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Sneha Ullal

Sneha Ullal

Sneha Ullal is a well-known Indian model and actress who primarily appears in films and television programs. She rose to fame for her performances as Lucky Negi and Dhanalakshmi in the films "Lucky: No Time for Love" (2005) and "Ullasamga Utsahamga" (2008), respectively. People initially in the Bollywood industry felt she resembled the well-known actress Aishwarya Rai because of their similar appearances. Although she didn't necessarily benefit from this similarity in her acting, it did help her gain a lot of notice. Sneha Ullal was born on December 18, 1987, raised in Muscat, Oman, India, and comes from an affluent family.

Early Life

On December 18, 1987, Sneha Ullal was born in Muscat, Oman. Nitin Ullal, her father, works as the general manager of a construction company in Oman, where he resides. Sneha and her mother moved to Mumbai. She is a well-known television and film actress in India. Sneha has performed in several Tollywood and Bollywood films. She completed her high school education at the Mumbai Durelo Convent School before enrolling in MMK College, where she first met Arpita (Salman Khan's sister). Sneha Ullal's charm and beauty influenced Salman Khan because she resembled Aishwarya Rai when he first saw her.


Sneha Ullal started her movie journey in the Hindi film "Lucky: No Time for Love" in 2005, acting alongside Salman Khan. People noticed that she looked a lot like Aishwarya Rai after this movie. Sneha mentioned that while this comparison didn't improve her acting, it did make more people know about her. She also acted with Salman Khan's brother, Sohail Khan, in a movie called "Aryan," unfortunately, it didn't do well at the cinemas.

After some time, she decided to pause her Bollywood career. She started acting in Telugu films with her first one, "Ullasamga Utsahamga," which became popular. Her second Telugu movie was "Nenu Meeku Telusa?" After that, she appeared in a song called "Nuvvu Ready" in the Telugu movie "King," where she acted alongside Nagarjuna.

Sneha Ullal

In 2007, she was supposed to act in a movie called "Pirate's Blood" by a famous horror movie maker, Steg Dorr, who also acts in films. But this plan had to be canceled because of a big storm, and the money for making the movie stopped. The role she would play was later given to an actress from Oman named Maimoon Al-Balushi.

After that, she decided to keep working in Hindi movies and signed up for a film called "Kaashh... Mere Hote" to show that she still liked working in Bollywood. The movies she did next didn't do well in cinemas, but the movie "Simha" that she acted in 2010 with Balakrishna became a huge hit.

Net Worth

Sneha Ullal has a major source of income in the Film industry, and she charges around 50 Lakh - 70 Lakh per film. Her Net Worth of Sneha is estimated to be 3 million US dollars.

Some Lesser Known Facts

  • Sneha began her journey as a model.
  • She likes Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor.
  • Her favorite actors are Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.
  • She enjoys watching movies and listening to music.
  • She cares a lot about animals and has a pet dog.
  • Sneha was born in a place called Muscat in Oman.
  • Sneha doesn't use cigarettes.
  • She comes from a Hindu family.
  • She is good friends with Arpita Khan, Salman Khan's sister. They became friends when they were in college during their graduation.


Sneha Ullal's life has been full of interesting moments and fame. She started as a model and got noticed for looking like Aishwarya Rai, which got her a role in a movie with Salman Khan. Even though she looked like Aishwarya, she showed she could act well, too, especially in Telugu movies like "Ullasamga Utsahamga" and "Simha." She had some tough times when some movie plans didn't work out. She likes actors like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan and loves watching movies and listening to music. She's also a big animal lover and has a special bond with Arpita Khan, Salman Khan's sister. Sneha Ullal's journey shows her determination to become her own person in the Indian entertainment world, starting from being someone who looked like someone else.

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