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Gurnazar Chattha

Gurnazar Chattha

Gurnazar Chattha is a well-known Punjabi playback singer. Gurnazar began his musical career in a band in 2012. Gurnazar also performs in Live concerts, social gatherings, college plays, and business conferences.

Has contributed several songs to Punjabi films, notably Avega Mahi and Yaaran Da Katchup in the film Yaaran Da Katchup. There are also superhit songs like Aadatan and Bewafa. Izhar is his new song. It was a great song with Kanika Maan.

Childhood and Career

Gurnazar is a Haryana youngster from Kurukshetra. Gurnazar finished his education at DAV College in Kurukshetra and studied music at SD College in Kurukshetra. He is a Sikh, although nothing is known about his family other than that he is very close to his mother.

When Gurnazar was younger, he enjoyed singing but never truly considered making it a career. Gurnazar is now well-known for his melodic voice, but he was passionate about outdoor sports before entering the music business. He was so skilled at skating that he won 80 medals overall and set three world records.

Gurnazar originally wanted to record a song but couldn't afford it. Then he started looking for musicians who would record tracks for less than Rs. 2000. He had the good fortune to get his first song recorded for nothing. Then, for the song video, Nazar and his friends rented a friend's digital camera. Finally, they started to capture the images. After editing the film, they posted the music video on YouTube.

Gurnazar set his first World Record in 2010 at Belgaum, Karnataka, performing for the Haryana roller skating team and continuously playing Inline Hockey for 30 hours. The second world record set by Gurnazar was in the category of roller skating, covering 720 km in 3 hours, while the third one was set in 2012 against their first record, reaching 50 hours of Insite Hockey play.

Nazar hasn't skated for more than 6 years now.

Gurnazar's Profession

He chose to become a skating coach at a public skating school in Kurukshetra after receiving multiple accolades. While skating for the Haryana roller skating team in 2010, he set his first record. For 30 hours, Gurnazar played the longest-running outdoor game (inline hockey). He set his third world record in 2012 after his team smashed the previous mark by playing nonstop inline hockey for 50 hours. At the same time, his second world record in speed skating involved travelling 720 km in 30 hours.

It came as no surprise when Gurnazar chose to work as a skating tutor at a nearby school. His love of skating, nevertheless, was quickly eclipsed by his passion for music.

Gurnazar first encountered music while attending college, and it was at this point that he began to write. His band took part in a Channel V competition called LaunchPad Nokia India.

Gurnazar searched for band members, and eventually, 4-5 boys joined forces. "Ram Bharose" is the name of the group. They had little to no practice and were entirely reliant on God. They were shocked to learn that the band had won the Zonal Competition and qualified for the Goa Finale. After the tournament, Gurnazar joined the same band after the band met several senior vocalists from the band Green Chorus while in Goa. Gurnazar gained performance experience as a band member, which aided in the development of his musical ear. The band continues to play live every Wednesday at Satva in Sector 26 and on Sundays at 10 Downing Street.

Gurnazar formed the "Green Chorus," a seven-piece band, with his buddies. The band kept taking part in competitions and reality shows. In the end, they took home Channel V's "Nokia India Fest LaunchPad (2014)."

Gurnazar Chattha

The band received requests to play at college events and festivals. The "Green Chorus" became recognised as a landmark at the upscale hotels in Chandigarh. The lead singer had experience performing alone as a playback singer. He gave the voice for the 2014 Punjabi film "Yaaran Da Kaatchup"'s title songs, "Avega Mahi" and "Yaaran Da Kaatchup," as well as other songs.


Thus, Gurnazar is now the king of the Punjabi industry because of his magnificent voice. Everyone is touched by the soulfulness of his voice. The most endearing thing about him is how his hypnotic voice can both make us cry and dance.


Q. What is the age of Gurnazar Chattha?

A. Gurnazar Chattha is 30 years old right now.

Q. What is the country of origin of Gurnazar Chattha?

A. India is the nation of origin of Gurnazar Chattha.

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