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Puzhu Movie Review

Originally scripted by Harshad & Suhas-Sharfu and initially a Malayalam-language psychological drama film, Puzhu was produced by the Malayalam Film industry in 2022 and was directed by Ratheena, who also directed her first-ever feature film. Leading roles in the movie were played by Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvothu. The film's photography was handled by Theni Eswar, and the music and score were composed by Jakes Bejoy. In the film, Mammootty plays a sinister, negative figure. Principal photography began on August 17, 2021, in Ernakulam, Kerala. Early in 2022, the movie was supposed to be released in theatres. Later, it was reported that the film would not have a theatrical release but would be distributed directly to streaming on SonyLIV. It made its television debut on Sony LIV on May 12, 2022, in Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, & Telugu Language. The film received positive reviews from critics, who highlighted Mammootty's acting in particular.

Puzhu Movie Review

Puzhu Movie Summary

High-ranking IPS agent Kuttan, a widower who belongs to the Brahmin community, lives with his son Kichu in an opulent flat. Kichu felt stifled by his possessive mentality and dictatorial behaviors and wanted his father to die. Kuttan starts to be suspicious of everyone and thinks someone is trying to kill him. When Bharati, his younger sister, and her husband, a theatrical artist named Kuttappan, arrive to settle in a nearby flat, it exacerbates his paranoia. Kuttappan and Bharati have an unstable relationship due to her marriage to him; he belongs to an oppressed caste. Kuttan becomes irrational in his rage due to his intolerance and anger.

Critics Review of Puzhu Movie

Puzhu Movie Review

Ratheena is one of the most amazing directors to emerge from Indian cinema in recent years, according to Anna M. M. Vetticad of First Post, who gave the film a review and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. "Puzhu's flaws cannot be taken lightly, nevertheless, this movie is remarkable for so many reasons," she added. It received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from Manoj Kumar R of The Indian Express, who also stated that the movie "Puzhu separates itself from other films that address the dehumanizing impacts of the caste system by being absolutely non-judgemental. Mammootty is an epiphany. The hatred that Mammootty displays with the slight twitch of his eyes & lips would have escaped our gaze if it weren't for the camera's ability to capture even the smallest features of faces. In his portrayal of a guy with a dubious and even condemnable worldview, Mammootty gives a powerful performance. According to The Hindu's S. R. Praveen, Mammootty's menacing presence secures this significant debut film with few flaws. He also noted that "it is always a joy to see stars breaking out of the difficult mould that they have been caught in for years, particularly rediscovering the shining abilities that endeared them to the audience in the first place." The News Minute stated in their review that "Ratheena, the director, could not have created a finer debut." It continued, "Another plot gimmick that tends to distract you from the otherwise compelling writing is the misuse of theatre. Years after theatre discovered new directions; theatre still tries to be too dramatic. However, Puzhu will continue to agitate you greatly as it should. According to Malayalam Manorama's Vishnu Muraleedharan, Mammootty appears to have discovered his niche in Mahabharata-based stories, and we are not upset about it. In Puzhu, the seasoned actor gave a dreamlike performance. In his review of the movie, Kerala Kaumudi referred to it as a "disturbing mystery thriller" and said that "despite its flaws, Puzhu undoubtedly marks a stellar directorial debut." On her selection of the top Malayalam films of the year, Anna M. M. Vetticad gave it the seventh spot in the First post.

Audience Reviews

Puzhu Movie Review
  • "Even though Ratheena PT, a first-time filmmaker, was the face of Megastar Mammootty's first-ever direct-to-digital release, there was much anticipation and fanfare. While the story strives to convey a lot of tension and mystery, aside from Mammootty's outstanding lead performance, the plotline fluctuates over time. It fails to give its viewers a truly cogent viewing experience. The trailers and teasers hinted at an intense psychological thriller."
  • "Puzhu, "Ratheena's outstanding feature film debut, is an unsettling and exciting slow-burner. It won't surprise you if Puzhu has a creepy vibe from the beginning. This eagerly awaited film didn't "disappoint me; in fact, its compelling character study, topic, societal critique, and straightforward visual languages well exceeded my expectations."
  • "The entire story revolves around Kuttappan, a theatre activist from a lower caste, and Kuttan, an upper caste. The point of contention comes when Bharati, portrayed by Parvathy as Mamooty's sister, decides to live with Kuttappan."

Cast Members of Puzhu Movie

S no. Character Played Portrayed By
1 Kuttan Mammootty
2 Bharathi Parvathy
3 Kichu Vasudev Sajeesh
4 Kuttapan aka KP Appunni Sasi
5 Mohan Nedumudi Venu
6 Radhika Athmiya Rajan
7 Paul Varghese Kunchan
8 Bharathi's Friend Malavika Menon
9 Mathachan Indrans
10 Mohan's Wife Sreedevi Unni
11 Hari Kottayam Ramesh
12 Kuttan's Mother Manohari Joy
13 Jamal Prasanth Alexander
14 Ameer Thejas EK
15 Security Guard V.P Khalid

Other Details

Directed By Ratheena
Written By Harshad
Suhas Sharfu
Produced By S. George
Release Date 13 May 2022
Run Time 115 Mins
OTT Partner Sony LIV
Overall Budget of the Movie 15 Crores
Hit / Flop HIT

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