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Ubuntu Desktop

The Ubuntu desktop is an open-source OS that powers several laptops and PCs across the world.

Specifications of Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Desktop
  1. Open Source: Ubuntu desktop has always been free to share, use, and download. We trust in the open-source software power; Ubuntu can not survive without its community of various developers worldwide.
  2. Complete: Ubuntu provides everything we need to execute our organization, enterprise, home, or school. Every necessary application such as media, email, browsers, and office suite applications are pre-installed and many more applications and games are present inside the Ubuntu Software Centre.
  3. Secure: Ubuntu is the most secure OS around with virus protection software and a built-in firewall. The LTS (Long-term Support) versions provide us 5 years of security updates and patches.
  4. Accessible: Computing is accessible to everyone regardless of disability, gender, or nationality. Ubuntu is completely translated into fifty languages and also it includes necessary technologies.
  5. Visually Stunning: Ubuntu brings the most from our screen along with touchscreen support and high definition. The 20.04 version of Ubuntu includes a default Yaru theme and integrated dark and light themes as well, resulting in Ubuntu bringing a new appearance while keeping its signature feel.
  6. Existed on the largest variety of hardware: Canonical closely works with HP, Lenovo, and Dell for certifying that Ubuntu works over a huge variety of their workstations and laptops. It means a seamless experience of Ubuntu is present out of the box along with many more choices of hardware than ever.
    Ubuntu is used within various data centers across the world and it is not only for a desktop. It is powering all types of servers comprehensible is by far one of the most famous OS within the cloud.

Ubuntu desktop for the business

Ubuntu Desktop

Backed via Canonical

Canonical Ltd is a global software enterprise and top service provider in Ubuntu. Many companies can select for receiving consultancy, support, and expert training for free of cost that proceeds to the continued improvement of Ubuntu.

Management and support

At Canonical, the advantage of Ubuntu is a package of professional support from many experts. We can get 24*7 support along with access to various engineers using the first-hand experience of our issues.

The system management and landscape tools for compliance, patching, managing, and monitoring reporting on our Ubuntu desktops.

Professional support

Canonical provides professional support for managing our Ubuntu desktop, server deployments, and cloud.

Download & install

We can download the Ubuntu desktop and change our current OS. It is easy to install for everyone on Mac OS or Windows or execute Ubuntu with it.

Ubuntu flavors

All flavors of Ubuntu give a specific way for experiencing Ubuntu along with distinct choices of default settings and applications that are backed by the Ubuntu archive for updates and packages.

Ubuntu desktop in organizations

Ubuntu is supported by large and small teams alike as it is highly secure, easy to use, has a huge variety of applications, and has low ownership cost.

All necessary built-ins

  1. LTS versions provide 5 years of security updates and patches
  2. Only necessary packages are added reducing install times and disk footprint
  3. Free and open-source through licensing restrictions
  4. Office productivity suite which is Microsoft-compatible
  5. On-site training and consulting services available
  6. Completely translated into hundred plus languages
  7. Highly secure and virus free

Countless applications in Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Desktop


Slack is a team conversation application for the 21st century


It is a suite of office productivity that is Microsoft office-compatible. Also, it is free of cost available for Ubuntu.


It is used to stream and play our favorite albums and songs for free.


Wavebox is a client of web communication that obtains together Slack, Trello, O365, Outlook, Inbox, and Gmail.


It is an instant free messaging, video, or voice calling service.


It is a secure, simple, and fast web browser. It is developed for the latest web.


Dropbox is the favorite file sharing and cloud backup service of the world.


It is an ergonomic and capable unified Development Environment for a language, i.e., Java.


Ora is used for visual team collaboration and Agile task management. It is the command center of our team.

Why do we prefer Ubuntu Desktop?

Some of the essential reasons are mentioned below:

Ubuntu desktop is at the top of reliability and safety

Our Ubuntu desktop is developed with high security and it is secure through the moment we install it and would remain so as the security experts team of Canonical will make sure that the security updates and patches are always initially present on Ubuntu.

