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Ratan Chauhan

Ratan Chauhan

Indian musician Ratan Chauhan was born on the 31st of August, 1998, in a middle-class Rajput clan in the hamlet of Khatipura, Rajasthan. Ratan is a Girl who goes by the name Nikku. She is a girl but likes to live like a boy. Social media influencer Ratan Chauhan is a well-known person nowadays. Even though she used to enjoy music and dance earlier, TikTok helped her showcase her talent among more people and gain huge popularity worldwide.

The names of Ratan's father and mother are not known. Her father had decided or considered the name "Navratan" for his child, regardless of boy or girl, even before birth. He later discussed this in one of his interviews. On Instagram, Ratan presently has more than a million followers. In addition to Instagram, she also has a YouTube page where she publishes music videos. Ratan is a singer who usually writes, sings, and performs all her songs.


An Instagram phenomenon, Ratan Chauhan became well-known for uploading dance and lip-synced clips. She achieved a million Followers on Instagram on July 19. Many people think that Ratan is a boy; however, the truth is that she is a girl. She attended school in Jaipur and received her diploma from Girls College there.

She prefers to keep her hair short and wear t-shirts. About 500k views of her song "Hunja" were recorded between April to May. She enjoys riding her bike and shopping for clothes. Ratan is the brand ambassador for Karni Fashion Jaipur. Although her parents' identities are unknown, she has a brother known by the name Kuldeep Singh Chouhan. Ratan has reached just 23 years old by 2021, according to his age. Since many people follow her, she has a huge fan following on her Instagram page. Travelling, dancing, and performing are things Ratan adores the most. Additionally, she has appeared in several well-known music videos.

Early Life

On the 31st day of August of the year 1998, Ratan Chauhan was born. She is an Indian native of Khatipura, Rajasthan. Although she is a stunning woman, she behaves and looks like a man. The most renowned Indian Tomboy is Ratan Chauhan. Her parents had given Ratan Chauhan the name 'Navratan' at birth, but she later changed it to Ratan. Her previous name served as the inspiration for the current name Ratan. However, her school teacher gave her the name Ratan. She could not persuade her teacher that she should keep her current name. She didn't particularly like her name 'Ratan' earlier, but as she matured, she came to like it.

Ratan Chauhan's family comprises three people: her mother, her and one of her brothers. Ratan's father passed away due to lung failure some time ago. In an interview back when Ratan's dad was still alive, Ratan had stated, "My father is my strong point, and I like him very much." But Ratan's grief over losing her father hasn't yet subsided. With her parents, Chauhan has shared several pictures. In addition to images, she has also produced and shared a few family videos on social media platforms. Although she has not talked much about her father, she loves and respects him dearly.

Ratan excelled in school and was encouraged by her family to pursue a career in banking. Ratan received 82 per cent (%) in the tenth and 72 per cent in the twelfth grade. Ratan excelled not only in her academics but also in singing and dancing. Ratan was well-known in her elementary and frequently referred to as Kinju didi by the students. Ratan didn't always look like a boy in her past; she attended school with other girls and wore her hair long like other girls. Ratan claims that she used to spend a lot of time making her hair when getting ready for school. Without hair braids, she was not allowed to attend school as the penalty was applicable in the classroom when braids were absent. Ratan participated in NCC and sports while attending college.

When the long hair began bothering her a lot, she gave her a boyish haircut. When Ratan chopped her hair like a boy and returned home, her mother praised her new appearance and advised her to maintain it that way. After completing her time at school, Ratan continued her bachelor's degree with B.Com. She grew quite upset when Ratan experienced something during her B.Com and started creating videos on music to lift his spirits.


Ratan Chauhan

Ratan began posting videos on TikTok only for fun. Initially, her father reprimanded her for making films. However, she continued filming in secret to avoid her father's scolding.

When Ratan started making videos, several of them went viral, inspiring her to continue her journey. After several days, Ratan's clips began to receive millions of views, she gained notoriety, and people began to stop by his house. Ratan's father observed everything and concluded that his daughter was doing well in this field and could earn well with time.

Ratan soon learned that social media offers a rewarding job and has earning possibilities, and as a result, she began focusing more on receiving more support from people. She then began producing videos on a full-time basis. Her movies were fantastic, but after seeing them, viewers would often speculate as to whether the subject was a male or a girl.

Many people used to watch Ratan's videos, again and again, to conclude whether she was a girl or a boy, due to which her videos became hits easily. Ratan quickly rose to the position of leading Rajasthani TikTok video creator. Ratan exclusively creates films to inspire women more than her own.

After being removed Tiktok from India, she stopped posting short videos. She had become popular on Tiktok. But after a while, Instagram introduced the ability to upload short clips/films, and she began creating reel-style videos. Her reel-to-reel videos also went viral quite a bit.


After becoming a well-known contributor on the TikTok platform, Ratan started working in the music business. Ratan published a lot of singles in Rajasthani. Many people liked her song, "FIKAR," and praised her a lot for the performance. This song, performed by Manoj Yogi, was published in December 2020. Shehzadi, Karni Chirja, Jaipuriyo, Maa, Kagliyo, Sherni, and more songs are only a few of her well-known tunes. She and Bebo Bahada together released the song "Hanju" in November 2020. Later, she appeared in many songs and music videos till now.


Ratan began the YouTube community on February 21, 2018, and as of July 2022, she had 450k subscribers and 53 million views. She mainly posts videos of herself singing and playing music. Chauhan posted his first video on 17 November 2018, in which she sang a bhajan. Many people are still watching the video.

Marriage and Lifestyle

Ratan Chauhan

Ratan Chauhan is a gorgeous and talented muse and singer. She has shared a lot of videos online with her friends and family, but she hasn't mentioned her romantic relationships. She has also kept her boyfriend's identity a secret.

Chauhan wants to focus on advancing her career. She puts a lot of effort into her newest singles and forthcoming ventures. It is believed that as of the end of 2021, she is still unmarried.

Net Worth

Ratan Chauhan makes a respectable living by his profession. She earns around INR 30-40k from her singing profession and INR 20-25k (approximately) from her YouTube clips. She enjoys a prosperous lifestyle. Her estimated net worth is roughly 5 to 6 crores of Indian rupees.

Awards and Achievements

Ratan Chauhan didn't win any awards till now, but she is very popular on every social media platform. She had millions of followers on TikTok but shifted to Instagram after TikTok was banned in India. At that time, Instagram launched a reel section where anyone could make short videos, just like TikTok. So, she began posting reels on Instagram, and her followers increased rapidly.

After some time, she also joined the YouTube community, where she has more than one lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also has got more than 50 million views till now.

She has become a well-established influencer for millions of people, and many people follow her activities these days.

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