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Overview of Forticlient

FortiClient can be described as a Fabric Agent that brings secure access, compliance, and protection in a modular and single lightweight client. It is a bit of an endpoint application that executes on an endpoint like a mobile device or a laptop that negotiates with the Fortinet Security Fabric to offer control, visibility, and information to that device. Also, it enables remote secure connectivity to the Security Fabric.

A FortiClient Fabric Agent can:

  • Send the suspicious files to the Fabric Sandbox.
  • Report to a Security Fabric on a device status including applications execution and firmware version.
  • Provide application firewall and malware protection service.
  • Enforce firmware upgrade policies, URL filtering, USB control, and application control.
  • Let the device securely connect to the Security Fabric on either ZTNA tunnels or VPN (IPSec or SSL), both encrypted. This connection to the
  • Security Fabric can be either a SASE service or Fortinet Next-generation Firewall.
  • The endpoint security of FortiClient offers dynamic and comprehensive security to the network endpoint. FortiClient is the solution of a client-based software that provides a variety of security features for laptops and desktops. When applied in connection with FortiGate appliances, FortiClient brings two-factor authentication, endpoint compliance, WAN optimization, SSL, and IPsec encryption.
  • FortiClient is a package of comprehensive security solutions that increases the power of unified treat management of FortiGate to endpoints on our network. For smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, FortiClient enables all devices, remote or local, mobile or stationary, for integrating with our FortiGate. FortiClient takes the burden of handling multiple endpoints so our guests and users can efficiently work anywhere anytime without compromising our security with no per-seat license fees.

FortiClient Benefits and Features

Forticlient Ubuntu
  • Integrated with FortiAnalyzer and FortiGate for logging/reporting and central management.
  • FortiClient offers IPSec VPN and SSL, web optimization, vulnerability scanning, web filtering, antispyware/antivirus, scanning, application firewall, etc.
  • Developed endpoint security loaded into an easily managed and single agent for lower ownership total cost.
  • End-to-end security with developed policy enforcement, endpoint control, centralized monitoring, and management.
  • Develops endpoint security by increasing corporate security approaches to remote users.

Platform Protection for BYOD World

Bringing our device is the reality of today. The excess of portable devices makes it unavoidable that people wish to operate with their tools. FortiClient provides its support for Mac OS X and Windows computers and Android and iOS mobile devices and integrates our home offices, visiting partners, and mobile workers.

Powerful Features and Affordable Protection

An individual license is all we need to include FortiClient in our FortiGate appliance. This client is a no-pay download that executes on all endpoint devices, bringing a secure and simple application firewall, two-factor authentication, web filtering, antivirus protection, remote access tunnels, and more.

More Control and More Information

FortiClient permits us to handle the security of more than one endpoint device with the FortiGate interface. It pushes new policies and logs and tracks activities, manages settings, even if remote endpoints are beyond the routers. FortiClient integrates our endpoint control and visibility.

Industry-Leading Security on all Endpoints

All endpoint devices are completely protected with the fastest response of the industry against approaching threats and recovering the FortiGuard threat research and signature updates and vulnerability scanning of the response center.

Standalone Protection

The free client install can execute in the unregistered mode, bringing a comprehensive solution to those devices that are not connected with a FortiGate secured network. Shifting to a registered solution is an easy process, not need any extra client installation.

Centralized Policy Management

Several administrators manage full control of a network security infrastructure using a FortiManager appliance. FortiManager appliances help in several environments in which guaranteed performance, availability, and security are mandated with FCAPS (Faults, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) toolset.

Deployment Scalability

The deployments of FortiClient can scale to an infinite number of devices and get security subscription updates through the FortiGuard update service or FortiManager system.

Ownership Lower Total Cost

FortiClient is an actual unified agent that collects every essential capability into an individual easy to manage and low-cost application, unlike the agents of point products that offer a single security aspect.

FortiGuard Web Filtering

Now, FortiClient supports a web filter plugin that develops enforcement and detection of web filter rules over HTTPS sites along with encrypted traffic.