Pre-installed over certified hardware

Ubuntu desktop runs on the best hardware of the world from many partners like Lenovo, HP, and Dell. It's easy to detect the hardware that would work for our business and with 90% (nearly) for computers shipped from the major companies of computers already certified for working with Ubuntu.

The favorite of developers

Ubuntu desktop is used by millions of development teams in the world just because of its extensive developer libraries, constantly updated features, reliability, and versatility.

Ubuntu desktop is a great way for increasing the productivity of our team and guarantee a hassle-free transition through development every way to the production if we are handling developers.

Up-to-date with upgrades and updates

Every 2 years there is a fresh LTS version of the Ubuntu desktop. This LTS version is supported for 5 years. There will be regular fixes of security and other complex updates which will be free of cost always.

Features of Ubuntu desktop

Ubuntu Desktop

We can enjoy the integrity of an intuitive interface of Ubuntu. It is secure, fast, and has many applications to select from. Ubuntu desktop includes what we need for everything we wish to do.

An entire app's world

Ubuntu desktop provides millions of applications available to download. Some of the applications are free and could be installed with only some clicks. Some of the popular applications which are supported in Ubuntu desktop are listed and explained as follows:

VLC player

Other video players are not compatible with various distinct formats of files.


Now, Firefox Quantum is 30% lighter and 2* faster than Chrome.


It is a secure, fast, and simple web browser that is created for the latest web.


It is a text editor (hackable) for the 21st century.


It is a secure and fast application for desktop messaging. It is synced perfectly with our mobile phones.


It facilitates every tool we require for the productive coding of Python.

Office software

Using LibreOffice software, we can make presentations, spreadsheets, and professional documents on Ubuntu. This software is an office suite (open-source) that is Microsoft office-compatible.

It means we can open and change files like PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents and distribute them easily and quickly with any user. Also, we can directly apply Google docs from our desktop.


Ubuntu desktop comes with the famous email applications of Mozilla and Thunderbird, so we will have faster desktop access to our email. It doesn't matter which services of email we are using like IMAP, POP, Hotmail, Gmail, or Microsoft Exchange, email only works.

Web browsing

Firefox and Ubuntu again make web browsing a pleasure that is renowned for security and speed. Also, Ubuntu supports Chrome browser and other browsers that could be installed with the Ubuntu Software Centre.


Ubuntu desktop provides free applications for helping us share, edit, manage, and enjoy our photos whatever we use for taking them. We would not need extra drivers for getting up and running with great support for phones and cameras.

Illustrate and edit

We can edit our photos or make professional designs and illustrations with tools such as Krita and Gimp, available on the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Organize our photos

We can easily and quickly view, edit, organize, and import our pictures with Shotwell. We can also share our snaps on all famous social networks and photo sites.


On Ubuntu, we can enjoy HD videos using our browser. We can also use OpenShot, VLC, and default media player with the Snap Store. We can edit our movies using kdenlive or Shortcut and then enjoy them with a media player.


We have got several games that will keep us busy for a long time from Sudoku to the first-person shooters. There are millions of games present for Ubuntu with titles from the Steam and Unity platforms. Choose from acclaimed titles critically such as Borderlands, Global Offensive, Counter-Strike, Kerbal Space Program, and Dota 2.

An open-source OS

The code of the Ubuntu desktop is openly shared during the development cycle. The developers and teams are transparent about their plans for further versions, so as an OEM, hardware manufacturer, or developer, they work with all to start creating Ubuntu systems and applications now.

Ubuntu desktop for all developers

Ubuntu desktop is one of the ideal platforms whether we are a developer of the mobile app, engineering manager, a video or audio editor, or a commercial analyst with many large-scale models to execute, in fact, everyone in requirement of a powerful system for our work.

