meticulously developed, portraying both relatable qualities and imperfections. Her journey is one of navigating life's complexities, naturally involving missteps. Zain, equally intricate, grapples with his inner struggles. The film boldly exposes the shadows of love without opting for simplistic solutions.

Nonetheless, "Gehraiyaan" isn't without its shortcomings. Some segments experience slower pacing, and the film's emotional weight might prove overwhelming. Certain plot aspects need more development, contributing to a somewhat ambiguous ending.

Overall, "Gehraiyaan" is a skillfully crafted work that stimulates contemplation on the themes of love and deceit. While not universally accessible, it is poised to spark discussions and reflections among its audience.


Gehraiyaan Movie Review

Alisha (portrayed by Deepika Padukone), a woman of 30 years, finds herself in a state of uncertainty regarding her life path. She is engaged in a long-term relationship with Karthik (played by Dhairya Karwa) and questions whether he is her ideal partner. A chance encounter with Zain (depicted by Siddhant Chaturvedi), a spirited individual, ignites a newfound vitality within Alisha. Although drawn to Zain, she comprehends the intricacies accompanying any involvement with him.

Zain (embodied by Siddhant Chaturvedi), a man of 32 years, attains career success while grappling with personal challenges. His bond with Tia (portrayed by Ananya Panday) is clouded by uncertainty, making him question her compatibility as a life partner. The vulnerability emanating from Alisha captivates Zain, tempting him to embrace the risk of a connection with her.

Tia (played by Ananya Panday), a driven and ambitious 24-year-old, finds herself entwined with Zain but plagued by doubts about their compatibility. While his achievements attract her, concerns about his past shadow their potential future. Despite recognizing the complications, Tia is prepared to seize the opportunity of a relationship with Zain.

Karthik (depicted by Dhairya Karwa), aged 32, is a stable and dependable figure. Engaged with Alisha, he grapples with uncertainties about her history and the extent of his trust in her. Undeterred by potential risks, Karthik is open to the possibility of a deeper connection with Alisha.

In the role of Alisha's father, Vinod, Naseeruddin Shah portrays a multifaceted and flawed character. A prosperous businessman, Vinod's relationship with Alisha is intricate, showcasing the challenges of their dynamic.

Rajat Kapoor embodies Jitesh, Zain's closest confidant. A prosperous businessman with a penchant for pursuing romantic interests, Jitesh's role as a supportive friend is marred by questionable decisions that often lead Zain into predicaments.

These are the critical personas within the film "Gehraiyaan." The movie also features a talented ensemble of actors, including Anaaya Anand, Vihaan Chaudhary, and Rajat Kapoor.


Gehraiyaan Movie Review

"Gehraiyaan" is a 2022 Indian movie in the Hindi language, falling under the romantic drama genre. The film's director is Shakun Batra, and Karan Johar produced it through Dharma Productions. The cast includes Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Dhairya Karwa. The plot revolves around three friends, Alisha, Tia, and Zain, grappling with their inner struggles. A twist emerges when Zain enters Alisha's life, creating a magnetic connection between them despite his engagement to Tia. The movie delves into themes like unfaithfulness, deceit, and self-destructive behavior.

"Gehraiyaan" premiered on Amazon Prime Video on February 11, 2022. Reviews from critics were mixed; some applauded the acting and direction, while others criticized the film's duration and its handling of the subject matter.

The film's strong points are primarily reflected in the performances. Deepika Padukone delivers an exceptional portrayal of Alisha, a multifaceted and conflicted character. Siddhant Chaturvedi also shines as Zain, a charismatic yet tormented individual. Ananya Panday and Dhairya Karwa also contribute solid performances.

The directorial approach taken by Shakun Batra is noteworthy. The movie boasts visually captivating scenes with exquisite cinematography and an evocative musical score. Nevertheless, the movie's runtime occasionally exceeds two and a half hours, making it feel cumbersome. Additionally, the treatment of the subject matter can sometimes come across as overly assertive.

In conclusion, "Gehraiyaan" is a skillfully crafted film with commendable performances. Nonetheless, its extended duration and occasionally heavy-handed approach might only resonate with some viewers. Enthusiasts of Shakun Batra's earlier works, such as "Kapoor & Sons" and "Wake Up Sid," are likely to appreciate "Gehraiyaan." However, those seeking a more lighthearted and straightforward romantic drama might find it somewhat unsatisfying.

Review from Other Platforms

The Times of India: "Gehraiyaan presents an intimate portrayal of intricate relationships. It's a movie that leaves a lasting impact. The acting is of the highest quality, and the direction is sensitive and confident. If you seek a film that encourages contemplation about your connections, then Gehraiyaan is unquestionably a film to consider."

The Hindu: "Gehraiyaan dares to venture into the unconventional, delving into the shadows of love. The movie fearlessly displays the messy and intricate reality of relationships. The performances are superb, and the direction is sharp and elegant. If you're searching for a film that provokes thought, Gehraiyaan is undoubtedly worth your attention."

Film Companion: "Gehraiyaan is a film with its share of imperfections, yet ultimately rewarding. It's unafraid of taking risks, fundamentally focusing on the potency of love. The acting is commendable, and the direction is confident. For those seeking a film that lingers in the mind long after viewing, Gehraiyaan is undeniably a film worth considering."