Security Features

Forticlient Ubuntu
  • General
    • Personal firewall
    • Antivirus cleaning/scanning
    • Registry monitoring
    • Scheduled scanning
    • Scheduled and manual updates
    • Antivirus logs
  • Centralized management
    • Group configurations
    • Configuration lockdown
    • Central reporting and logging
    • Status monitoring and client version
  • User authentication
    • Packet logs
    • Extended authentication
    • Monitoring, logging, and management
    • VPN connection monitor

Some other features are as follows:

VPN Policy Server

  • XAuth capability
  • Premise awareness
  • Easily make client-to-site encrypted tunnels over the fly

Endpoint Control

  • Blocked messages and customize warning
  • Checked installed or/and executing third party application software
  • Lockdown the access of the network based on the compliance policy of the organizational security

WAN Optimization

  • Graphical bandwidth view optimization
  • Minimize the download times of the remote user supporting simple TCP traffic, MAPI, HTTP, FTP, and CIFS

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Certificate Store Integration
  • SMS, Email, and FortiToken-based two-factor authentication

General GUI

  • A fresh graphical user interface

Personal Powerful Firewall

  • Checks network traffic and implement the accurate application access control in our security policies

Antispyware and Antivirus

  • Offers complete protection against grayware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware, and viruses on the client along with updates via FortiGuard

Advanced Antispam

  • Established in antispam that consolidate into MS Outlook for reducing fishing attempts, email-borne viruses, and unsolicited emails

Web Filtering

  • Offers the access enforcement of the real-time web content for ensuring compliance

Extensible product packaging

  • FortiClient is present in enterprise brings at the levels of volume pricing based on the support service level and quantity. FortiNet offers a full multi-layered endpoint security aspect suite in FortiClient at the price point of classical single antivirus security agents.

Two modes of security agent

  • FortiClient supports the "suite" mode which adds the complete security aspect set. Also, FortiClient supports the "modular" install that enables us to install what we require.

Local antivirus, web content, and antispam filtering signature updates

  • For FortiClient, the Update Manager of FortiManager offers deployment and local hosting of the FortiGuard Security Subscription Service. FortiGuard updates include antispyware/antivirus, antispam, application detection, and web content filtering.

Central management of devices with the FortiManager system

  • Offers enforcement of configuration lockdown and security policies of devices using a password override aspect present. Bulk installs via the feature, i.e., Windows Installer script for FortiClient

Specifications of FortiClient

Forticlient Ubuntu

Technically Specifications

  • Encryption:
    • DES/3DES, AES 128/192/256
  • OS Supported:
    • The 4.0.4 for later versions of the Android operating system (tablet and phone)
    • The 5.1 or later versions of iOS (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone)
    • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard version, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion version, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion version
    • Windows Vista 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit, Windows 8, Windows XP 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Deployment Options:
    • Tools of Third Party Distribution
    • Active Directory GPO
    • Manual Silent
    • Manual Interactive
  • VPN Protocols:
    • IPsec
    • SSL (Tunnel Mode)
    • Authentication Options:
    • Digital Certificate (X509 format)
    • Local Database
    • RADIUS
    • LDAP
    • TACACS+
    • xAUTH
    • FortiToken
  • Connection Options:
    • IKE Mode config to FortiClient VPN IPSec tunnel
    • VPN (Auto-Connect) before Windows logon
  • WAN Optimization:
    • Normal TCP traffic
    • MAPI
    • HTTP
    • FTP
    • CIFS

Deployment Scenarios of FortiClient

Forticlient Ubuntu

FortiNet Security Framework

FortiClient helps in finishing any installation of FortiGate. This advanced solution of endpoint protection helps close the gaps of potential security in network architecture and strengthens our security posture by including an essential protection layer to laptops and PCs linking from the LAN or office site to remote locations. FortiClient offers development with FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager, and FortiGate.

Increases Control of FortiGate Endpoint

The users of FortiGate profit from endpoint control, implementing a policy-based mechanism for FortiClient use.

  • WAN Optimization
  • VPN (SSL and IPSec)
  • Endpoint control using Application Detection

Satisfies Deployment using FortiManager

The users of FortiManager profit from centralized management and streamlined FortiClient deployment.

  • Set Management Alerts and Events
  • New FortiClient Auto Discovery
  • FortiClient Update Bulk Deployments

Develops with FortiAnalyzer Reporting

The users of FortiAnalyzer profit from FortiClient log capture for developed endpoint analysis and reporting.

