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Suriavelan is an actor, director, writer and also lyricist. His base is from Singapore, and he directed many short films and short story dramas in his initial career. He marked his name by running a film in Singapore theatres for almost twenty-one days and fourteen days in Malaysian theatres. He also directed many youtube singles, which have gained about a hundred million views. He is a multi-talented person. He even composed the lyrics and sang a single called Kannu Rendum.

In 2017, he directed his first full-length feature film in Tamil named Joe: The Black Assassin, which managed to sell out a 1000-seater.

He directed a television series named Avathaaram, hailed as the winner of Vasantham Muthal Paarvai. This particular television series also broke the viewership records of the year and had an amazing appraisal from the audience.

Apart from winning in Vasantham Muthal Paarvai, this TV series got nominations in 9 categories for Pradhana Vizha 2021, including Best Director and Best Drama. In Singapore, Pradhana Vizha is a television award event held by MediaCorp Vasantham. Suriavelan also got a nomination in the most popular Male personality category.

As an initiative for stories4sg Singapore, Suriavelan created and directed a 6 part Romantic comedy after the huge success of the Tv series Avathaaram. He got featured, directed and composed the lyrics of many successful YouTube singles that nearly received 100 million views, such as Usuraiya Tholaichaen, Vilagathey, Sagiyae and Adi Penne.

Personal Life:

Suriavelan was born and brought up in Singapore. His mother, Jeyanthy, is from Singapore. Suriya got married to Rupini Anbalagan. He has a daughter called Parveesha Suriavelan.


His origin belongs to Tamilnadu, and he has done his graduation diploma from Nanyang Polytechnic in Biomedical Engineering. He found a company called 360 Entertainment Productions. He is also popular on youtube, with more than six hundred thousand subscribers. He started his film career by acting in the Tamil movie 'Joe: The Black Assassin.'

Filmography :

In 2017, Suriavelan performed multiple roles in the film Joe: The Black Assassin, released in the Tamil language and was a huge success at the box office. He directed, acted, produced, and even wrote the lyrics for the songs in the movie, proving he's a capable player in the film industry.

Television Shows :


In 2015, he worked as an Actor in a Television Show named 'Neeya' in the Tamil language.He acted in a Television Show in the Tamil language called 'Vetri 3' in the year 2016.In 2018, he worked as an actor in two television shows, both in the language of Tamil, named 'Yaar? 2' and 'Kalaba Kadhala' and performed exceptionally well.

He has worked on 3 projects in 2019, all in Tamil. He worked as an actor in the Television Show called 'Bommalattam'. He has been a director, and a writer for the Television shows Avatharam and Avatharam Pilot. He's also a lyricist for both of these Tv shows. In the year 2020, he played multiple roles in the making of two television shows. He has been a writer, director, lyricist and actor for the Television shows 'Naam' and 'Mitara' in the Tamil language.

Youtube Work:

He's predominantly successful in the work he's put up on YouTube. A few of the singles he worked on gained huge popularity and hit nearly 100 million views. He directed 9 singles named 'Saaral Mazhaiyaa', 'Usariya Tholaichaen', 'Sagiyae', 'Vilagathey', 'Uyarai Kettal', 'One Love One Life', 'Enakku Mattum', 'Alli Pookal' and 'Adi Penne'.

He was the lyricist of all the 9 singles he released on youtube, and he even worked as an actor in 4 Singles named 'Usariya Tholaichaen', 'Sagiyae', 'Vilagathey' and 'Adi Penne', all in the language of Tamil. He got a tremendously positive response for the work he's put up on YouTube.



Suriavelan has directed mini-series as well, and he directed for Singapore TV Channel Mediacorp. He also directed Avathaaram season one.

He scripted and directed the series, and the series starred Alawdin Ali, Rupini Anbalagan, Karnan G Crack and Puravalan Narayanasamy.


Velan has achieved good recognition for his work through many awards and honours. Vasantham Tv awarded him at Pradhana Vizha. His youtube singles have crossed six million views every time he uploads.

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