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Interesting Facts about Linux Operating System

In this article, you will learn the most interesting facts about Linux Operating System. But before discussing the interesting facts, you should know about the Linux Operating System.

What is Linux Operating System?

Interesting Facts about Linux Operating System

The Linux OS is one of the most widely used operating systems in today's tech world. It is based on the Linux Kernel. It was designed and developed by the developer Linus Torvalds in the year 1991. It is a free and open-source OS that is worked under the General Public License. Over the years, it has been gaining the most popularity in the IT industry's because of its high modularity, low dependency, and large distributions. It contains an init-program, a system library, a bootloader, a kernel, and a system utility. It also provides open-source support and flexibility.

Linux is the most installed base of any general-purpose OS. Initially, it was mainly designed for personal computer systems. It has now come with other various platforms like mobile devices, servers, embedded devices, mainframes, supercomputers, etc. It is also widely used in animation controls, televisions, routers, smartwatches, game consoles, video recorders, etc. The most successful app of the Linux OS is Android, which is built on the Linux kernel and runs on tablets and smartphone devices.

Linux is used to power supercomputers, submarines, bullet trains, Hollywood movies, and even the New York Stock Exchange. Staff from large IT companies such as Intel, IBM, HP, Google, and startups contributes to the development of the Linux code.

Facts about Linux Operating System

There are many interesting facts about the Linux Operating System. Some important facts of the Linux Operating System are as follows:

1. Linux is not OS

Most people, particularly those unfamiliar with Linux, believe that it is an operating system. However, it is a kernel, not an OS. A kernel is a key part of an OS. The operating system's name is GNU Linux OS, and it has several variations such as Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, etc.

2. Linux Development leading by the Companies

Linux is gaining high popularity among companies worldwide. Most companies understand Linux's popularity. As a result, most top-level companies became the contributors who began paying the Linux developer. According to a survey, above 80% of these contributors get paid by IT companies such as Intel, Samsung, Huawei, Facebook, IBM, Google, etc.

3. Android Runs on Modifies Linux Kernel

Android is one of the most famous and successful OS available today. Android is installed on over 80% of mobile devices. It has also amplified other devices, including video players, tablets, vehicle music, etc. Although Android is extensively used, few people know that it is based on the Linux kernel.

4. Mostly Super Computers Runs on Linux

Linux is used by almost 90% of the world's supercomputers. It has become the best option for high-performance computing. Only 1 or 2% of people used Linux in 1998. In the previous 15 years, Linux OS popularity has increased effectively and reached over 90%. Open-source, freedom of usage, vast community resources, compatibility, and other advantages have all aided in the widespread acceptance of high-performance computing.

5. The Military is a Big Linux User

The Linux operating system is used by most military organizations throughout the world for research, administration, officials, and operational purposes. The common denominator is the United States, which uses Linux in the Department of Defense. Military giants such as the United States military, the Russian military, the Chinese military, the United Kingdom military, and others use Linux. Most submarines, including innovative nuclear submarines, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile systems, are designed and controlled under a Linux-based system.

6. Linux Dominates Everything

Linux has taken control of everything in the tech world. Linus Torvalds innovation is now used in the devices you use. Linux is no longer restricted to smartphones. It is the main operating system used by servers. It is essential for submarines. It has even gotten as far as space, and it is used on space rockets. It also powers the Raspberry Pi computer systems.

Linux is used by various powerful countries, including the United States, Russia, Austria, China, Turkey, Venezuela, etc. Many governments all over the world utilize the Linux OS for official purposes. Some countries use Linux-based distributions in their police and EVM systems.

7. A big contribution to World Banking

Linux contributes to the banking world because it provides a more secure and stable environment for users. The Linux operating system is used by most of the world's most prestigious banks. Some banks are making planning to use this Linux operating system.

8. A code name is allocated to all kernel versions.

Each time a new Linux kernel is released, it is assigned a unique code name. These are usually quite interesting names, including Wet Seal, Stable Penguin, TOSSUG Baby Fish, Affluent Albatross, Sliding Snow Leopard, Suicidal Squirrel, etc.

9. The New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange is a prominent trading organization that operates in the United States as well as five European nations. Red Hat manages the trade for the large stock exchange business, and it is a Linux-based operating system. Previously, the organization is used different operating systems before switching to Red Hat in 2007. Other stock exchange uses the Linux OS, including the London Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

10. Programming Language

According to, most (95%) of Linux is written in C programming Language. Assembly language is the second most popular programming language for Linux (2.8%).

11. Linux used in Hollywood

Hollywood uses several graphics and visual effect applications based on Linux. The film industry is now heavily reliant on Linux, as it assists them in creating various visual effects for 3D and 2D films. Out of various Hollywood movies, two movies produced by James Cameron were named Titanic and Avatar. Both of these films employed Linux-based software for their graphics and visual effects.

12. Traveled to Space

Space travel needs the use of highly complex and precise technology. The technologies are handled with extreme care. Most space agencies worldwide have selected Linux to run their systems. Linux is used by most well-known organizations such as NASA, ESA, and private enterprises such as SpaceX. It also helped with several space missions with Falcon 9 rockets. Linux is also used in the particular fault-tolerant architecture of SpaceX's Merlin rocket engine.

13. The Linux Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization

The Linux Foundation began its journey in the year 2000. It was founded to build an ecosystem that handles the standard of the source codes. It also pushes the kernel for commercial adoption, which aids in its spreading across the platform. This dedicated Linux organization is a non-profit organization.

14. Linux was not-open source initially

Linux is well-known for having no limits on redistribution or commercial applications. However, it was not previously open source. The version was launched in 1992 and later became open-source, allowing anyone to use it. From then on, the scope of invention grew, and people began to demonstrate their creative brilliance.

15. Linux takes only 8 weeks for a new release

The Linux kernel's update procedure is very quick. With Linux, you may expect a new version to be released 8 weeks after the initial release. It indicates that new things are always happening with a kernel in a short period. As a result, users don't have to wait for long periods to resolve any problem. Because Linux is an open-source OS, people become interested in it and work to enhance it. Linux maintains its leadership position with a strong and dedicated team of developers worldwide, providing innovative updates and developing the kernel.

16. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system. It is the most widely used operating system of the Linux family. It has reached up to 20 million users worldwide and increasing continuously. Besides Ubuntu, several other Linux distros are gaining popularity, such as Linux Mint and Elementary OS.

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