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Zoom Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, Zoom is a conferencing and communication platform that gives real-time messages, digital content distribution, video conferences (cloud-based). This software application enables us to manage meetings, open conference rooms, and host webinars for online meetings.

Zoom can also be defined as a cross-platform tool for video conferencing that works on Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows systems. It permits users to join and schedule meetings, video conferencing and offer remote technical support.

The client implements on Fedora, Ubuntu, and various other distributions of Linux and it is easily be installed. The client is not only open-source software, but if we are scheduling a meeting on Zoom or participating in a Zoom conference call, then we will wish to install the application.

Zoom solution provides a great screen-sharing, audio, and video experience across Mac, Windows, Zoom Rooms, Android, iOS, and Linux room systems.

In this article, we will discuss the installation process of Zoom in Ubuntu by using some techniques.

Features of Zoom

There are some of the important features of the Zoom application. These features are listed and explained as follows:

Zoom Ubuntu
  1. HD Audio and Video
    The Zoom application brings HD audio and video to our meetings along with support for 1000+ participants in the video and 49 videos over the screen.
  2. Streamlined Calendaring
    The Zoom application supports starting and scheduling meetings using iCal, Gmail, and Outlook.
  3. Collaboration Tools (Built-in)
    The Zoom application offers more than one participant who could simultaneously share the screens and co-annotate for a highly interactive meeting.
  4. Meet Securely
    The Zoom application provides encryption for every meeting, place attendee (on hold), waiting rooms, password protection, and role-based user security.
  5. Transcripts and Recording
    Locally, we can record our meetings or to the cloud along with the searchable transcripts.
  6. Team Chat
    Searchable history, chat with groups, 10-year archive, and developed file sharing. Escalate into group calls or 1:1 easily.

Technique 1: Using Terminal/Console Window

We need to first check our microphone and webcam as the Zoom software application depends on these types of peripherals.

1. Update and Upgrade

First, update our APT as always. Open the command-line window on our Ubuntu desktop and enter a command which is mentioned below:

Zoom Ubuntu

Zoom Ubuntu

2. Installing Zoom-Client

Run the below command in our command-line window for installing the Zoom client. We will be prompted for a password because the installation process needs root privileges.

Zoom Ubuntu

After using the above command, the Zoom client application will be downloaded and installed through the Ubuntu software repository.

3. Launching Zoom

Run the below command in our command-line window to begin using the Zoom application.

Zoom Ubuntu

Technique 2: Using Ubuntu Software Center

We will now explain the installation of Zoom by the GUI (Graphical User Interface) technique.

  1. Open Ubuntu Software Center
    Press the Activities icon in the Desktop and enter Software in the search bar and select it.
    Zoom Ubuntu
  2. Find Zoom within the Software Center
    In the search bar, enter zoom in the software center and select it.
    Zoom Ubuntu
  3. Installing Zoom App
    Press the "Install" button and the application will start to install.
  4. Launching Zoom App
    After installing, press the "Launch" button to begin the Zoom client.
  5. Zoom is ready to use.
    Zoom Ubuntu

Technique 3

Zoom is not contained in the repositories of Ubuntu and it's not an open-source tool. We will install the Zoom application by using the APT repositories of Ubuntu.

We need to implement the below steps as a superuser or user with root privileges for installing Zoom on our Ubuntu system.

1. Open the command-line window and type a command, i.e., wget for downloading the current deb package of Zoom. The command is mentioned below:

Zoom Ubuntu

2. Install the Zoom application by executing a command as a user with root privileges once the download process is finished. The command is mentioned below:

We will be asked to type our password.

How to Uninstall the Zoom application?

In case, we wish to uninstall or remove the Zoom application, we need to open the command-line window and enter the below command:

The above command will uninstall or remove the zoom application.

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