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Grub Customizer Ubuntu

Introduction to Grub Customizer

Grub Customizer is a type of graphical tool that permits users for customizing the Burg or bootloader GRUB 2 on Linux mint, 20.01, Ubuntu, and other operating systems. This graphical user interface tool helps to modify general things, like the boot order (menu entry sequence) to be created or the waiting time for the classical entry to automatically start. The Grub Customizer doesn't offer a full graphical user interface to configure every GRUB 2 subtleties.

The bootloader's role is to begin the operating system after a conventional BIOS or UEFI has started the hardware. The bootloader utilized today by most distributions is Grub 2 due to Grub 2 operating with UEFI and Bios and understanding every necessary file system, including the relatively fresh BTRFS. Also, the Grub 2 has one drawback: its complexity doesn't make adaptation simple.

  • There are many other customization options.
  • The best thing is that we can customize each of them with a graphical application.
  • We don't have to touch any grub configuration file positioned at /boot/grub2 and /etc/default/grub inside the command line.
  • We don't have to be afraid of the command line window, but a GUI tool is more convenient.
  • Grub customizer is a helpful user interface to change the default settings of a Grub bootloader.
  • We can add, delete, and reorganize boot menu entries using this tool.
  • We can change kernel parameters and modify the boot time delay for booting through the default entry.
  • Also, the software permits us to establish cosmetic configurations, like modifying the background images and text color.

Advantages of Grub Customizer

  • Move, delete, and rename menu entries
  • Create new menu entries or edit the contents of them.
  • Support for BURG and GRUB2
  • The bootloader installation to MBR
  • Many settings are available, including text colors, background images, kernel parameter, default operating system, etc.
  • Modifying the installed OS by executing on the live cd.

Installing Grub Customizer

Step 1: Open the Command-line Window

We need to open the command-line window either using the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut keys or system Dash.

Step 2: Adding PPA Repository of Grub Customizer to Our System

We need to enter the below command to include the PPA repository of Grub Customizer in our system. It will help us to install the necessary software and enable our system to bring updates and upgrades from the included repository in the future.

Grub Customizer Ubuntu

Note: Only authorized users can add, delete, and set up the software in Ubuntu. We need to enter our sudo password, after which this PPA repository will be included in our system.

Step 3: Update the Repository Index of Our System

We need to update the repository index of our system in this step. We can do it using the below command:

Grub Customizer Ubuntu

It will help us to install the latest release of software through the internet.

Step 4: Installing Grub Customizer

As we are done with every prerequisite needed to get the Grub Customizer, we can use the below command to install it on our system:

Grub Customizer Ubuntu

The system prompts us with a n/y option to continue the installation process. We will enter the "Y" button to proceed, after which the application will be installed on our system.

Step 5: Verification

After we have successfully installed the Grub Customizer, we can enter one of the below two commands to ensure that it's indeed installed on our system:

Grub Customizer Ubuntu

Step 6: Launching Grub Customizer

We can launch it from the command line by providing the below command:

It needs root access to execute the application because the authorized users can make changes to the Grub system.

We need to enter the root password and press the button, i.e., Authentication, after which the user interface of the Grub Customizer will launch on our system. We can also launch the application from the system Dash.

Grub Customizer Ubuntu

Uninstall Grub Customizer

If we ever wish to uninstall the Grub Customizer from our system, we can do it by using the below command in our Ubuntu command-line window:

The system prompts us with a n/y option to continue the installation process. We will press the "Y" button to proceed, after which the application will be uninstalled from our system.

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