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Ubuntu Games

There are several games available that are free applications and will execute on Ubuntu natively. Besides, there are emulators available as well that will execute various games on Windows or classic consoles of game. Whether we like shooting games or card games, there is something for us.

Every game is native to Linux Ubuntu which is discussed in the below sections. It means that there is either a package of Ubuntu inside the repositories or present through a third party.

Differences among these sections arise one problem, i.e., licensing. The philosophy of Ubuntu is that every application distributed using Ubuntu is open-source and free.

List of Ubuntu Games

Some of the most popular games that are available in Ubuntu are listed and discussed below:

1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is the most famous MOBA game that is available for Ubuntu. It is a multiplayer strategy game. It provides one of the great opportunities for competitive eSport to aspire gamers.

This game is free completely to play. Although, it separately facilitates a battle pass. If we wish for extra rewards and features which are completely optional but it is still exciting sometimes if we are like to enjoy Dota.

Ubuntu Games

2. War Thunder

It is a quite dramatic World War 2 reproduction game. War Thunder is an MMO game (cross-platform) that deals with naval craft, armored vehicles, and aviation from the Cold War and aWorld War 2.

Entirely, it is a different take on the Cold War and WWII concentrating on the range of combat vehicles used. It might only be a normal reproduction game using multiplayer action. However, it still treasures the best details of graphics in the game.

Ubuntu Games

3. Team Fortress 2

This game is the oldest multiplayer shooter game present for Linux. Team Fortress 2 game still contains a decent base of players even though it was published in 2007 which makes it one of the top ten steam games that are played on a regular basis.

It still gets regular updates of content. Hence, we should not get bored. This game features several modes of the game and also enables us to create and customize our character using many weapons to select from. It is not a pay-to-win program in case we were wondering, it is only plain cosmetic commodities that must include a personal touch to our character.

Ubuntu Games

4. Fishing Planet

As its name suggests, it is a first-person multiplayer fishing reproduction game that we can play online. This game isn't for everybody, but if we are an angler or we just virtually wish to enjoy fishing, then it must be something that we must get installed.

Fishing Planet is a very common reproduction game along with pleasant details of graphics for providing a great experience of the first person. We do not need to pay anything for the base game, but we get many optional DLCs over Steam.

Ubuntu Games


It is an MMORPG game that is grid-based which all anime fans would like to play. It is a free, interesting, as well as online action RPG game that includes humor baked inside it. This game offers 18 distinct classes to select from and whatever character we choose, everything relies on it.

Ubuntu Games

6. Robocraft

If we wish to play a completely customized battle robot game. It enables us to set up the vehicles of our own robot battle that can fly, walk, hover, or drive as per our preferences. A collection of futuristic weapons to select from that will enable the battle more interesting. It's one of the modern free games in Linux that we should try.

Ubuntu Games

7. Star Conflict

Probably, Star Conflict is one of a great Linux game if we wish an action-driven space reproduction game. It can the best game for this type of thing. Massively, it is a multiplayer game that has both PVE and PVP. We just need to remain in the outer place and determine the best plan for engaging with the enemies.

Ubuntu Games


It is a 2D shooter multiplayer game along with the post-soviet setting. We can also customize our loadout and progress with the game for utilizing all kinds of powerful memory weaponry for defeating our enemies.

BRAIN / OUT is undoubtedly one of the great Linux games that are present on Steam.

9. Adventure Capitalist

There is no better simulator of capitalism than Adventure Capitalist for our Linux system. We can invest, multiply, and attract various Angle investors for giving our enterprise a boost. We can hire the managers and also keep our enterprise stable when we are gone.

Ubuntu Games

10. Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon

It revolves across the Wild West in which we get an opportunity for becoming a billion-dollar by starting many businesses and finding more opportunities for businesses.

The more we collect the patent cards, the more it will support our business with new upgrades and towns.

11. No More Room in Hell

We will surely like zombie shooter games if we are the true gamers who like an action-packed game. This game is a zombie shooter game (first-person) for which we don't have to pay anything on Steam.

No more room in hell is not a typical FPS game, but it has the feel of a horror game as well (such as the classic Left 4 Dead game which has not existed for Linux).

Ubuntu Games

12. Dead Maze

Dead Maze is another 2D fun game but coming with zombies inside it. We need to design life-saving supplies, scavenge, and monitor health for resources to remain the zombie apocalypse. This game is multiplayer in which we need to join and cooperate with other players for surviving the apocalypse.

Ubuntu Games

13. Awesomenauts

It is a hero-based side-scrolling 2D MOBA game which is very impressive. Definitely, it is one of the free games of Linux that we suggest trying. We can join the players online as well as we could play it over a local split-screen.

If we like 2D action-packed games, then Awesomenauts is good.

Ubuntu Games

14. The King's Request: Anatomy and Physiology Game

It is a general 2D adventure game and tests our concepts of exercise, health science, pharmacy, nursing, Biomed, medicine, anatomy, physiology, biology, and science, and human body knowledge.

All accurate answers lead us to win and save the empire. If we get a wrong answer, we will not get any negative points.