Uses of Ubuntu desktop for development

There are many reasons why the Ubuntu desktop is essential for development. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Ubuntu desktop provides a faster route through the development process to deployment on cloud, server, mobile, or desktop.
  2. It has the best and broadest libraries and tools.
  3. Each most famous productivity applications like Discord, Telegram, Skype, and Slack are available inside the Snap Store.
  4. Ubuntu desktop has snaps (official) for IDEs JetBrains suite and Visual Studio Code.
  5. It has hassle-free AI development and gaming with the support of nVIDIA GPUs out of the box.
  6. It offers verified AI and developer's workstations and laptops available from HP, Lenovo, and Dell which gets a pre-installed and seamless Ubuntu experience.
  7. It is lightweight that runs in a VMIdeal or natively for all resource-intensive platforms from data mining to various large-scale commercial modeling.
  8. Studies says that experienced developers (66%) prefer Ubuntu desktop over other desktops.

We are in good company with Ubuntu desktop

Ubuntu desktop is used by millions of development groups in the whole world because of its extensive developer libraries, constantly updated aspects, reliability, and versatility.

Ubuntu is one of the great ways for increasing the productivity of our team and guarantee a hassle-free transition through development every way to production if we are handling developers.

Ubuntu desktop is the most famous open-source operating system for both deployment and development from a data center to the cloud and IoT.

Features of Ubuntu 21.04 desktop

The 21.04 version of the Ubuntu desktop has many features which are mentioned as follows:

  1. This Ubuntu desktop has the 5.11 version of the Linux kernel.
  2. It has a default and redesigned dark GNOME shell theme, i.e., Yaru.
  3. Inside the Yaru theme, this Ubuntu desktop has MIME type icons.
  4. It has Wayland that is a default display server along with improved performance and security.
  5. In 21.04 Ubuntu desktop, active integration of the directories is added inside the installer.
  6. It has developed AI along with new modes of power profile.
  7. It includes an option, i.e., the Recovery key for all encrypted installs.
  8. This desktop has a private home directory.
  9. It has the 3.38.5 version of GNOME Desktop, the 87 version of Firefox, the 3.9 version of Python, and the 7.1.2 version of LibreOffice.

Features of Ubuntu 20.04 desktop

The 20.04 version of Ubuntu is the latest long-term support release. This version contains new releases of several developer technologies and core applications with support for the latest hardware.

Some of the important features of the 20.04 LTS version of Ubuntu desktop are mentioned as follows:

  1. This Ubuntu desktop has the 5.4 version of the Linux kernel.
  2. It has the most responsive and fastest GNOME Desktop which is by default running version 3.36.
  3. A new Yaru dark theme provides Ubuntu desktop a new and fresh look.
  4. This desktop version has improved settings for applications, wallpapers, and WiFi groups inside the Activities overview.
  5. It directly changes between a dark and light environment through system settings.
  6. It supports ZFS as our root filesystem and zsys as well with rolling forwards, backwards, and system snapshots between automated snapshots and snapshots.
  7. It includes the latest releases of famous web browsers.

Now, this Ubuntu desktop is supported by nVIDIA hardware out of the box.

Every tool developers require

Whether our team uses Java, Node.js, Ruby, or Python, no OS is easier to fix up as compared to the Ubuntu desktop. Everything our developers require is only an apt or a snap away.

Besides, Snapcraft can support us to reach every user of the latest Ubuntu release and other famous distributions if we wish to get our application released for Ubuntu. With Snapcraft, it is easy to build and release a snap as it supports building through source and existing packages.

It's easy to start with snaps and the tools that are offered by it are structured and clean which helps adoption. We find Snapcraft convenient because it is based on yaml and facilitates information about what type of artifacts are required.

Update, distribute, and package apps using Snapcraft

All snaps are some applications that are packaged with each of their dependency for running on every famous distribution of Linux from one build. They automatically update and gracefully rollback. As a snap, publishing will keep customers up to date and make issues of system configuration less likely and freeing us for less debugging and coding more whether we are building for the IoT, cloud, or desktop.

