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Actress Rupa Dutta

Actress Rupa Dutta


Rupa Dutta is a multi-talented personality well-known for her work as a politician and actress. Her role in the entertainment industry and political activism, notably in West Bengal, has left a mark on her life.

Basic Information

Name Rupa Dutta
Profession Indian Actress, Politician
State President West Bengal (Karni Sena)
Years Active Since 2005
Date of Birth August 29, 1982
Age (In 2022) 40 Years
Birth Place Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Caste Kayastha
Mother Tongue Bengali
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Early Life and Birthplace

Rupa Dutta was born on August 29, 1982, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, a city known for its diverse culture. She was raised in the energetic environment of West Bengal, where she recognized her interests and skills.

Acting Career

Rupa Dutta started working in the entertainment business in 2005 and has continued to do so ever since. She has demonstrated her acting talent in various roles, capturing viewers with her screen presence. Her commitment to her profession has aided her success and recognition in the Indian film industry.

Political Path

Rupa Dutta participated in politics in addition to her work as an actress. She plays a key role in politics as the State President of the Karni Sena's Party in West Bengal. This action demonstrates her dedication to positively influencing both her area and state.

Personal Attributes

Rupa Dutta has achieved prominence in the entertainment and political worlds due to her commitment and perseverance. She appears to be actively involved in the center of the Indian film business, given that she lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She proudly promotes India on many stages as an Indian.

Beliefs and Background

Rupa Dutta is from the Kayastha caste and practices Hinduism. She is connected to West Bengal's rich cultural legacy because Bengali is her mother tongue. She can be a Virgo and have qualities like realism, thoroughness, and attention to detail, which might help her succeed in various occupations.

Physical Stats and Appearance

Rupa Dutta has distinctive physical characteristics that add to her distinctive appearance. She is elegant and balanced; she is 160 centimeters tall, equivalent to 1.60 meters or 5 feet 3 inches in the imperial system. One of the elements that add to her overall presence is her height.

Her deep, alluring eyes are a shade of black that appears to contain a wide range of emotions. Her eyes' dark color gives her stare a sense of mystery and intensity that she may communicate without saying a word.

Rupa has captivating eyes, and her black hair matches them. It frames her face and enhances her allure as it falls over her shoulders in a deep midnight shade. Her pale complexion and black hair make a stunning contrast that makes her stand out and be remembered.

Family and Marriage Details

Rupa Dutta's life journey has been characterized by her commitment to work and independent interests. She is now single and concentrating on her profession and personal development.

Family plays a significant role in her life. She is the daughter of Umashankar Dutta, a significant figure in her life, and her mother's name is also Rupa Dutta. Her parents have been extremely important in forming her morals and encouraging her endeavors.

Education Details

Rupa's school experience has given her a solid career foundation. Beltala Girls High School in Kolkata, where she completed her studies, gave her a well-rounded education. After that, she continued her studies at Kolkata's Jogamaya Devi College. Her commitment to her studies paid off when she earned a graduate degree, which helped to shape her well-rounded viewpoint.


With the release of "Saathi: The Companion" in 2005, Rupa Dutta debuted in the movie industry. Her acting career officially began with this, exposing her ability and promise to the world. She was not only presented to the public in the film, but she was also recognized as a rising star in the field. One of her best-known works is still "Saathi: The Companion."

TV Show(s)

In addition to her career in cinema, Rupa also engaged in television. She appeared in the 2008 season of "Jai Maa Vaishno Devi." Her ability to go from the big screen to television demonstrated her versatility as an artist and helped her reach a larger audience.

Details for Contact/Social Media

Rupa Dutta connects with her followers and well-wishers online by using a variety of social media channels to maintain her online presence. She has a following of 945 people on Twitter, which you can see at; her id is "iamrupadutta". Fans may connect with her on Facebook through her accounts at; her id's are "rupaa.dutta.5" and "rupaa.dutta". She has 609 followers on Instagram, where she posts snippets of her life; her id is "rupa_dutta".

Rupa's email address is [email protected], and she can be contacted there for business-related queries and correspondence.


Rupa Dutta transformed from an actress to the State President of West Bengal for Karni Sena, showing her versatile personality. She's dedicated to acting and politics, aiming to make a positive impact. Her appearance is a unique mix of height, eye, and hair color. Supported by family, education, and social media, she connects with audiences.

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