15. Faeria

It is an amazing card game in which we need to blow our enemy within the epic battles. We can either join a competitive/casual multiplayer match or play a solo game. It is not like other card games which makes Faeria is one of the best free games on Linux.

16. Cognizer

Cognizer is a specific game of puzzles that challenges our brain with colors and symbols. We can either fix the limit of the time or delete it for making things easier.

17. Tank Force

If anyone is searching for a tank shooter game that can be played online, Tank Force game in Linux is a quite nice addition to our Steam library.

This game facilitates a lot of distinct tanks which we need for unlocking as we level up. From all over the world, we can also join several players fighting for power.

It provides its support for cross-platform 10v10 (PvP) battles along with a range of combat arenas and battle modes.

Ubuntu Games

18. Toribash

It is a unique turn-based struggling game that we can play online. Here, we have the capability to design our moves. We get full control over the body of our character with hundreds of power game mods that exist.

If we were searching for something unique and original, Toribash can be a great pick.

Ubuntu Games

19. Forge of Gods

It is a multiplayer card program game in which we need to gather and instruct as many beasts as we can and assemble them to fight. We even get the capability for mixing different kinds of creatures to sort legendary warriors. Also, it provides boss battles in addition.

20. World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

It is another amazing game that enables us to explore a huge variety of firearms. Also, it includes assembling/disassembling these firearms.

21. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

We can sail from epic battles and arrest for becoming the undisputed captain. The Pirate game has several opportunities, we only need to search for them.

Ubuntu Games

22. The Battle of Wesnoth

This game is free, turn-based planning, and open-source. We can opt for playing this game solo or join the sessions of the multiplayer. We have got to protect our kingdom.

Either we can even select for pursuing the hidden demon by heading down to the adventurous path. We can play The Battle of Wesnoth both online and offline as well. It will give us a map editor. We can come up here along with no mysteries.

Ubuntu Games

23. Xonotic

It is an arena fast-paced shooter game. Probably, we will like this game if we are missing many games such as Quake Champions in Linux. Xonotic provides a pretty much dramatic collection of weapons that would determine our fate inside the arena. It is one of the great games of Linux that don't require Steam. We may have distinct sorts of ammunition and arms from this game.

If we like arm games, it is a good choice for us. It features both options for multiple and single players. We will find a set of maps, fire ammunition, and modes from this game.

Ubuntu Games

24. OA.D

It is a real-time, open-source, and free strategy game. OA.D deals with antique welfare. A developer team of the independent game daily publishes new Alpha releases of the game (latest with the 23rd).

We can download mods through in the game for enhancing our gameplay. It includes civilization within the plot of the game. However, all civilizations are not the same as each other.

Ubuntu Games


CAYNE is a horror point-and-click adventure game for which we do not have to pay to download using the website. It features extra optional content for some prices. However, we would not be requiring that unless we like this game.

26. Secret Maryo Chronicles

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a Super Mario free rip-off game that is special in its ways. It is one of the most interesting and popular 2D side scroller games. This game is not being maintained actively, but we can offer it a try.

Ubuntu Games

27. Urban Terror

It is a multiplayer free FPS game along with decent active players (depends on our location). Somewhat, Urban Terror is relatable to a game, i.e., Counterstrike 1.6. However, it is fun if we have some friends to enjoy ourselves with.

28. Super Tux Kart

If anyone likes Kart racing games such as Mario Kart for Nintendo or Beach Buggy Blitz for the platform of mobile, we will surely love this game. It is a super simple game along with many optimized controls for handling our Kart and do the race.

Ubuntu Games

29. Assault Cube

It is something like the game, i.e., Counterstrike 1.6. This game is a quite good FPS multiplayer game if we have sufficient players within the servers. Entirely, it is not a great FPS multiplayer game but still, it is enjoyable.

The entire game is set under a Cube engine and it is more realistic as compared to other games. We can also see the quick fingers movement, their ammunition to fight, and every other stuff that is real within their sense.

Ubuntu Games

30. Hedgewars

Hedgewars is a turn-based and funny strategy game. It features pink hedgehogs. It is a package of artillery, action, strategy, and comedy as a whole. This game is one of the favorites, non-steam, and free games of Linux that everyone can play.

Up to eight players could play together in one match.

Generally, hedgewar players are known as commandos who collect the hedgehogs and go to the combat zone. The movement has enabled Hedgewars more interesting. All developers are giving Hedgewars updates as people like it.

Ubuntu Games

31. Warsow

It is an FPS well-thought game. Warsow is a unique and interesting game. It even has a discord server that we can join and search for other players to enjoy with. It is based on the cartoon-like environment scenario.

Ubuntu Games

32. Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars

Alien Arena is a shooter deathmatch game. We will see this game loads of thrilling series and action themes. We need to prepare ourselves within the warmth of the current time because time is going so fast.

Ubuntu Games

33. FreeCiv

FreeCiv is an empire-building and long-lasting strategy game. It is the most human civilization and playable game available now. It provides us the opportunity for having a rich human civilization future. We can begin through the age of stone and take a human race in the best future and ahead.

Ubuntu Games

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