Snapcraft can be described as an open-source tool for publishing snaps and picks up through our existing build language or artifacts of choice, be it Go, Python, .NET, Node.js, or C/C++. We can have our first application built and published inside the Snap Store within 20 minutes.

Features of Snap

There are some important features of the Snap tool that are listed and mentioned below:

One build for IoT and Linux

Snap works around Linux on all versions or distributions. It bundles our assets and dependencies. Also, it simplifies the installs to one standard command. Snaps could be used on every major distribution of Linux including Fedora, Debian, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu.

The following are some distributions with pre-installed snap:

  1. KDE Neon
  2. Zorin OS
  3. Most Ubuntu flavors
  4. Bionic Beaver (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)
  5. Focal Fossa (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
  6. Ubuntu 21.04 and Ubuntu 20.10
  7. Solus 3 and above
  8. Manjaro

The following are some distributions without pre-installed snap:

  1. Zorin OS*
  2. Xubuntu
  3. Ubuntu*
  4. Solus
  5. Rocky Linux
  6. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  7. Raspberry Pi OS
  8. Pop!_OS
  9. Parrot Security OS
  10. openSUSE
  11. Manjaro*
  12. Lubuntu
  13. Linux Mint
  14. Kubuntu
  15. KDE Neon*
  16. Kali Linux
  17. GalliumOS
  18. Fedora
  19. Elementary OS
  20. Debian
  21. CentOS
  22. Arch Linux

Showcase to thousands

For application discovery, the front page on the Ubuntu desktop and other famous distros reach beyond our existing users with a listing over the Snap Store.

Measure growth of the user

We can make decisions (data-driven) along with install metrics in Ubuntu desktop. Watch as many automated updates and migrates users to our latest release. It understands our audience with version and geographic breakdowns.

For developers, by developers

Ubuntu desktop is an outcome of various contributions by millions of developers that are motivated by the aspiration for creating their perfect developer platform. That is why it is used by a few of the most exciting companies in the world and it is why Valve was determined for porting its most famous Steam virtual games store in Ubuntu.

Besides, the Ubuntu desktop runs on many architectures through x86 to ARM and also on cloud environments through OpenStack to EC2 and Azure. This versatility enables the Ubuntu desktop one of the great choices for enterprises with a different hardware infrastructure.

Certified desktops of Ubuntu

Many biggest manufacturers of PC in the world certify the desktops in Ubuntu.

Some of the certified desktops are mentioned below:

Category Model Vendor
Desktop Dell Vostro 3670 Dell
Desktop Dell Vostro 3671 Dell
Desktop Dell Vostro 3681 Dell
Desktop Dell Vostro 3881 Dell
Desktop Dell Vostro 3888 Dell
Desktop HP 280 G5 Microtower PC HP
Desktop HP 285 G3 Microtower PC HP
Desktop HP 400 G6 Desktop Mini PC HP
Desktop HP All-in-one 22-c042la/22-c041la HP
Desktop HP All-in-one 22-c042la/c043la HP
Desktop Intel Corp. NUC7i7DNHE Intel Corp.
Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M75q Tiny Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo P340 Tower Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo P340-SFF Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre EPC300 Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M60e Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M60e Tiny Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M70 TOWER/SFF/TINY Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M70aAIO Lenovo
Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M70a-Gen2 Lenovo

Easy Deployment

Nothing touched Ubuntu desktop when it comes to simplicity and speed of deployment.

Taking any service improved over the desktop and executing it in the cloud or on a server just works. Also, Ubuntu had improved Juju that is a tool of service orchestration and it reduces the often-cumbersome handover among ops teams and development. Also, it can dramatically speed up the process.

Support tailored to the needs of developers

We can standardize our developer workstation with Ubuntu Landscape and Advantage. It helps us to manage reporting, patches, security, and updates while cutting down the downtime. It offers our developers the freedom which they wish while maintaining the control we need.

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