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Amanda Nicole Martin

Amanda Nicole Martin

There are two ways to get popular in the glamour industry, one is through your work and another is through controversies, Amanda Nicole Martin is a popular model much famous for her controversies. Currently, she is a popular Instagram influencer and celebrity, and model. She is well known for having a gorgeous and appealing character. On Instagram, she has a huge fan audience, who are always ready to support her on her social media accounts. A Glamour model with a $700,000 annual income used only to do a job at McDonald's to pay for her graduation from law and is now a global glory star.

Amanda Nicole Martin is a drag queen who performs in Las Vegas and whose appearance is sometimes compared to that of Scarlett Johansson.

Name: Amanda Nicole

Nickname: Thicc Black Widow

Profession: Entertainer and model

Birthdate: January 30, 1994

Her Birth Place: Nevada, United States,

Her Current Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Citizenship: American

Ethnic backgrounds: European/White Descent

Height: 5'3" / 160cm

Weight: 62kgs

Amanda, who goes by the title "The Black Widow," frequently proudly displays her curvy form by posting sultry swimsuits and appealing pictures to her 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Amanda, who also holds a law graduate degree, makes $384,000 like a Vegas fashion model and $300,000 from Instagram solely each year. However, she hasn't always seemed to have a glamorous career.

In comparison to her seductive X-rated photos, Amanda has shared a rare snapshot of herself at the age of 18 in a McDonald's outfit, braces, a messy hairstyle, and little to no makeup. Flashback images demonstrate her remarkable change, which included a 60-pound weight loss and the attainment of an amazing hourglass body.

Birth and Early Life

Amanda was born on January 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States in the year 1994. There isn't much information about her childhood and early age, but she had never faced any problem with her parents as per many says; after the wedding at the young age of 20 to a Naval officer years after her marriage, Amanda & her husband decided they had become more estranged from one another and divorced. After the separation, Amanda decided to revamp her appearance.

She got a personal trainer, dropped from 84 to 51 pounds, and employed a fitness instructor for herself. Amanda decided to invest over $40,000 on surgeries to obtain extra likes on Tinder, but her new appearance has also proven to be a significant money-making machine for her. With the primary intent of boosting her Tinder account and getting dates, Amanda's makeover gave her a renewed feeling of self-esteem that led her to post racy pictures of herself on Instagram, flaunting her fantastic body.

Her popularity on Only Fans and her number of subscribers on Instagram skyrocketed, and she currently has 4.3 million followers.

In addition, Amanda spent more than $40,000 on filler, fat transfers, liposuction, and hip implants to maintain her "beautiful thick queen" appearance. Although Amanda is probably dating John (30 years old) nowadays, with whom she co-stars in pornographic films, she has had guys leave her in the previous days because they were humiliated by the content she posts on social media.

After her significant weight loss, Amanda made the decision to get surgery to have her "flat as a pancake" breasts increased to a curvy 32DDD. Nevertheless, Amanda has the final giggle as she makes an incredible $2,000,000 annually from OnlyFans & funded Instagram adverts because of her worldwide renown and success.


Amanda is nearly 5 '3" inches with an amazing curvy look and her weight is approximately 62 kg. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Amanda and Modeling

When Amanda was in School, she always loved to be on stage and took part in various school activities related to fashion or fancy dress competitions. From that point, Amanda knew that she could be a model. Currently, Instagram gave her a platform to be a model and pose, which she needed for a long while but to get much attention from people, she started posting bold and revealing pictures, which in no time made her famous in the world. As soon as she earned 1 million followers, Amanda got the attention of the fashion world and brands as well and started getting offers from other famous brands (bigger brands like Fashion Nova, Pretty little things, One swim, etc). Now she is working as a model with many brands.

Also, many prominent photographers and some adult websites approached her to work with them, and many of them accepted. After Instagram, She made accounts on Twitter and Tik Tok as well and has more than thousands of followers on these platforms. But the highest number of followers she earned is on the onlyfans account, where millions of people bought memberships only to see her and stay connected with her.

Net Worth

In 2022, Amanda has a net worth of more than 2 million USD Dollars in which most of which she earned from Instagram, Modeling, and other internet accounts. The way she is getting popular; she is going to be richer soon.

What Amanda says about being an Instagram star or an Onlyfan star?

Being a star with many critics doesn't demotivate her, she is really confident about herself and says "My feelings about myself are internal. I've always believed that my character and natural self are amazing. Simply said, I enjoy making the outer surface reflects how I currently think about myself."

With my newly gained self-assurance, I began to engage more in social networks and needed my Tinder to be hot. I signed up for Instagram before it became widely used. I was simply a girl looking to hook up.

Nevertheless, Amanda has the final giggle as she makes an incredible $2,000,000 annually from OnlyFans & funded Instagram adverts because of her worldwide recognition and success.

She further said that- "Ultimately, both my modeling career & Instagram account flourished. I spent every dollar again on expanding my branding and social platforms profile while traveling the entire country and taking photos. This happened before OnlyFans existed. Because nobody seemed to understand what I was doing at that moment, I faced a lot of criticism for my Instagram. I was confident I could make this my profession."

In another interview she revealed that- "The Men felt awkward asking me out. I've always had a loud & raunchy internet presence. I utilized social media to amuse others, but narrow-minded folks just see you as an attention-seeker. My public enjoys my overtly bold attitude, which I nearly consider to be a comedy. On OnlyFans, I earn over six figures monthly, almost one and a half million dollars [USD] annually, plus $30,000 from paid Instagram adverts. I make a total of 1.5 million dollars annually."

She adds on by saying "Beauty emanates from the inside. There are several girls with attractive appearances and incredible surgeries, but what helps you shine out is your self-confidence and attitude. I am very pleased. Just by being myself as well as having fun with individuals on social media, I truly built a brand and even a business, she claimed. She adds, "I made a lot of bets and spent a lot of money to succeed in this business, and now it's all come off."

Amanda is wrong in many dictionaries, but she doesn't seem to care much, whereas she often faces criticism and controversies about her work and the type of content she posts. With a bachelor's degree in criminal justice & foreign diplomacy, Amanda is sometimes referred to as Hollywood diva Scarlett Johansson. She is known as the "The Black Widow"-a nod to the Marvel movies the star appears in.

Amanda currently enjoys a luxurious lifestyle as a result of her hard work, but despite all this, she maintains that attractiveness is not just determined by outward looks. Amanda loves to travel and keeps posting various pictures at the locations; whenever she travels, Amanda never misses a chance to slam people who judge her for her looks or comment on her eyes. No matter what people think about her Amanda and her fans are enjoying her work and living her life with fun.

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