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YouTuber, photographer, filmmaker, and social media influencer Ankit Bhatia is a well-known name. In Pune, he started his career by working for an IT firm. However, he started posting videos on his YouTube page because he loved video editing and filmmaking. Due to the success of his excellent content, he established his own website where he offers presets and other goods. Due to his success in 2020, he decided to quit his job and devote himself entirely to YouTube and filmmaking.

Ankit Bhatia was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on August 23, 1994. His height is roughly 5 feet 10 inches, and his weight is about 72 kg. His mother, Ruhi Bhatia, his sister, Anshul Bhatia, and his father, Jatin Bhatia, a teacher, make up his family. Ankit Bhatia is now single, and he hasn't revealed any information about his girlfriend.

Professional Activities of Ankit Bhatia

Ankit Bhatia is well-known for his work as a photographer, filmmaker, vlogger, and social media influencer. He currently has almost a million Instagram followers, over six lakh YouTube subscribers, and roughly ten thousand Facebook fans. His YouTube experience started in 2015, and as of this writing, his channel has several videos with a total of over 400 million views. His main sources of income are YouTube advertisements and social media advertising. His yearly income is anticipated to be over $6,000 (about 4.8 lakh INR), with his monthly YouTube ad earnings being around $500 (roughly 40k INR).

Appearances on TV and the Web

With his performance as Vasu in "Unafraid," Ankit's acting career took off, and he became a well-known actor. Additionally, he had guest appearances in a number of television and online programs, such as "Gandii Baat" (2020), "Bhoot Zinda Hai" (2023), and "Bhagya Lakshmi" (2021). His roles in various genres served to highlight his acting range.

Journey of Ankit Bhatia in Films and Shorts Films

2019 saw Ankit make his acting debut in a supporting part in the drama-thriller "5 Meetings." With roles in films like "Vicky Velingkar" (2019) and music videos like "Aaja Tu" (2019), he kept wowing audiences. His accomplishments in these endeavors attracted notice and added to his rising fame.

The Multifaceted Character and Wealth of Ankit Bhatia

Ankit is a talented content developer in addition to his performing career. He posts vlogs on his travels and adventures, as well as dance videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. Because of his success as a model, he has worked with numerous fashion, beauty, and food companies. Ankit's estimated net worth is above 4-5 crores, with income from acting, films, TV shows, modeling, advertisements, and other endeavors helping to grow his fortune.

Social Media and Personal Life of Ankit Bhatia

Ankit was born to Renu and Kuldeep Bhatia into a wealthy family. Although nothing is known about his siblings, he maintains family secrets. Ankit hasn't revealed anything about his romantic life or his previous or current partnerships. He has a significant social media following on sites like Instagram and YouTube, where he gives insights into his life and business.

In addition to being an actor and a model, Ankit Bhatia also has a puppy and a cat as pets. He has collaborated on numerous projects with actress and model Aman Gandhi, with whom he has a professional relationship.

Achievements of Ankit Bhatia

Since its launch in 2015, Ankit Bhatia's YouTube channel has seen remarkable development. Millions of people have watched his videos, and his original writing has attracted a sizable audience. Although different sources may give different details regarding his salary and net worth, he is still a well-known figure on YouTube and social media.

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