NDTV: "Gehraiyaan is a skillfully crafted film with standout performances. However, the pacing is moderately gradual, and the plot follows a predictable trajectory. In sum, Gehraiyaan qualifies as a decent film, though it may not be an absolute must-watch."

The Indian Express: "Gehraiyaan is a film likely to generate varying audience reactions. Some may view it as a daring and stimulating exploration of contemporary relationships, while others might perceive it as excessively sad and bleak. Ultimately, Gehraiyaan merits attention for its performances and distinctive viewpoint on love."

Rediff: "Gehraiyaan unflinchingly exposes the shadows within love. The film is skillfully executed and brilliantly acted, but it may not resonate with every viewer. If you're after a film that challenges your thoughts and stimulates reflection, Gehraiyaan is certainly a film that deserves consideration."


"Gehraiyaan" is a romantic drama movie in the Hindi language, released in 2022, directed by Shakun Batra, and produced by Dharma Productions, led by Karan Johar. The cast includes notable actors Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Dhairya Karwa. The plot revolves around Alisha (portrayed by Padukone), a yoga instructor facing challenges in her relationship with her boyfriend, Karan (played by Karwa). A twist occurs when her cousin Tia (played by Panday) becomes engaged to Zain (depicted by Chaturvedi), leading to Alisha and Zain engaging in a forbidden relationship. The movie delves into themes such as unfaithfulness, emotional distress, and intricate human connections.

"Gehraiyaan" has garnered positive acclaim for its exceptional acting, skilled direction, and well-crafted screenplay. Deepika Padukone's performance has received a specific commendation, often hailed as one of the highlights of her career. The movie has also achieved financial success, amassing more than ?100 crores globally.

The film's merits stem from its multifaceted characters and willingness to tackle challenging subjects. The acting from Padukone, Chaturvedi, and Panday is outstanding, contributing to their standout portrayals. Shakun Batra's direction is precise, delivering a visually captivating and emotionally impactful film.

Nevertheless, the film does have some shortcomings. The pacing can be leisurely at specific points, and its exploration of infidelity might prove overwhelming for specific viewers. Furthermore, the movie concludes with a degree of ambiguity, potentially leaving some audience members wanting more closure.

Overall, "Gehraiyaan" is a skillfully crafted film showcasing remarkable performances and an intellectually stimulating narrative. However, its unhurried pacing and open-ended conclusion might only resonate with some people's preferences.

Hit Or Fail

"Gehraiyaan," the latest cinematic creation by Shakun Batra, offers a deep and intimate exploration of contemporary relationships. The narrative revolves around Alisha (portrayed by Deepika Padukone), a yoga instructor grappling with her inner struggles. A chance encounter with Zain (played by Siddhant Chaturvedi), who happens to be her cousin Tia's (Ananya Panday) soon-to-be spouse, ignites an instant connection between them. Nevertheless, their bond becomes intricate as they navigate their past traumas.

The film "Gehraiyaan" stands out for the cast's adept craftsmanship and commendable acting prowess. Deepika Padukone delivers a remarkably subtle and multi-dimensional portrayal of Alisha, receiving strong support from the remarkable performances of Chaturvedi and Panday. The movie is also visually captivating, showcasing breathtaking imagery that captures the allure of the Indian Ocean.

Nonetheless, "Gehraiyaan" is not without its imperfections. The film's pacing can be leisurely at certain junctures, and the storyline may occasionally appear labyrinthine. Furthermore, some of the characters' behaviors might seem vexingly irrational.

Overall, "Gehraiyaan" is a film that can elicit a mixed response. It boasts meticulous craftsmanship and noteworthy acting, yet it also grapples with a measured pace and an intricate plot. Devotees of Shakun Batra's prior works, such as "Kapoor & Sons" and "Dear Zindagi," are likely to find enjoyment in "Gehraiyaan." Conversely, individuals seeking a more straightforward and effortlessly comprehensible cinematic experience might be less enthralled.


Gehraiyaan Movie Review

Gehraiyaan presents a multi-layered narrative that delves into intricate facets of affection, closeness, and deceit. The movie boasts aesthetically pleasing cinematography and showcases commendable acting prowess from its ensemble. However, the film's emotional intensity might only resonate with some viewers.

One of the commendable aspects of Gehraiyaan is its readiness to tackle challenging subjects. The movie bravely confronts the unattractive aspects of love without seeking simplistic solutions.

Another strong point of Gehraiyaan is its stellar performance. Deepika Padukone delivers a particularly impactful portrayal of Alisha, a character grappling with her identity. Siddhant Chaturvedi equally impresses as Zain, Alisha's romantic partner. The supporting cast also shines, breathing life into their respective roles.

However, Gehraiyaan does exhibit some weaknesses. The film's extended duration and occasional sluggish pacing might test patience. The plot also occasionally veers into predictability, and the resolution might only satisfy some.

In summary, Gehraiyaan is a well-crafted cinematic piece adorned with compelling performances. Yet, its emotionally taxing nature might not align with everyone's preferences. If you seek a film delving into the complexities of love's shadows, Gehraiyaan merits consideration. However, choices might be more suitable if you yearn for a lighthearted and breezy romance.

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