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Automate Report Scheduling
  • Endpoint Security Reports

Product Details of FortiClient

FortiClient can be bought with three different levels of capability: cloud-based endpoint security, endpoint security, and zero-trust security.

Forticlient Ubuntu

Zero Trust Security

FortiClient ZTNA edition offers the requirements for the remote worker for connecting to a network using a minimum control level. This addition activates both VPN and ZTNA encrypted tunnels, USB device control, and URL filtering as well. Central Management by FortiClient EMS is also added.

Endpoint Security

FortiClient APT/EPP edition increases the ZTNA edition capabilities by including cloud sandbox support, application firewall, endpoint quarantine, and NGAV (AI-based next-generation antivirus) as well.

Cloud-based Endpoint Security

FortiNet provides endpoint-focused organized services to assist remotely with overall endpoint security inspection, vulnerability monitoring, configuration, deployment, and set up for simplifying the starting offload ongoing and deployment monitoring.

FortiClient Services

Smooth operations and effective securities are mission-critical for all organizations. FortiClient fortifies its products with best-in-class support, professional services, and security services.

Forticlient Ubuntu

BPS (FortiClient Best Practice Services)

It is an account-based service that brings guidance on upgrades, deployment, and operations. The experts of FortiNet help customers implement FortiClient installations. The team of BPS will offer advice by email or phone but will not log into customer systems nor manage or configure products directly.

MS (FortiClient Managed Services)

These services streamline the ongoing monitoring, deployment, and configuration of FortiClient agents managed via FortiClient Cloud. The team of MS will log into the FortiClient Cloud account of a customer and can directly monitor, observe, and configure products deployed.

Managed service is a device-based service of subscription staffed by professional engineers of FortiNet. With FortiClient deployments, their extensive experience effectively lets organizations for hiring the endpoint specialist team.

FortiGuard Labs Threat Intelligence

These labs bring timely universe intelligence composed of response and fast decision-making across every critical vector. It enables AI-driven and near-real time protection around the FortiNet Security Fabric.

FortiCare Technical Services and Support

FortiCare offers 24*7 support for helping keep our FortiNet deployment up and smoothly running. Also, we have services like the Premium RMA option along with 4-hour replacements to ensure that we are covered in an extreme event.

Installing FortiClient in Ubuntu

FortiClient is a security solution developed for reducing the vulnerability of our computers. The manufacturer suggests that the tool provides WAN Optimization, two-factor authentication, and virus protection, among other things. Although, for remote access, the user interface of FortiClient itself only includes a tab and vulnerability scan where we can set up our VPN connection.

The vulnerability scan represents when there is a possibility for an attack and any update is needed urgently. For example, the software is outdated.

VPN is an abbreviation for "virtual private network". It is a self-contained network that we can use from anywhere using the right access data.

For instance, do we log into an enterprise network from our home office for using our work email inbox, hard drives, and printers or do we dial into our home network and control our smartphone conveniently from afar? Also, universities permit their students to securely access the university network by VPN.

Steps for installing FortiClient in Ubuntu

Step 1- Adding gpg key of FortiClient

We need to add the GPG key utilized by the developers of the VPN client for confirming the package we download for installing FortiClient is through the official source without discrepancies. The command is as follows:

Forticlient Ubuntu

Step 2- Adding FortiClient Repository

In the following command, we have used the release number inside the repository. We can also change the version number in the provided Debian repository if any other update is present. We can check out it on the FortiClient official website.

The command is as follows:

Forticlient Ubuntu

Step 3- Updating the Ubuntu System

Once we have successfully added the FortiClient repository to the Ubuntu system, we can install it. Although, before that, we need to execute the system update command for refreshing the cache of the APT package manager.

The command is as follows:

Forticlient Ubuntu

Step 4- Installing FortiClient in Ubuntu

We can utilize the APT package manager for installing FortiClient on our Ubuntu system after updating the source list of the package.

The command is as follows:

Forticlient Ubuntu

Step 5- Run our FortiClient

We need to go to the option, i.e., Application Launcher, and find FortiClient. Then, we need to press the similar for executing the application when the icon of FortiClient appears.

How to remove or uninstall FortiClient?

If we do not want FortiClient on our Ubuntu system anymore, we can apply the APT package manager again using the remove parameter. So, the command for uninstalling FortiClient from the Ubuntu system is as follows:

Forticlient Ubuntu

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