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Kanhiya Mittal

Kanhiya Mittal

Kanhiya Mittal Ji is one of India's most well-known and young devotional singers. He has won the "Divya Samman" prize for devotional singing in 2020.

This article will give you information about Kanhiya Mittal's biography, age, family, wife, nationality, and more.

Quick Introduction

Full Name Kanhiya Mittal
Profession Devotional Singing
Date of Birth September 21, 1990
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Wife Mehak Mittal
Children Two Sons

About Kanhiya Mittal

Kanhiya Mittal was born on September 21, 1990, in Chandigarh, the state capital of Punjab and Haryana in northern India. Kanhiya Mittal continued his education while pursuing his love of preaching and singing. Kanhiya has been pursuing his interest for approximately 18 years. At the fragile and young age of twelve, his journey began.

At his many religious gatherings, many well-known individuals attend as guests. Kanhiya Mittal's singing ability has been praised by the honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the chief ministers of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, Pushkar Singh Dhami and Yogi Adityanath, respectively.

In India, Kanhiya Mittal Ji began his career as a stage performer by singing devotional songs (particularly bhajans). He is now best known for his devotional songs, particularly his "Khatu Shyam" songs. Businessman Mittal's father, who in a certain sense was an atheist, did not believe in God much.

When did Kanhiya Mittal start Kirtan?

He started singing with the troupe in 1997. However, he started it from a very young age to earn some money. After his father warned him not to accept money from anyone in Kirtan, Kanhiya Mittal performed Kirtan without receiving any payment up till 2017. Simply put, Kanhiya Mittal practiced Kirtan fervently, refusing to accept payment for his congregational singing on his father's advice.

When Kanhiya Mittal first composed one of his songs, "Hara Hu Baba Par Tujpe Bharosa Hai", it became so popular that it completely altered his life. After the massive success of his song, he started working in this direction and composed many other devotional songs (bhajans) later.

Kanhiya Mittal

The Family of Kanhiya Mittal (Parents, Spouse, and Kids)

Kanhiya Mittal's father was a businessman, and the family currently resides in Chandigarh. Mehak Mittal is the name of Kanhiya's wife. Mehak Mittal, by birth, is a native of Bathinda. The names of Kanhiya's two sons are Shyam and Tejas Mittal. Additionally, Kanhiya Mittal has a brother who lives on his own and with his family. Kanhiya currently lives in Chandigarh with his family.

Apart from this information, there is not much information about Kanhiya's family and personal life in public. He likes to keep his family life private and away from the limelight.

Kanhiya Mittal: An Ambassador of the Brand

Kanhiya Mittal was recently named the brand ambassador for Chandigarh Municipal Corporation's Swachh Survekshan 2023 initiative. A lot of prizes have also been given to him in recognition. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh personally honored Kanhiya Mittal.

Kanhiya Mittal

Kanhiya Mittal's Other Details

Kanhiya Mittal was born in Sri Ganga Nagar, India, and has turned 32 years old in 2023. He began his performing career in India and quickly became well-known for his devotional songs, especially the "Khatu Shyam" ballads.

Kanhiya's unshakeable trust in God enabled him to succeed in his singing career despite his father being an atheist. He also has his own official website, which gets updated regularly.

Kanhiya Mittal: Awards & Recognitions

  • Kanhiya Mittal received honors for serving as the 2023 Swachh Survekshan brand ambassador for the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh.
  • He has been recognized by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh personally, among other honors.
  • He was given the coveted "Divya Samman" award in 2020 for his outstanding devotional singing.

Social Media Reach

Kanhiya Mittal is quite active on major social media platforms and constantly shares updates about his upcoming albums or projects. He is primarily active on YouTube and Instagram, where he has over 2 million and one million subscribers, respectively. Most of his albums are shared through his official YouTube channel. He is also well-active on Twitter (currently called X) and Facebook.

YouTube @kanhiyamittalofficial
Instagram @kanhiyamittal
Facebook @kanhiyamittalentertainments
Twitter @kanhiyamittal30
LinkedIn @kanhiyamittal

Popular Kanhiya Mittal Bhajans and Singings

  • Haara Hu Baba Par Tujhpe Bharosa Hai
  • Jo Ram Ko Laye Hain
  • Jeetu Ka Ik Din
  • Chaska Shyam Ki Yaari Ka
  • Khatu Wale Shyam Dhani
  • Gazab Mere Khatu Wale
  • Ab Laherayega Bhagwa 2
  • Saware Teri Zarurat Hai
  • Mera To Sahara Shyam Tu Hai
  • Hara Hu Saath Nibhao Na Baba Haare Haare
  • Khatu Ji Jaane Ko Jee Lalchata Hai
  • Tum Na Kabhi Badalna Mere Sawariya Sarkar
  • Main Shyam Diwana Ho Gaya Aur Kya Chahiye
  • Rangli Rangli Chunariya Tere Naam Balaji
  • Subah Subah Jab Bhi Meri Aankhein Khulti Hai Bhajan

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