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Abhinay Sharma Biography

Abhinay Sharma Biography


Abhinay Sharma is a renowned mathematics educator in India's online education industry. His abilities and wide knowledge have solidified his place among India's most notable educators. His methods are highly appreciated by all those concerned with education. This article will discuss Abhinay Sharma's Biography, Age, wife, and other most important aspects of his life.

Early Life and Education:

Abhinay demonstrated excellent intellectual abilities from an early age. He completed his early education in his hometown, Bulandshahr. Afterward, he pursued engineering at Anand International College of Engineering. Abhinay's love of learning propelled him to delve into other subjects while finishing his engineering degree. He continued to take the SSC exam and cleared it in 2017, at which point he was appointed as an income tax agency officer in Dehradun. Abhinay received a perfect score of 100 out of 100 in Mathematics in his 10th-grade exams, demonstrating his aptitude in the subject.

The Genesis of a Teacher:

When his family was in financial trouble, he left his job after only four months and founded a coaching center with his brother. Like any successful personality, Abhinay also faced numerous obstacles in the early phases of his career as an educator. But never submitted to circumstances and increased his efforts. Abhinay's tenacity and passion for mathematics never waned. This dedication inspired him to make a positive difference in the lives of his students. With little funding at his disposal, he forayed into the field of online learning in 2017 by starting the "Abhinay Maths" YouTube channel.

A Rising Star:

Undeterred by initial obstacles, Abhinay Sharma persisted and steadily gained popularity among students. His commitment to providing quality education for free on YouTube set him apart from others. Unlike some educators who offered incomplete knowledge, Abhinay Sharma prioritized the dissemination of complete and accurate information, earning him the trust of countless students.

The Turning Point:

In 2017, Abhinay Sharma's efforts finally bore fruit as he witnessed a significant surge in his popularity. His first video on YouTube amassed over one million views within 6 days. Students from all over the country began seeking him out for mathematics coaching, and his YouTube channel saw a substantial increase in subscribers. This newfound recognition further fuelled his determination to excel in the teaching profession.

A Social Media Star:

Abhinay Sharma's success story is incomplete without mentioning his tremendous presence on social media platforms. With over 2.55 million followers on his YouTube channel and a sizable following on Instagram and Facebook, he has established himself as a prominent education industry figure.

Family and Personal Life:

Abhinay Sharma was raised in a lower-middle-class Hindu family. Omprakash Mehra, Abhinay Sharma's father, owns a small construction business. Unknown to everyone, her mother is a housewife.

The Road to Success:

Abhinay Sharma's relentless pursuit of excellence didn't fail him. Currently, he has a remarkable net worth which is estimated to be between 8-10 crores. YouTube channel and online classes are his main sources of revenue. He can continue working toward his objective of offering high-quality and inexpensive education because of his financial freedom.

Abhinay Sharma's Achievements and Hobbies:

Beyond his achievements as an educator, Abhinay Sharma is also a man of various hobbies. He also enjoys reading and traveling. You may check out his Instagram feed for photographs of his YouTube video, walking, and singing. Kashmir is his favorite destination. Arjit Singh is his favorite singer. Additionally, he is also inspired by Swami Vivekanand and APJ Abdul Kalam.

Abhinay Sharma: The Good Teacher:

Abhinay Sharma is well deserving of his reputation as an excellent teacher. His success as a mentor among students is proof of his dedication and knowledge. Because of his sincere concern for them, Abhinay has helped shape the minds of countless children.


Abhinay Sharma, coming from a small city in Uttar Pradesh, is now included among India's top educators. With his dedication and hard work to provide children with the best education, Abhinay is admired for his passion for Physics and his desire to do something good in society. Because of educators like Abhinay Sharma, we can hope for a brighter future for the upcoming generation as well as look forward to a society in which people still do good without seeking profits in return.

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